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POSTED: 12/29/07 @ 0900 hours

Just got the time to say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your site.
I cannot tell you how much fun I have had with others I knew from the base. We owe it all to you and your site.
I have spent countless hours with family and friends from the past, reminiscing the base and times we had there together.
Very Good Job!
Well Done!
Catherman Family ~ pgcather@sbcglobal.net

POSTED: 12/27/07 @ 1505 hours

Excellent site. Was stationed in Bouk from March 59 to November 60, walk the antenna field post with my sentry dog. Have good memories, some of the Marines that were stationed with me are (L.Kane, Vallee,Ward, Whitney, Youmans, Shortall, Stey, Gibbons, Merron, Smelda, Van Horn, Keekan, Ackerman, Whitely. Anybody out there that knows them drop me a email.

Was also stationed there from Nov 65 to Nov 67 as the barracks supply chief. Both tours were excellent.

Skip Traufler

POSTED: 12/19/07 @ 1500 hours


Thanks for your continued great work with this website. I check the site on a regular basis. It's amazing how many people I have re-connected with as a result of my prior years postings on this site. I recently got in touch with my very first, and last barracks roommate at Sidi Yahia. RM3 Dale Harrington and I arrived in Morocco the same day in Jan.1976. Wewere in different sections but both worked out at the receiver site. The old 2-2-96. AaaaHhhh! What a drinking man's dream. Anyway, Dale saw my posting and emailed me. When he was here in San Antonio on business we got a chance to visit. My ain't it funny how time slips away?. Somebody should write a song about that!

I wanted to update my email address: mlw.usn@sbcglobal.net. Feel free to email me at anytime. I find the stories of those who were stationed in Morocco interesting, to say the very least. Wouldn't it be great to be sipping an Espresso at Jack's Bar right now? Just give me one morning of drinking coffee, followed by an afternoon of drinking Phoenix Especial at an outdoor table in downtown Kenitra and I'd be ready to go to my heavenly reward. Hey, I can dream can't I!

Marcus Wilbanks, RMCS, retired
San Antonio, TX

POSTED: 12/15/07 @ 1100 hours

Hi, USN vets from Port Lyautey!

Please allow me to add a French accent to your memories of Morrocco. I had been on the base from April 55
to June 56, as a Midshipman among the French staff. I was liaison officer with Comnavacts, in connection
with Captain Duborg, Cdr Maechtlen, Chief Broderick, and maintaining friendly contact with Ltjg Windsor F.
Cousins ( a kind of red-haired bostonian wasp, and also a very gracious man ).

I remember Bingo nights at BOQ, movies in the open on sweet nights, surfing on big waves at Mehdia beach
using rubber USN rescue rafts, emptying beer cans at the bar on the sand dune at the southern end of the
beach , Independance Day and Thanksgiving parties...good old days along with USN people...

I send you all my best greetings.


POSTED: 11/28/07 @ 0640 hours

Served as AD2 at Port Lyautey 6 months, July 1954-Jan 1955 with a detachment, VA 85 AD-6 Sky Raiders.
We were detached from the USS lake Champlain CVA 39. Would like to contact any shipmates.
Werner Meyer doweswift@msn.com

POSTED: 11/23/07 @ 0820 hours

I'm not Navy, but Air Force stationed at Sidi Slimane How ever my wife and me were good friends of Gorden and Lucille Clevinger in Port Lyautey, and later in retirement. We all sailed over to Morocco and stayed in same hotel when arriving. We were always going into the base or them going out to Sidi. But that's not what I'm emailng about. Can anyone put me in touch with some one or site having to do with Sidi Slamine and/or the 4th Radio Relay Squadron, there?

Robert Steele
Phoenix Arizona ~ rsteele21@cox.net

POSTED: 11/23/07 @ 0820 hours

Fantastic job of work, really enjoyed, being USAF and stationed in Spain 63-66, Moron AFB, and having used a B-47 headset wound around a transistor radio to listen to 60's music from Port Lyautey remember it well, also my best military flight was from Rota to Naples ,also enjoyed your Acey Duce E-M Club Rota WOW. I have a web site at www.3973cds.com and currently is focused on the three AFB in Spain, we have plans to include the three USAF Moroccan bases and I am looking for photos. base newspapers and just about anything that can be put up on the site under the Moroccan bases. the time period would be 1950 three 1966 and the three bases in 16th AF in Morocco are Ben Guier Nouasseur Sidi Slimane, any items could be e-mailed or copy to disk my e-mail address is okosa@earthlink.net or snail mail at Otto kosa 1429 stormway ct Apopka fl 32712. items should be in jpg form,your consideration is appreciated.

POSTED: 11/22/07 @ 1000 hours

Hello Fellow Port Lyautey Friends -

My name is Max Attar. I was stationed at the Port Lyautey base for 17 years; from 1948 - 1965. I was project housing manager of the public works department. I would Love to contact or be contacted by anyone of my old friends that remembers me. Please call me at 818.902.9545. or I can be reached through email at: maxattar@adelphia.net
I miss my old friends. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Frank Riser or Charles P. Pruitt please let them know how to contact me or vice-a-versa. Thank You.

POSTED: 11/11/07 @ 2300 hours

Worked on the cargo crew and while I was there I had a motorcycle went all over the place.

