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Hi Lou,

I ran across your website and I was hoping you could help me. It’s a very long story but I recently found out that I was adopted. Although my biological father was not in the US service, he was in Kenitra, Morocco in 1967 and was a fireman, possibly the fire chief of the fire station (off base) in Kenitra. I only know his first name or possibly his nickname of Jeanot (pronounced Jano). He was of Greek origin and was apparently well known around town. This is all I know about him other than he dated my French Moroccan mother Suzanne Benaroch on and off for 10 years. My adoptive father, Walter Scheidegger, was in the US Navy and stationed in Morocco in the early 1950’s – he recently passed away and it wasn’t until both my parents were deceased that I learned that I was adopted by Walter. Unfortunately there isn’t anyone left in my family to help me piece my story together. I was hoping with the website you might be able to help me somehow find him or at least get his last name. I would be so grateful for any assistance. Strange how things like this can rock your foundation – it would be good to know who he is/was! Thanks again.

Best Regards, Athena Scheidegger Grass ~ daisi2@verizon.net

POSTED: 12/01/14 0730 hours

Good evening, my name is Roshdi GHOUBACHE, I am 22. I was born in Kenitra and I visited the Base once and just loved it. My dad told me about the stories with U.S Navy when he was a kid, such interesting stories.Thank you for the web-site and wish I had been born in the early 50's. I would love to see any documents or pictures from the era, thank you again

Roshdi GHOUBACHE rochdi.ghoubache@gmail.com

POSTED: 11/12/14 1845 hours


My name is Peter G Brown 3. I am the son of Peter G Brown who worked as a civilian teaching telecommunications, and/or involved with that group back in 1957. He met my mother in Gibraltar Spain. She is German and her name is Helga. My father passed away 1976.

Does anyone remember him? This would be the 1957 year. I was born Sept 57 and we left there six weeks later. Not sure how long he was there. Just curious. No big deal.


Pete ~ pbrown@semtech.com

POSTED: 11/06/14 1515 hours

Hi All,

My father, Charles "Chuck" Peeling Navy EOD/UDT, was at Port Lyautey in Jan 1958 as a member of the Navy's Special Weapons Disposal Team TWO. He worked on a runway accident with two other team members from team two and three team members from team one. I have located all of the members from team one and I am trying to find the other members of team two. Team one received an
award for their role in the accident but team two never received their award. I am on a mission to see that my father and his team mates are included in the award that team one received and I need a witness that can positively say my father was there. He past in 1991 prior to which he was trying to locate his team members but had forgotten their names. If anyone has any information that may help me locate the other two team members, or has information that confirms my fathers presence, or any other information which may be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it if you would get in
touch with me.

my email is matt.peeling@gmail.com

Thank you!!!!
Matt Peeling

POSTED: 10/26/14 2130 hours

I was assigned to the Staff, U.S. Naval Activities, Port Lyautey from September 1959 until May 1962. I reported as an E3 and departed as a E5. Great duty. Black Jack Counihan was the Base Commander. Col Buckley was in command of the Marine detachment. Commander "Muddy" Waters was in charge of the Seabees. Needless to say, it has been a long time, but would like to hear from anyone who served with me during that time frame.

Richard E. Thompson ~ dickandelvie@charter.net

POSTED: 10/09/14 1810 hours

My name is Dennis Sheble and I served at “Sidi” January 1968 thru December 1968. I was an SKSN in supply division. Worked the chow line at the galley, delivered supplies to “Bouk” and had a 57 Ford wagon that we toured in. If this message gets thru I would have many stories to share. I would love to hear from anyone who served with me at “Sidi”. dksgoblue@outlook.com

POSTED: 09/19/14 0835 hours

USMC in Kenitra 1971, great memories of both Marine and Navy personnel. Trips to Rota to play Softball (friends in the Navy who tried to sneak me on a P3 for a weekend home in Maine), Saturday nights in Kenitra for a beer and steak on flatbread from the street vendors. too bad we waited until we were leaving to ask what the steak was....

