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Web-Editor Note!

Please know, that after so many years and as the Port Lyautey Veterans pass on, it presents an understandable reason that new entries and additions available for posting have become less. Please also know that less posts are not because of any neglect by this Web Editor and I will continue to post comments of those that remain interested in its history and all that connects to that most loved time in US Naval and Military History.

POSTED: 12/11/15 2020 hours

My name is Ken Case. Ok served in Port Lyautey from 1-7-61 to 7-27-62. I was at the transmitter site the entire time, and enjoyed the duty a lot.


POSTED: 11/27/15 2100 hours

I served in the U.S. Navy from '92-'98 aboard fast attack nuclear submarines. My father was a Yeoman stationed at NAS Port Lyautey from '74-'76, and I was fortuante enough to have been born at the base hospital there. We moved around a lot and most of the photographs my family took while there have been lost/destoryed over the years. Sadly, I don't have any recollection of the base since I left at aged 2, and our photo memories are gone. I am happy to know this site exists. It's a wonderful tribute to the base and surrounding areas and it helps me learn about my birth place a lot. Thank you for taking the time to host and maintain such a wonderful site.

Jacob T. Nyhart

POSTED: 10/20/15 1000 hours

My name is Sammy C. Vaughan, AKC (ret) I was stationed in Port Lyautey from 1950 – 1951. At the time I was an Airman Storekeeper assigned to Warehouse #5 with the Supply Department. I had many wonderful experiences in Port Lyautey. I was chased out of the Medina one night and lucky to get out alive. I have many happy memories of the Arabs who worked for us in the warehouse. It was nothing like it is today. I am happy to say during my 22 years of active service, Port Lyautey was one that I cherish.


POSTED: 10/20/15 1000 hours

I was born in Port Lyautey on June 1st 1960. My father is Joe Salamone and was in the Navy. He was stationed in Sidi Yahia before Pt.Lyautey. I know he coached Little League at one point. We lived on Moulay Hassan and in Quonsets Huts. I was two years old when we left and don¹t remember Morocco at all. Thankfully my mother took a lot of pictures. My father loves this website. It brings back many memories of Morocco for him. Thanks so much.

Dawn Beresford ~ dberes1@verizon.net

POSTED: 9/14/15 1300 hours


I was born in Port Lyautey on April 27, 1953. My father was in the USN as an Air Traffic Controller. He brought my mom (from Boston), my sister and then I came along. My father retired after 23 years in the USN as a Master Chief Petty Officer. Both of my parents have passed away, my dad in 1986 and my mom in 1996. I was 6 months old when we left and I have no recollection of Morocco. The only images I have ever seen are from movies or other pictures such as those that one would find in a history book or advertisement.

In the process of trying to get an address for the SS department, I came across this site and felt I should send a note. My Dad shared many memories of Port Lyautey, so it was fantastic to see the pictures posted in this site. Thank you all for sharing!

Be well,

Frank Holden - fholden.53@gmail.com

POSTED: 9/14/15 1300 hours

Hi Lou,

I haven't visited you site in a while. I posted my Sidi Yahia "history" back in 2008 but visit the site occasionally to see if anybody from the radio shack in my (Dec 1956-June 1958) time there has posted anything. I don't remember many names, (too much clutter in the memory banks of my 80 year old brain) but think I would if I saw any posted on your site. Anyhow, I'm writing to update my email address in case somebody sees this who remembers me. I was surprised to read the write-ups on Sid Clevinger. I knew him slightly from my dealings with him at our Ocala Florida Post Office. I wish I had known about him being in Port Lyautey I would have been able to converse with him for longer periods of time. As you are aware, I am sure, his son,whom I understand, was born at Port Lyautey, is an MD here in Ocala. Anyhow, I'll close this epistle with my most recent email address: jaclabo@embarqmail.com

Thanks for good memories of the best billet I had the privilege to serve at in my four year Navy stint. May God grant you the good health to continue this wonderful enterprise for a good while longer.

Sincerely, J B "Jack" Bowman

POSTED: 9/01/15 1050 hours


I was born in Port Lyautey, now called Kenitra, on 28 August 1957. My father was a US Airman who was a radio operator in bomber aircraft in the ETO during WW2. My mother was a civilian. They already had 4 children at the time (2 brothers, 2 sisters), then me, and then 2 years later my little sister. All of my siblings were born in the US. My father retired after 23 years in the USAF as a Senior Master Sergeant. Both of my parents have since fallen asleep in death, my father in 2010 and my mother just recently, in June of this year (2015). I was 6 months old when we left and I have no recollection of Morocco. The only images I have ever seen are from movies or other pictures such as those that one would find in a history book or advertisement. I doubt I will ever have the opportunity to visit but it remains on my "bucket list" nonetheless.

In the process of trying to get a replacement birth certificate I came across this site and thought it would be fitting to post a comment.

Bob Tiller ~ bobtiller.57@gmail.com

POSTED: 8/28/15 1240 hours

I was stationed there 1968 to 1970. I was the Air Ops Leading Chief. We won the Captian's cup or as we called it "The Iron Man Trophy". We won it both years. Great sport teams. Great Duty and weather.