Duncan W MacMartin ~ macmartin@alaska.net

POSTED: 11/09/07 @ 2100 hours

I was stationed at Port Lyautey in the Fall of 1952 with the Seabees, MCB8. Then the Seabees were doing 6-month tours of duty in GTMO, Port Lyautey and Argentia (New Foundland). My tour had been interupted after GTMO by a TAD assighnment to Atomic and Biological Warfare School in Philly (two whole weeks) followed by TAD with COMCBLANT in Davisville, RI so I had only 3 months to enjoy Port Lyautey. This was enough time to check out Jack's Bar and weekends in Tangiers and Ifrane (a favorite spot of Churchill's) with a side trip to The White City (famous women's prison) and environs.

Our encampment, headquarters and BOQ, (built by Seabees for Seabees) was located ona hill on the edge of the base. We frequently had guests who were visiting the base proper. It was a great place to spend the Korean War because nobody was shooting at us.

To this day, I point out with pride that the Marine Corps turned base security over to us Seabees on their birthday anniversary.

Matt Pastell, former LTjg, CEC, USNR ~ mpastell@cox.net

POSTED: 11/09/07 @ 2100 hours

I was stationed in in Port Lyautey from July 1951 until February 1953. My Name is Richard (Dick) Flanagan, I arrived in Port Lyautey fresh out of CM school in California and arived as a SN. and left as CM3 back to B school in California. I was discharged in 1954 in Davisville, RI. I still still live in RI. Getting Old, can't remember like I used to, Can't see as well as I would like to but have had a great life and FRENCH MOROCCO was a learning experience.

Richard A Flanagan

POSTED: 11/06/07 @ 0615 hours

Wow! I found this site and can't help but remember the good times while being stationed there. I was a U.S. Marine with an Infantry mos and worked out at the navy communications towers located at Bouk? A short bus ride took us their. I was later transfer to work at the Marine Barracks and worked in supply. I was there when the base closed in 1978? Use to fly the station bird to Rota, Spain quite a bit. Hey, remember the wonderful Halsey Theater?

Cpl Steven J. Booker ~ sjbooker56@aol.com
Omaha, Nebraska

POSTED: 11/06/07 @ 0615 hours

Great to visit with old friends Lou. I am now Sixty Eight Years old but as a young CB Only Nineteen years old I was assigned to Port Lyautey. I had many experiences while I was there and enjoyed the Country. I served as an honor guard when President Eisenhower came to Rabat. I was active in the Chaplains Offrice with Commander Joseph Parker and Father Whooten. I remember Chief Carpenter who took me under his wing and helped me grow in the CB.s I am now retired living in Florida helping raise all my grand kids. Thanks for the memories.

Errol L Coppedge CEW2 USNavy Reserve, Retired ~ boycop@bellsouth.net

POSTED: 10/31/07 @ 0810 hours

I was attatched to NOF as a TMSN .Wouild enjoy hearing from anyone who was there within that time frame. I spent some time before clearance as CINCMOGARSELM ( Commander in Cheif Moroccan Gardners Eastern Atlantic and Meditteranean ) chasing jackals in the magazine area. Denny Sagaas--- sagaas@verizon.net

POSTED: 10/30/07 @ 1300 hours


I was attached to special services 1953-1955 help run all sports events for base. My name is AL BLOM WOULD LIKE TO HERE FROM ANY PERSONELL STILL AROUND. I HAVE PICTURES OF BASE PERSONEL


POSTED: 10/21/07 @ 0730 hours

Anyone connect with these names? Lt. McLaughlin, Chief Bauer, Lt.Com. Monsour, PO's Smizer, Murphy, Mansley, Everhardt? Early 1950's photo lab.

PH Guderian, gudpaljoey@comcast.net

POSTED: 10/08/07 @ 0745 hours

Trying to locate former Marines from London circa 1950's. We had frequent exchanges with Pt. Lyautey in those days so I thought there might be some posters to your site with knowledge of the whereabouts of London people.


Michael Downend
Puerto Vallarta, Jal., MX............hattiefilms@gmail.com

POSTED: 10/04/07 @ 1147 hours

Hi, my name is Thomas A. Murray. I was stationed in Public Works Dept. Kenitra, Morocco from January 1976 - March 1977. I was assigned to the Carpenter Shop. I was also the base taxi driver from Febuary 1976 - May 1976. I was then the head life guard at the base pool from May 1976 - Sept. 1976. I then worked in the carpenter shop until Mar. 1977. I was a BUCA and BUCN while there.

People I worked with: BUCN Mike Spillsbury, BUCN Vic Nuzo, BU3 Deprater, EO1 Battle, EO3 Marty Kerr, EOC Montanya. I was friends with a marine named Tracy Thomas I believe he was a SGT. I played slow pitch/fast pitch softball, flag football, volleyball, and racquetball. While working at the pool I worked for Louie Garcia he was a First Class incharge of the Gym.

I was sent to Morocco right out of "A" school with Mike Spillsbury. From Morocco I then went on to NMCB 133. I retired in 1994 while stationed at CBU-415 Oceana, in Virginia Beach, VA.

I now live in Pittsburgh, PA. where I grew up.

I can be reached at tmusnrseabee@comcast.net.

Have a great day!