Bruce Micucci ~ bruce@micucci.com

POSTED: 09/11/14 1430 hours

Hello Lou,

It's been about two years since I last contacted you. I hope that everything is well with you.

I am in the process of collecting data for a story that is taking place in Kénitra and I am trying to contact people who would share their experience with me during the time of the base. I contacted Moroccan friends who used to work at the base some 30 years ago to get vivid information and I would like to contact Américans who lived in Kénitra (formely known as Port Lyautey).

Would it be possible to get in touch with Vets of Port Lyautey? Thank you very much in advance for all you could do.

Best regards,

Najia - n.tourougui@gmail.com

POSTED: 08/23/14 0830 hours

Hello to all who served with VR-24 in Port Lyautey and Rota! I was a fresh-faced 18-year old having just made ADR3 upon my arrival in 1962 at VR-24. and ended up as an ADR2 in Rota a few months or so before my 4-year active tour of duty ended in 1964. There were plenty of good times and VR-24 was wonderful duty. I worked Night Check the whole time I was in the squadron but after all these years I don't remember many names. I was on the squadron fast pitch softball team and remember John Rowe, super outfielder. I remember Roberts, ADR2, Scopec, ADR2 and an Ensign Pollinetz.who coached the basketball team. I had the opportunity to fly as aircrew on the R5D's and C130's so the "flight skins" came in handy. Also had the privilege of seeing some places I never imagined I'd see. Like so many others who've posted in this guestbook, I do remember Susie's in Rabat but other establishments have faded from memory. If anyone knows where I can get the squadron's "Challenge Coin" I'd appreciate your letting me know.

Bob Renka - Haines City, Florida

POSTED: 07/30/14 1700 hours

I am trying to find out more about Port Lyautey and my grand-father who was stationed there before he died. The only information I have is that he was in VF-62 and his name was Edwin Bowers.

Andy Koberg ~ andykoberg@gmail.com

POSTED: 07/05/14 2020 hours

I was stationed at NTC Kenitra in the Supply Dept from 1966 to 1968. It was my first duty after Boot Camp and Supply School. I can remember being “required” to wear civilian clothes whenever I left the base. Also being there during the Arab-Isreali War in 1967. I also remember CNL, the AFRTS radio station on base and a Saturday Morning Country show. I would sit in the studio while the DJ played recordings and help get records from the library when someone would request a song. I can also remember the sand storms that would often come off the Sahara Desert and how the air would turn red with the sand blowing around. Reminded me of towns in the US where there were steel mills. In the little over a year I was there, I made all the rate I would make during my time in service. I came there an SKSA and left there an SK2.

Glenn Lego (former SK2) gelego47@icloud.com

POSTED: 06/24/14 0825 hours


I’ve been to your site many times and I always enjoy reading how being in Morocco affected so may people. Like many of your posters, its often on my mind. I recently found a plaque I received while in Ground Electronics and thought I would share it (see below). It caused quite a stir at the time and I think our Chief was told never to give those out again. Luckily, I was able to keep mine.

My synopsis:

I was stationed at NAS Port Lyautey, in Ground Electronics, from 6 September, 1968 until 16 December, 1969. I had a brief stint as an air crewman on the station C-117 and, as I remember, flights to Rota were pretty sketchy. I don’t think I was very good at it. I Mostly maintained tower UHF/VHF radio equipment and the airfield low frequency navigation beacon. I was on duty at the airfield during the Feb. 28, 1969 Canary Is. 7.8 earthquake. I saw big ripples in the ground, hanger doors banging together, truck bouncing off the ground, wow! I spent a lot of time at Mehdia beach, out on the jetty during storms, in the empty German gun emplacement, huge waves crashing into the jetty and then up the river, wow! I bought a Triumph motorcycle in Algeciras, Spain, and rode, literally, all over Morocco. Watch out for those killer donkey carts at night, no 911 to call, you’ll die on the road. I remember Roman ruins along side the highway containing a tile floor mosaic of Hercules and some dolphins, wow! How about being sent (in the middle of the night) TAD to Souda Bay, Crete, via Naples on a C-130 to activate some airfield, wow! You know, Lou, you cant get those experiences just anywhere...