Mel Jones ~ ctower@socket.net

POSTED: 6/8/15 0300 hours

I was stationed in NCS Morocco from Jan 1968 till June 1970. My youngest daughter was born on the base in kenitra. I lived off base the entire time. I was an ET that worked in tech control. I enjoyed the Fleet Reserve and Mamas. I stayed in and retired in 1988 as a Master Chief. I was also stationed at NCS Iceland, NCS Stockton CA, and NCS Greece. I am glad I found the web site.
Bob Dunn - jdunn41@cox.net"

POSTED: 5/03/15 0300 hours


My name is Rick Vaillancourt and I was stationed as a postal clerk at mainside USNTC from June 66' to January 68. Best duty I ever had, worked part time as a disc jockey at Armed Forces Radio and Television, "Sounds in Pastel", Sonata One and Two. Great NCO club with two friendly bartenders "Shorty" and "Slim" where we drank nightly. Enjoyed movies at the "Halsey" theater named after
Admiral Halsey. All incoming and outgoing mail came through us from Sidi Yahia and Boulnadel.

I was drummer for a four piece band and we played gigs at our NCO club, Ted Ruprecht was not only a disc jockey, but also sang in the band with us.Used to take the mail to the barracks for the guys from base hospital, marine barracks, public works, crash crew at the landing strip. Laid their mail from home on the guys bunks everyday. Got special mid-rats when the nco club closed because we were friendly with the mess cooks....ha ha Great memories of a great bunch of sailors and marines, and all because I spoke, read and wrote the French lanuage! Matter of fact, that's why I got the duty at Port Lyautey and the base needed a PCSN, I made PC3 while stationed there!

La Bess, PS. Would like to hear from guys who were there same time I was.

Rick Vaillancourt

POSTED: 4/14/15 0800 hours

I was there from 11/1969 - 8/1971. Lived off-base in a villa. Was married at the time to a navy guy who worked at Sidi. Receiver site. Not married anymore to him. I loved living in Kenitra. They got their independence from France in 1956. I taught @ Thomas Wilhoite Mack School. (DOD) (NCS) I believe he was the 1st casualty during WW !!. Had 36 kids and white scorpions on the playground. When returning to the States took a cut in pay. Hey, was thrilled to have a teaching job. Some days ....especially on a Friday, we had a "ropeyarn"! Hence, I was a Navy-wife!! Hubby loved the NCO club and going downtown. Went to the marche' in Kenitra and visited marche' in Medina WITH OUR FATIMA. Sorry never took French. Please excuse spelling. Read a lot 'cause no TV or phone. Phone was at a store connected to the villa. Called many times to substitute teach and sweated where was hubby after he had duty. But there was a decent library at NCS along with exchange, commissary, beauty parlor, and I forget what else!!!! Took the bus from Kenitra to base for one dirham. So am giving you folks a Navy wife's prospective.

Harriet Sutherland

POSTED: 3/14/15 1300 hours

My wife was a Navy dependent there early 70's. I am trying to find a friend she had there. My wife would have been around 11 years old. Her friends name was Barbara Young she would have been probably same age. My wife says Barbara ' dad was a DJ at the base radio station.

Danny Sherrard" dsherrard1@comcast.net

POSTED: 2/15/15 0830 hours

I suppose most military members from this time period are deceased or nearly so. There are a lot of us dependents who were there during this time period and we are in our 60s-70s now. Port Lyautey was my favorite place to live as a dependent. My father was a pilot in VR-24 and flew with many people who were there at the time. It was a great time to be a high school age dependent because there was much to do and learn. I yearn for those days and have never lived anywhere that I liked better. I played baseball, basketball, ran track, and participated in every sporting event available. We went to the European World Series of baseball in 1958 and came in third place. While there, we were able to visit the World’s Fair in Brussels. I also fell in love in Port Lyautey, with a cute girl in my class. I shall not name her because she would likely not remember me. Bob Hope came to put on a show one of the years we were there. What a great showman and what a troup of characters he brought with him. Good looking gals! ( I hope that’s not politically incorrect to mention...) Those were some of the best days for the Navy and our country. I can’t get in sync with some of the modern people’s thinking. Well, enough of my rambling. Those days remain in my memory forever.

Mike Hatfield ~ mikehatfield@cox.net

POSTED: 2/11/15 1200 hours

Could there possibly be anyone left that was stationed in either Sidi Yahia or Bouknadel in the mid '50's that knew or worked for ET1 Colin Winters? If so, please email me.

Thanks. Ed Clayton, Sr. AC2, Pono3006@aol.com

POSTED: 2/20/15 0745 hours

Hi Lou,

I have talked to you before but not in quite awhile. I was a 3rd Crewman on the AJs attached to VC-7 & deployed to Port Lyautey 2 times in 52 & 54. I wrote to you when I was on the Coral Sea in 52 when we lost our CO. My question now is do you have any info on a Midair crash near Jax Fl in about the mid 50s between an AJ & an F9? Its a rumor I have heard but could never prove. but had a good friend as the Crewman aboard the AJ. Have checked all the AJ crash articles but don't know the Ser number. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Ed Legg EMNLLE@aol.com

POSTED: 3/2/15 1440 hours

I am sad to report the loss of my very good friend Tom Burden. Tom passed away 25DEC2014. Tom was at USNTC Kenitra 1976-77, as a Seabee Construction Electrician. He later followed his dream and became a First Class Navy Diver and then a Chief Boatswain Mate. He was medically discharged from the Navy after what I believe to be about 17 years. That broke his heart as there has never been anyone with greater love and respect for the United States Navy. He was one of a kind, the best in every sense of the word. You will be missed Tom, but never forgotten. May you rest in peace.

Memorial contributions in memory of Tom may be made to:
American Diabetes Association
1701 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22311

Don Tschida cheetah5@centurytel.net