POSTED: 10/04/07 @ 0700 hours

Hello, my name is Jack Schornick and since I found this website this morning, I have been flooded with memories of the best duty station ever. Sidi Yahia was the best!. The people I met in Morocco were the most hospitable. I was there for 34 months. I’m trying to remember when I was stationed there. I think I was there from Mar ’71 to Jan ’74. When I first got there I was an E3 and lived in the barracks and I’m gonna try and list the names of some people that I rubbed shoulders with. I was an E3 electrician that worked in Public Works. The 2 Moroccans that worked in the Electric shop were Bouchta Ben Larabia and Mohammed Ben Mohammed Ben Bihi. Bouchta lived in Kenitra and Ben lived in Sidi Yahia. I think a 2nd Class named Foster (he married an Officers daughter) was at that time in charge of the Elec. Shop. Gus Gushlaw worked as an EO or a CM, Fish was a mechanic and he was married. For years I had a picture I drew of Gus Gushlaw until Hurricane Katrina destroyed every piece of anything I ever owned. Who else? Lee Foley, drove a Yellow Triumph Motorcycle and worked the base gas station, Klaus Michael Schmidt (wire rim glasses), born in Germany and fluent was also an electrician at PW, Dennis Ice, we called him MuleBoy for reasons I won’t go into, Goldie Davis an E6 or 7 Communication Marine, Don Brown?, married to a French Girl. He was a Lt. or Capt. In the Comm Marines.

I went to Morocco single and left with a French wife named Dominique Christianne Gabrielle Bouvier, born in Marseille but raised in Kenitra and Casablanca. We lived in downtown Kenitra after we married. We are no longer married. Knew a guy that married a Jewish girl. His name was Hawes Amos or Amos Hawes, he was, I believe from Gulfport, MS. Her name was Fabianne. I lived in Bay St. Louis, MS, until “Katrina” destroyed 2 homes that Glenda, my wife, and I owned and an Antique Mall. We’re rebuilding and will be returning soon to Bay St. Louis.

Now, back to ancient history. The place to see and be seen if you were Military in Kenitra was the “American Bar” downtown. It was run by a Frenchman. I can’t remember his name, (maybe Phillip?). A huge Guy named Big John ran the EM Club at Sidi Yahia. I believe he was retired Air Force and may have managed the clubs at Sidi Slimane as well, can’t remember. He would bring a busload of secretarial students from Rabat to the EM club at Sidi Yahia just about every other week on Fridays. We would have someone to dance with and they would be able to practice their English all evening. After making 3rd class I was able to live off base. At that time I was still unmarried. Bob Howard was also an Electrician in the shop. His wife was Terry. Jack Rapisarda, Engineman? Power Plant, wife Mal., Patrick Kelly, from Terra Alta, WV. Matt Bilodeau from Boston, Mass. I was in 2 of the Little Theater productions, “Witness for the Prosecution” and “Plaza Suite”. I was Leonard Vole in Witness opposite Nancy Tresh? Wife of a Marine Captain and I was in Plaza Suite opposite Phoebe from Mechanicsburg, PA. I was Co-Director of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, I think, Maybe I was Producer, can’t remember. Chief White was an Engineman? I think and was the lead PO for the Power Plant, His wife was named Mona and he lost his life in a vehicle accident in Morocco. He and his wife lived in a large complex between the base and town and their house was a popular party spot while they were there.

When E4’s were finally allowed to live off base, I and 3 of my comrades in the barracks rented a 4BR, 3BA with outside decks and rooftop sunning on the 3rd level of Mehdia Beach (La Plage). The house came with a cooking Fatima and a cleaning Fatima and cost the princely sum of $230 American per month. It was the greatest place. We had a really GOOD time. There was a restaurant out by the Kasbah in Kenitra, I think it was called “Auberge de la Foret”. Wonderful food. Penguin Ice Cream, Brochettes, pan du chocolate, café au lait, Cous Cous, Chicken Tahjeen, La Vache qui Rit (Laughing cow cheese}, Beau Soleil wine, VCS (Vine Covered Shack) in Rabat, American Embassy in Rabat and man oh man I will never forget the Kung Fu Movies we watched in Kenitra. Actually riding the real Marrakesh Express is something I still remember, Casablanca, Fez, Agadir. We rented a Peugeot Station wagon once and did a huge grand tour of Morocco. Put about 1500 miles on that car in a week. I was there for the 2 attempts on the life of the King and one earthquake.

This email was split into 3 days of remembering and Lou asked me to put it all together, so here it is now. Everytime I think about Sidi, I remember something else. We had a flag football team at Public Works and one year we won it all. Beat the Marines, Beat Kenitra, Beat Bouk. As I’m writing, I keep remembering names, Pat Reed was a Storekeeper and played on the team. He lives in Gulfport, MS. I introduced him to the woman he is married to. Our Coach, the year we won it all, was a Warrant that ran the Mess Hall. Can’t remember his name. Chief Blanchard was a BUC at Sidi Yahia, but I believe he lived at Kenitra. Anyway he had 2 beautiful daughters and one of them was killed along with her boyfriend when the motorcycle they were riding went off the road. It took a couple of days to find them and I remember it hit Public Works pretty hard. CE Chief Reed or Reese was a weightlifter and his biceps were so big that he couldn’t touch the back of his neck. I still think that is weird. Through most of the time I was at Sidi Yahia, the permanent PO at the FireHouse was a 1st Class from the Phillipines, another phillipino was Maximo Impezio, a Yeoman Chief. OK, as I remember names and events, I will note them and put them into a later letter. My email address is jackglenda66@bellsouth.net. If you knew me or knew some of the people I’ve mentioned please email.