My Navy electronics training eventually led to a successful career as hardware/firmware and software engineer in the computer field. My only regret about my time in Morocco is that it was just too short.

Thanks for the memories,

Walter (Wally) Hunt
AT-3, that’s right, an Airedale!

p.s. Shout out to Jay Pyle!

POSTED: 06/19/14 1055 hours

Hello! Wonderful site dedicated to those who served! Great job! I am looking to contact or find out any info about MIKE DANA who served at Kenitra. I know he was stationed there in 1968 (but not sure for how long). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Deb Lier

POSTED: 05/26/14 1715 hours

I was stationed at NAS Port Lyautey from 1959 to 1961. I arrived as an AA and left as an AK3. I was transferred to VAW-33. Just curious if anyone remembers me?

Bill Decker ~ wgdecker@collateralrisk.com

POSTED: 05/23/14 1510 hours

My name is Bob Mayer. I served duty on the airbase from 1966-1967. I was a fresh hospital corpsman and this was my first duty station after finishing at Great Lakes. I was the envy of all especially the RN corps school instructor. I have to say this was the most interesting and enjoyable duty during my 4 years of active duty. I will pull out 2 large albums of photos and go over them every few years. I remember the good food that the mess hall served and I believe there were some well qualified local civilians that were involved with the preparation. The hospital/dispensary duty was a great experience and I remember treating some of the Peace Corps workers from the north part of the country and the civilians that worked on the base. I got a kick out of burning out the motor on our large Pontiac Bonneville ambulance on the airstrip now and then. Had to clean out the low octane gas and carbon from the engine????? Too many fun things to do after hours, but the small local casino in Kenitra was a frequent stop for me. The place was still using silver half dollars and I was taking several rolls each trip back to the base and sending back to Iowa. After several months they finally figured out the silver was worth more than the half $ and I was asked to not remove any more of them. I made frequent stops at the embassy for a good meal and good conversation. I remember another corpsman that had a fairly powerful motorcycle and he had a friend that was a Moroccan policeman. A cycle race was setup with a pair of leather Moroccan cycle gloves and I believe a pair of leather boots with the winner taking all. The night before the planned race between the 2 the corpsman withdrew some 190 alcohol from the dispensary to boost the octane of his gas. There was a happy corpsman the next morning with a pair of Moroccan policeman gloves. I think a BMW and a Moto Guzzy (?spelling) were what each was driving. I remember the 2 top doctors in charge of the hospital were McDermott and Brasswell. I don’t want to write a book so just a few good memories.


POSTED: 05/20/14 1000 hours

Don Cook ET2 at Bouknadel 56-57. Anyone out there. donaldscook01@gmail.com

POSTED: 05/17/14 1000 hours


My name is Mary Beavers Jackson - my father, Troy C. Beavers was a career Naval Aviator and between 1959 & 1961 he was stationed at Port Lyautey in Operations SQ. We lived on base and I went to the 6th and 7th grades at Thomas Mac Wilhoite High School. I still have "The Sultan" yearbooks.I Have many good memories of this time and found Morocco fascinating. I have never returned but often wish I could. Thank you for your Guest book.

Mary Alice Beavers Jackson ~ cliffmary@att.net

POSTED: 04/29/14 1000 hours

My father served from 1959 - 1961. I went to school on the base for first and second grade. I remember it vividly. I still have the school year books. My dad's name was Henry Leyland. Everyone called him "Lee." He was a SK1.

Julie Keegstra ~ jkeegstra@aacps.org

POSTED: 04/05/14 0815 hours

I was a Sergeant in the USMC stationed at Marine Barracks from 1971-73. Semper Fi. MSgt Roger Duggins, USMC (retired). roger_duggins@yahoo.com