POSTED: 10/01/07 @ 1418 hours

La bes aleek.

I am Ed Pelrine, SK2 attached to the Supply Dept. from 1953 to 1955 as the outside purchasing agent. Spent a lot of time running to Rabat and Casablanca buying items for the base.

Had a lot of good times there. Became good friends with Tiki Tik who ran a Moroccan souvenir shop in town. We lived on the edge of town on Rue Mermoz. Had a flock of sheep for next door neighbors.Would love to hear from any body who remembers me. Cholopel@aol.com

POSTED: 10/01/07 @ 0745 hours

Chalk up another hit for the Seabee “CAN DO” magazine. My name is Earl Johnson; I was stationed at Bouknadel from January of 1954 until June of 1955. Arrived there straight out of UT “A” School at Port Hueneme. I spent the first 3 months of my tour Mess Cooking. From there I went over to the Power House as a Boiler Watch Stander. Finally wound up as a Day Worker doing all the stuff we UT’s do. Then on C.B.B.U. at Davisville, R.I. eventually winding up in M.C.B. Special Det Bravo being assigned to the South Pole Station. It was quite a contrast from +110 degrees in Morocco to -102 at the Pole.

Anyway back to Bouknadel. I enjoyed the tour there. Had an opportunity to see a lot of Morocco as Chief Reed took a few of us on an occasional hunting trip in the Cork Forests. Also spent some time on the weekends at the Skeet Range at N.A.S.Port Lyautey. Once I made UT3 I was fortunate (believe that will you) to have to go to Rabat for Shore Patrol Duty. It was only for a short time but needed to be even shorter.

I noticed that in your Guest Book readings there was another alumnus from Bouknadel. He made reference to the outdoor movie area. We used it a lot in fact I and another Seabee ran the cameras. What made it especially nice is that we got paid from the Rec Fund for the times we showed the movies.

Some of the shipmates that I can remember are: Lester Anselmo, A CE by the name of Dolittle, A UT1 by the name of Cofield, Pete Sklivis CS1. A SN named Stralry of course there were many others but after 52 years one does forget a few things,”CHECK THAT” a whole lot of things.

Speaking of things forgotten can any one remember when Bouknadel was commissioned? If so please let me know. I do have a number of pictures of the station and will post them on this site if any one is interested.

Earl F. Johnson UTCS, USN. RET, e-mail:efj90south@alltel.net

POSTED: 09/29/07 @ 1105 hours

Your site was listed in the "Can Do" Magzine my husband gets . We were glad to see all the comments. My husband Jack H. Mitchell served from December 1965 to December 1967. He arrived a CMCN and left a CMH2. He stayed in for 30 years and retired a Master Chief Petty Officer EQCM with RNMCB 24 stationed out of Gulfport Mississippi.

I'm Rebecca "Becky" Mitchell and I went over to Morocco with Jack. Our Oldest son was born at the station hospital in Kenitra on July 10th 1967. We lived on the base and have many fond memories of our time there. I was saddened to hear of the passing of Father Kieffer. He christened our son. We were all so young back then and all the comments bring back those good times.

Rebecca Mitchell

POSTED: 09/28/07 @ 0720 hours




POSTED: 09/24/07 @ 0730 hours

Hi Lou, I was playing around with Google Earth and was able to pull up Kenitra and its environs. It is really remarkable what this can do. I was able to check out portions of the base and the Media Beach area. Kevin Warren, PN2 1970-1971 NTC Morocco, NYCTOHOU@AIM.COM

POSTED: 09/18/07 @ 1400 hours


Wow – what a great idea. Of all my duty stations I look back on Morocco as setting the bar the highest. Loved the country, it’s culture, and it’s people. Would have stayed several more years if the Navy would have allowed. As it is, very thankful for the 2.5 years between 70 and 72 that I spent residing in Kenitra and working at Sidi Yahia. Arrived there as CTSA and departed for Northwest, VA as CT02. What a time!!!

Will be looking forward to this site becoming more robust and perhaps meeting up with some lost shipmates.

A reunion??? Kenitra, of course!!

Good luck and very best regards,

Ralph Bishop

LCDR, USN, (Ret), e-mail: rebishop@att.com

POSTED: 09/07/07 @ 2020 hours

Hi Lou,

This will be my third posting to the Guest Book. Hard for me to realize that it has been nearly fifty four years since I was stationed at Port Lyautey.

Still think of all the old places that were so much of an enjoyment to spend the nights, many spent at Casablanca, Rabot, and of course all the way to that little town near the border of Algers called Ojudia. Have never been back to Morroco, some how will aways regret not doing so. Will say again Lyautey was the best of all my twenty three years of active duty, have been retired now since April 3, 1967.

My name is John W. Fox, was an SH3 when there, attached to the Communication Stationed, retired as an SKC.

Remember such delightfull places as Moma's,the Bel Tab, Susans in Rabat, the EM Club in town across the street from the French Market, and best place of all that was my every night hang out was Jack's Bar and night Club.

My tour was from late 1950 until May of 1953, first as an MAA for NCF, then as a permanent Shore Patrol, pounding the streets, riding those short wheeled vans the Navy had so many of and of course never to no mention those open air jeeps we were famous for.

I now live in Cambridge, Md, still married, one daughter and one grandson, who I hope will select the Navy as a place of employment when he finishes high school next spring. Would like to hear from any and all that would have served at Lyautey during that period of time, my e-mail is as follows:


Thanks again Lou for this web site, its the best
John W. Fox

POSTED: 08/22/07 @ 2230 hours

Great site, we lived there from '55-'59, my father, Owen Sheppard was stationed at NCF in Sidi Yahia . . . in fact, going through the pics you have posted, I'm pretty sure I saw his '48 Chevy parked outside some of the buildings . . . I've got a few pics I can send as well if you guys would like to see them . . . thanks again for the look back . . .

Scott O. Sheppard.......sosdezign@earthlink.net

POSTED: 08/20/07 @ 1945 hours

CTOC Phil Wills was a very good friend of mine. He passed away suddently a couple of years ago. I think he was stationed at Port Lyautey during one of his early tours. If anyone has any comments to share on Phil I would appreciate them. I can be reached at BAlford242@aol.com.

Bob Alford
CTRC Retired

POSTED: 08/20/07 @ 1030 hours

Hi,I was stationed at Sidi and also stood watches on the gates in Kenitra from Nov 65 to Nov 66. I was then a Sgt. It was great duty.

Larry Ross
MSGT USMCR RET larryandgail@comcast.net

POSTED: 08/20/07 @ 0827 hours

Hi, I first heard of Port Lyautey when my ship pulled into Casablanca and I ran into a few Airman. This was in 1952, We were on our way to Operation Mainbrace.

At that time I was an Electricians Mate. Twenty years later I became a CT and realized why someone could be stationed in the Desert.

Don Sass, sasebo.crypto@verizon.net

POSTED: 08/20/07 @ 0825 hours


My name is Chuck Phillips, I was a CTO3 stationed at Sidi from Jan. 1968 to Feb. 1969. I spent time in the COMMS center and the message center in the antanna field. My wife Jean and son Chris who was a baby lived in Kenitra on the top floor of the apartment building around the corner from the downtown bus stop on Rue Kalderdon. My wife (we just celebrated our 40th have oftened said that the year we spent in Morocco was a big reason why our marriage has endured all these years. We did not have family to run to when life got rough. We have many great memories of our time there. We still keep up with Mike Burgess and Val Pescatore. Our son took his first steps in a Roman bath at Volubolus (I can't spell). Would like to hear from anyone that was there at the same time. We were good friends with Cheryl and Kent Kennaird and would like to contact them. Our friend Harry Larsen went on a Med tour on the Independance and we got out of the Navy while he was gone. We had the best social life with the B division.

I joined the Coast Guard Reserve in 1976 and retired in 2006 as a Master Chief. I also enjoyed a wonderful life as a career firefighter in Livermore, CA.

We have lived in Martinez, California for the past 38 years.


POSTED: 08/19/07 @ 1859 hours

I was stationed at Sidi Yahia with my family from Aug 1970-72. Many fond memories. We did alot of traveling while there. My wife along with children Norma, Shawn & Jena (who was born there) packed our bags during off time and traveled the complete length of the country - to name just a few - Ifrane, Azrou, Meknes, Fez, Marrakesch, Ouarzatte, Essaouira,
Zagora, Todra Gorges, Rabat, Taroudaunt and many more places. We had a houseboy by the name of Larbi Ben Allah who became a close friend along with his family. We lived off base in Kenitra on Rue Ichbilya. I was a sports official for both softball and basketball and officiated many games there both on and off the base.

Officiated Moroccan basketball games with a fellow named Joudar who was an intrepretar at the Embassey in Rabat. He was there with his American school teacher wife Doris until Jan 1981. Always wonder what ever happend to them after that!! If anyone knows, please advise. My wife Catherine and I did have a chance to revisit Morocco in Dec 1980 while I was stationed in Naples, Italy. Spent almost a month there. Got a chance to see my friend Larbie and his new family. What a thrill.

My daughter Kristen who was not born until after I was there got a chance to vacation there just recently and thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful country. She said one day she got up at sunrise and visited the desert and rode a Camel, and encountered in one day a sandstorm, windstorm, landslide, rain, sleet, snow as she crossed the Atlas mountains. Her one word was "Adventerous." Along with Italy, Morocco was one of my two favorite tours during my 25 year Naval career. Anyone who was there during the times we were there please contact me - or if you knew any of the people I mentioned I would like to
hear from you. Norm Landino - Bridgewater, MA


POSTED: 08/19/07 @ 1855 hours

I was with Navcommsupact from 1949 1951. Group became Naval Security Group while there and took off Electronics technician crow and put on Spark and Quill crow. Now that's going back a bit. Best regards to those few remaining who might remember me.

(Too old too soon, too smart too late!) :-)

Sid Sneidar

POSTED: 08/19/07 @ 1852 hours


I was a CTTSN stationed at Sidi Yahia April 71 to July 72. I was assigned to Delta Section and had a lot of friends in Charlie and Delta. Remember the night Charlie section became "Charlie Orange".