POSTED: 03/31/14 0630 hours

My name is Mike Andrews. I served as corpsman from May '71 to May 72 in the delivery room and men's ward at the base hospital. First post was 3/3/07. I played on the base all-star flag football team which got killed by the marines and the CTs from Sidi around Thanksgiving. I also played on the 69' base basketball team, which was very good for a base of 1000. We played in a Rota tournament and advanced to larger tournament on the Air Force base in Madrid. It was a nice 3 weeks off base experience. We only had 8 players, but 3 were very good. Can not remember anyone's last name now. Had to miss out on fast pitch softball because of being transferred to Alaska. Still searching for old shipmates. This is a great web site visit. Thank-you Lou for all your work. Mader321@aol.com

POSTED: 03/28/14 0700 hours

I was an ETN2/ET1 at USNTC Kentra from 1967 - 1969. Worked at the Comm School (a joint USMC/U.S. Navy staff) located next to the hangers. We had Moroccan Army staff members as well as USN and USMC staff who trained Moroccan Army personnel to repair radio relay equipment and to speak English. So they could study electronics and related communications equipment. Also worked in the Comm Center as a repair tech on occasion. I remember the Pueblo incident and the first mid east crisis when I had to work for security on occasion standing guard at the ammo bunkers near the runways.

Gordon Grimm, USN ret.~ Softhackle@live.com

POSTED: 03/27/14 0700 hours


don (beetle) bailey

POSTED: 03/15/14 0915 hours

Our e-mail server has been bought out. Our new e-mail address is dagllg@rittermail.com. Please update your address book accordingly.

David & Laurie Lee Gschwend

POSTED: 03/10/14 1715 hours

Was in Morocco in 5/62 to 9/63.

Del ~ dlpelletier68@comcast.net

POSTED: 03/08/14 1130 hours

Hi Lou:

My name is Gene.Smith. I was in VQ 2 from June ‘57 to Dec ’58. I bought a 1950 Ford from a AE 2 that was going home and I had a ball. I drove all over the country from Casablanca to Tangier being an AEAN and unrated I was TAD to crash crew for 3 mo. But because I had a drivers license I was given the job of driving the follow me jeep that picked up all the incoming air craft and taxied them in.

Many good memories. One time I was going to the beach at night and I started through the old maze at the fort there was a road block with armed police they did not usually stop cars with red tags but this night was different. I was 19 and really frightened. I didn’t know what they were saying and they did not speak English. They searched everything even under the dash when they released me. I went the back way around and came in the front gate. The car was blue when I got it. A friend of mine, R. L. Parker from Alabama and I painted it white. Some of you may remember it. Gas was 14 cents but off base it was 1.26 a gal. I would fill 5 gallon cans and put them in the trunk along with a 5 gallon can of 115/145 from one of the planes. I have many good memories from the Navy. I went to boot at Bainbridge Md. And then to VF33 in Oceana after VQ 2 I went to VS27 at NAS Norfolk I have enjoyed your page.


GeneSmith ~ revgeneo@yahoo.com

POSTED: 02/17/14 0730 hours

Hello Lou,

I love your site on Port Lyautey. I was in the Navy for four years (from 1966 to 1970), and spent my last year (Mar. 1969 to Mar. 1970)at the Naval Training Center at Kenitra, Morocco. A buddy of mine and I volunteered to be stationed there, but to our surprise we were assigned to two different bases, he at the Communications base, I at the main base, and I rarely saw him for that entire year.I chummed around with Roger Berendt, Gene Rosenblatt and a sailor named Bloom, among others. We traveled as far north as Gibraltar, and south to Casablanca and Marrakesh. Our group hung out at the American Barin Kenitra. On base we watched movies at the indoor theater, the outdoor amphitheater, and at the Acey Ducey bar on base. I was an SK-2, so I worked in supply. The summer of 1969, we rented a house at Medhia Beach. Roger, Al and I nearly drowned after we were caught in an undertow, but we had lots of fun that year. Every timeI hearBryan Adams sing Summer Of '69, I think of my last duty station, and my fond memories of it. I have pictures stored away somewhere, but I'll have to find them and scan them to my computer before I can share them with you.

John Preston ~ preston-john@sbcglobal.net

POSTED: 02/05/14 0840 hours


Owen served at the Fleet Weather Central at the Naval Air Station, Port Lyautey fresh out of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California beginning the summer of 1956 or better yet after he returned from an unexpected trip to India which is another story.