Was on watch in the basement when the Moroccan Army cadets tried to kill the King and the mess for several weeks after that. My wife joined me as soon as they lifted the restrictions and let the Special Service charter flights come back.

Our first daughter was born at the NAS hospital New Years Eve 1971. Most of the hospital was closed for the holiday. but they had to keep Ob-Gyn open for her.

We lived at 3 Rue Dimish in the third floor apartment. Any one remember Jack's bar at the bus stop across from the Marche, or the good Broscheets down stairs? My first duty ststion after school and one of the best.

Ronald D. Lee CTT1/MA1 Ret gator@ptialaska.net

POSTED: 08/19/07 @ 1845 hours

Just got off your web site and found it very interesting. I was a young 17 Yr. old S1C when I went to Port Lyautey in April 1947. Spent probably one of the best years of my youth there, leaving as an RM3 in April 1948. From April 47 until about Nov 47 we lived in the "French Barracks" and then as the base was being turned back over to the French we moved
into quonset huts. Was a member of the "Suplementary Radio Group", our operations area was out in the boondocks and consisting of two larger quonset huts and made up of 40+ individuals.

When I arrived there a Army Air Force unit (it was not a seperate service at that time) was stationed on the base. Around July 47 there were transferred to Germany and left a warehouse full of army and air force gear. To make a long story short the Captain of the base decided that we would all be issued that gear, shoes, skivies , fatigues, field jackets etc. He then ordered that to save our navy uniforms, the working uniform of the day could be any combination we wished as long as we wore some kind of head gear. Most of us just ended up wearing sweat shirts, fatigue pants and boot type shoes. In fact before the order came down to issue the clothes, alot of us went to the warehouse and were told to pick up what we wanted for personal use much of which was later mailed back to the states.

Around November 47, when coming off the mid-watch and going to the chow hall we saw a group of seabees waiting to eat. They had just arrived on the base to take part in the enlargement of it. Much to our surprise (about 7 of our radio group had been in the same boot camp company) there waiting in the chow line were a large number of our boot camp company who had been assigned to the seabees. It was like old home week.

Made alot of trips to Casablanca and Rabat, also visited Fez and Meknez and spent alot of time on Medhia beach. Went back to the States in April of 48, was stationed In Washington DC. Then in January 1951 returned to Port Lyautey with three
others to set up an operation there. Funny enough all of us had been in Lyautey in 47-48. Even ran into "smokey" a taxi driver, and was amazed that he remembered us from out tour in the 40's. Left after my side of the work was done in August 1951
never to return.

As I previously said have great memories of the days I spent in Morocco, but I am well aware most of the people I served with have since passed on. Most of us kept in touch throughout the years since we remain in the same communications
group and passed each other throughout travles in our naval careers. I must say however the one thing I will never miss about Lyautey, was waking up in the morning, finding out that a Sorocco was taking place and that I had about two inches
of sand in my locker. It was so hot that day that we had to shut down the radio shack and just sat out side in our skivies and drank water(?)

I really enjoyed your site and from many of the readings I can see how much the base had changed over the years, ever expanding and improving.

Dick "Willie" Eastman, CTCS, USN (retired) whre@comcast.net

POSTED: 08/19/07 @ 1838 hours


I am Walt Hutchison, a long retired Communications Technician (Maintenance) Master Chief living in Virginia.
My first tour of duty was in Bremerhaven, Germany where I married a German girl. Instead of taking her to the U.S.
in February 1959 I drove her across France and Spain to ride the ferry to Ceuta, Morocco. I had my military orders with a French translation (in lieu of a passport) and my wife, Rita, had her German Passport. When we arrived at the first customs checkpoint in the middle of that long road along the north coast the Customs people did not want to let me into their country. My wife was fine, being that they liked Germans, but evidently I was insulting them by expecting them to read French. What I and my personnel experts in Germany didn't realize was that we were behind the times. Morocco had thrown out the French and even though they were probably schooled in French schools, those officials were adamant. We had given a ride to a tourist guide at Ceuta, and he argued for us. We saw the superior officer at that checkpoint and he finally relented and stamped our papers. That episode was scary for me. With very little money and being out along the desert I had no idea who I could call or where I could go. We dropped the guide in Tangier and stayed there overnight.

My duty station was Sidi Yahia and we lived in an apartment in Kenitra. I remember the Berbers on horseback coming into town for parades and special events. You could see their guns sticking out of their robes (I forgot the name for those). Nobody bothered those guys! We spent some nice days on the beach south of Kenitra, catching and steaming clams.
Another memory is of the Air Force base at Sid Slimain. They had so much money that they sent a lot of good stuff to military salvage. My chief and I went to their "sales" frequently and acquired perfectly good tools and hardware, as well as some machine tools (metal lathe, drill press, welding equipment). They also had the best enlisted quarters. They were good at spending money on the troops.

I enjoyed reading others' comments. I thought I would provide a different insight.
Walt Hutchison

POSTED: 08/19/07 @ 1831 hours

Though never stationed at Port Lyautey, I paid an official visit from London on behalf of DIRNAVSECGRUEUR to the Naval Security Group Communications Department in the early 1970's to discuss COMINT ship/shore, ship/ship, and general communications while visiting all SECGRU facilities in Europe. I vividly recall my arrival in Casablanca, the drive to Port Lyautey/Sidi Yahia, and the camaraderie of everyone I met. I spent a few nights in visitors quarters, invited to dinner at the home of the Chief who was guiding my visit and his family (really made me feel at home), the stacks of cases of local wine that apparently many substituted for local water, a "night out" with a group to a local nightclub, and just a wonderful feeling of being treated warmly by my cryptomates/shipmates. My regret is that I didn't maintain continued contact with that Chief and wish I could recall his name or get back in contact with him. I hope that with this post he will recall me and renew contact to maack1@cox.net. My best to all of you, to your great website, and to your future reunion. CTOCM Charles (Chuck) Maack, USN (Retired)(1949-1977), Wichita, Kansas.

POSTED: 08/19/07 @ 1830 hours

Just saw this site and enjoyed it a lot. My name is G. O. Orchard, SCPO USN RET. I was at Sidi Yahia 1957 and 1958, got early orders to Cyprus. Enjoyed the duty and the country. I was wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of a buddy named Gossard, he was CT2 at the time, got orders to CINCNELM, I believe, London, Eng. Any info wud be appreciated.


POSTED: 08/18/07 @ 1823 hours

Aloha from Hawaii. I was stationed at Sidi Yahia, Morocco from November 1964-November 1967. I was the Postal Clerk at Sidi (PC1); I made mail runs to and from the two bases daily. Our daughter Susan was born at the Port Lyautey (Kenitra) dispensary on January 25, 1965. Great tour and great friends. Please let me know how to join the organization and any info on reunions. hough@hawaii.rr.com.

PCCM Gil & Susan Hough, USN (Ret)
95-117 Lalei Place
Mililani, HI 967898

POSTED: 08/18/07 @ 1821 hours

I was stationed in Sidi Yahia in 1967-69 era. Would enjoy hearing from others there then.


Mike Burgess, CTT

POSTED: 08/18/07 @ 1819 hours

Thanks for the site, Lou. My name is Ron Carns and I arrived in Port Lyautey the Fall of 1959 as a fresh out of school CTR. I didn't spend much time there as I went TDY in December 1959 to the MED and spent 6 months on the aircraft carriers USS Essex CVA9 and USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA42 before returning to Port Lyautey in June of 1960. Then was transferred to Guam for the remainder of my 'cruise'. Enjoyed my tour with the USN. rcarns@core.com TNX agn for the site.

POSTED: 08/18/07 @ 1817 hours

I am Bill Cartee from Pendleton, SC. A year after my first enlistment, I re-entered the Navy in June 1962 as a CTA2. My first duty station was Sidi Yahia, Morocco. I was there from July 1962 thru Feburary 1965. We first lived off base in Port Lyautey until the AFB in Sidi Slamain was closing and we moved into on base housing there for a year then back to Bir Rami off base in Port Lyautey. Finally moved on base at Sidi Yahia for my last 8 months of my tour. My wife, two sons (age 5 and 2) and my daughter (age 3) joined me there a month after I went there. We have very fond memories of the tour there and many 8 MM movies (that I have since put on VCR tapes) of the beautiful gardens and all around the area there. My friend stationed with the State Department in Ghana came up to visit for 3 weeks twice and we travelled all around the area. We had a house boy that did all the house work and babysit the kids while we went square dancing all around. We completed the square dance class there at NAS Kinetra and became avid square dancers along with about 50 others. We were invited to dance at several official funtions at the Embassy in Rabot and also at a function in Casablanca. A great experience and some great 8 MM movies. We made lots of lasting friendships there lasting over the years. Although several have gone on, we still have a number on out Christmas list that we look forward to hearing from each year. I would lover to hear from anyone that was there between July 1962 and Feb 1965 especially if they were in the square dance club. My e-mail is billcar45@bellsouth.net

Fond, fond memories........... Bill

POSTED: 08/18/07 @ 1815 hours

Great Website. Brings to mind many good memories of Port Lyautey and shipmates from long ago.

My name is Windel Dal Ballew and I was stationed at the Naval Communications Station in Sidi Yahia from September 1956 until April 1958. Sidi Yahia was my first duty station after leaving school at Imperial Beach, California. I was assigned to the Alpha section under then CT1 Clyde Wilson.

After leaving Sidi in April, 1958, I went to NCS Guam and completed my 4 year tour with the Navy in November, 1959, then returned to my native Texas, where I now live near San Antonio.

Looking forward to visiting your site often in the future.

Windel Dal Ballew

POSTED: 08/18/07 @ 1500 hours

My husband, Hobart 'Bert' Meadows, who served with VQ-2 at Port Lyautey 1956 -57 passed away July 8, 2007.

He had a great military furneral. One of our boys is a active duty Navy officer. He was allowed to be part of the honor guard, and presented me with the Flag. It was a very moving ceremony, as no one except the military knew that he was going to do this. The West Tennessee Vetern's cemetary said that this was a first for them.

Bert finally got the honor due him for his very dangerous service to his country.

Gladys Meadows, grandmommy72@bellsouth.net

POSTED: 08/12/07 @ 1300 hours

My name is John Johnson.. I was station at the communication base for 27 months. I lived in Kanitra with my wife and had my first daughter born on the air base.