Owen just passed away in Winchester, Massachusetts on 3 Jan 2014. We shall miss this charming, free spirit.

Rest well, dear friend.

Charles R. Harris
USNR, Retired ~ charlie10333@gmail.com

POSTED: 01/30/14 1430 hours


I am trying to find anyone who might have known my uncle, Harry Roland Gustafson, who I understand was stationed at Port Lyautey when he died in July 1961.

I was put up for adoption in 1956 and never met any of my family. But I understand from a distant cousin that his death at age 26 left everyone with more questions than answers.

Thank you for whatever information you can provide.

Ann Hohmann

POSTED: 01/29/14 0820 hours

Dear Friends,

Yes another change of address !! But this one is for long-term and more than shifting riads and apartments in Marrakech or moving from Marrakech to Asilah. After eight years living in Morocco I decided in October to return to France.

My new address is:

153 Bis, rue Vendôme, 69003 Lyon, France. My cell remains +33(0)6 68 13 84 67 and land line is : +33(0)9 81 71 43 87. E-mail craig_ben_edgar@yahoo.com

Bernard Craig PHILLIPS

POSTED: 01/29/14 0600 hours

I served at Navy 214 Port Lyautey from Dec 1960 until August 1962. I was the Naval Air Station Rescue Helo Aircrewman on the HUP2 aircraft. I came as an airman and left as an ADR3 transferring to HU2 Lakehurst New Jersey. I worked in OMD Powerplants Shop. Great Memories. Samuel Troy Miller CWO4 USN RET. Cell 610-416-2219, EMAIL landmill@aol.com

POSTED: 01/28/14 1205 hours

Hello Mr. Demas,

My father was deployed to Port Lyautey from September 1957 to February 1958. Hi name was Norman Phillips and he was a naval aviator, flying P2Vs. Sadly, my dad passed away in October 2009, but I would love to try to connect to anyone who might have served with him during that time.

Lisa Phillips Philippart

POSTED: 01/24/14 1740 hours

I was in Port Lyautey in 1970 & 1971. My ex husband was stationed there and I worked at the American Embassy in Rabat. We had a horse that we kept on base and participated in the riding club there. Lots of fun.

Cathy Drosos (formerly Tassell) ~ cathydrosos@gmail.com

POSTED: 01/13/14 0530 hours

I came across your website, and sent it to my dad. He was stationed there from '55-'59. He posted this on Facebook, thinking it would post to you, but I'm attaching his post.

Please let me know if you remember him. You both share a mutual acquaintance in Jim Killebrew.

Oh, and thank you for paving the way for us future vets.


Chris Frank, LT, USN (ret.)

Bernie Frank Arrived NAS Port Lyautey as an SKSN June 10, 1955. Met by SK1 Sam Virginia. Found out I was assigned to NAVCOMSTA Supply which was actually on NAS, at the bottom of the hill just before crossing the road to the hangars. Went back to upstate NY for Christmas and got married. July 1956 my wife arrived at NAS Port Lyautey without any notice to me. My Supply Officer LT. John Martin had made arrangements for her to accompany me. What a wonderful honeymoon. We finally left NAS P.L. in March of 1959. We met and enjoyed the company of many friends while there....HM1 Lloyd McBurney and his wife Carol....ABH1 Frank Lee and his wife Peggy....Jim Killebrew and his wife Marilyn. AO1 Al Affolter(AFRS radio announcer) and his wife Alice (School Teacher) and lots of others . Email me at popalot57@centurylink.net if you remember me.

POSTED: 01/12/14 0920 hours


My name is Karim, Morrocan boy from Rabat. It was just pure luck that I found the website you host and I`ve been reading a lot and saw all those picture from the old Morocco and as a Moroccan citizen, all I can say is that I wished I was born in that time. Fantastic flashback, great to discover the old and real Morocco.

I wanted to ask if is it possible to get some pictures from Rabat. I want to know how it was looking before. I know almost all the pictures are from kenitra. But I guess people from that time were in rabat also.

Best regards,

Karim J ~ karim.jablili@gmail.com