I arrived in Morocco Sept 66 and extended for 12 months.. it was a great duty station.

I arrived there as a E2 and and shortly after leaving earned CT20. After leaving the Navy, they found me a job with Xerox Corp, I worked there for 36 years and then retired. I wished I had stayed in for 20...but life goes on..

We went to church at a missionary house every Sunday.

Thanks for the web site. John


POSTED: 08/09/07 @ 1310 hours


I was a young Navy wife when my (ex)-husband got orders to Kenitra, Morocco in late 1974 or maybe it was early 1974. I was 23 years old, and this was my first time out of country. Kenitra, was by far the most exciting place we ever had orders to, and had the best cuisine I have ever had, creating a lasting love of Mediterranean foods.

We were stationed there from late 1973 or early 1974 to late 1976, if memory serves me. My husband was a 1st Class Petty Officer, Electronic technician - Ground Control Approach Radar Tech, stationed at NAS Kenitra. His name was Roy Simonis and friends new me by my first name, Mary. (We have since divorced). Met a lot of good people, traveled all around, alot with the Chief's wives, who enlighted me on a lot of things...

I have the fondest memories of my time in Kenitra and would love to hear from others who may have remembered us. We lived in one of the 4 plexes near the mosque on base. I remember some good friends named Kit and Roy Hume (he was cook), and Ginger and Ernie (don't recall the last name) who lived across the street from us. Ruth and Mo (he was a Chief). There were many others, but time has faded my memory on the names.

Thanks for this web site and I have not been back since then. Have always wanted to, but have always felt I would be disappointed, as the saying goes, 'you can never go home'. Things are just not the same, but one day I hope to return.

Catherine Pearsall

POSTED: 07/29/07 @ 1930 hours

As a child, I lived in Morocco from 1952-1959 at Nouasseur AFB near Casablanca. We often drove up to the NAS at Port Lyautey to shop at the Ships Store as they carried different merchandise than the base exchange.

I was always impressed with the manicured lawns and neat orderley layout of the station. The air bases were huge, dry, dusty installations in the desert with mainly quonset huts and dallas huts for buildings.

Ed Morris........email: morrised2006@comcast.net

POSTED: 07/23/07 @ 0910 hours

Was in Port Lyautey Oct 1943 Went back to the states in 1945 VJ DAY. Live in Tyler Texas now. 82 yrs .Drop me a line or phone #.

Ward Voit ~ e-mail: skip1925@suddenlink.net

POSTED: 07/20/07 @ 1900 hours

Just stumbled onto the PL website.

I was a boot AA right out of Great Lakes and assigned to Base Operations as the CO's (E.H. Bayers) driver from Jan 1956 until July 1956 when my billet to ATA school finally opened up.

Can't say I have great memories but I'll never forget the experience.


Bill Barham, e-mail: bill27612@yahoo.com

POSTED: 07/02/07 @ 1900 hours

Does anybody remember Continental Brasseries it was a hotel my Great Grandmother rented to the US Navy. My Grandfather Bill McKinnies who was in the Navy and now deceased married my Grandmother there on July 19, 1948. Please email me if you have any information or memories about this hotel. My email donaldmckinnies@telesourcega.com

Thanks So Much,

Donald McKinnies
TeleSource Inc.
Ph. 678.755.7384

POSTED: 06/29/07 @ 0600 hours

I arrived via MSTS at Gibraltar and flown from there to Port Lyautey in August of 1958. The temp that day was 126 degrees Fahrenheit. The plane was an old relic with no seats, just strap slings, and no a/c. There were plugs that were removable from the windows for ventilation. I was a Marine PFC right out of Imperial Beach school. We CT Marines lived in the barracks with the sailors until about a year later when we got our own barracks. Some of my buddies were: Brian Keith, Tom Murphy, Garland Walters, Aaron Boudreaux, Daryl Landry, Dan Clausen, all USMC and Ron Skarda, Chick Wynn, Jim Frey, Jerry Freibus, and a few others I can’t recall right now from USN.

Al Kraatz, e-mail: alverno2@comcast.net

POSTED: 06/28/07 @ 1045 hours

Just a note of thanks for the site of memories. I've had several old Navy buddies contact me during the last two years or so.
My name is Son Anderson (Andy) when in Sidi Yahia, and was a CW operator at the Receiver site. Speedkey operator 6-62. When I left Morocco, I went aboard the USS INTREPID CVS-11 until my four years were up. Made it all the way up to RM2. I'm a retired Telephone Co employee now. e-mail: fla@alltel.net

POSTED: 06/26/07 @ 0500 hours

Greetings. my name is Philip Fleming I was with my parents in Kenitra from Nov 66 to Nov 69. My father was the transportation Chief and was moved up to Security. His name EOC John/Irish Fleming. We lived at the Circle. Enjoyed my time there and we always seem to discuss Morocco at our family gathering here in Long Beach MS. My e-mail is Philsouda@hotmail.com. I send my best to all.

Philip J Fleming BUCS(SCW) USN Ret.

POSTED: 06/25/07 @ 1100 hours

Hi Lou,

Greetings from Mattapoisett, Mass. I am still looking for anyone from the NAF Hospital . Please contact me so I can look further on. I hope to hear from someone.

Thanks, Jim Touhey, Former V.R. 24 flight corpsman.

POSTED: 06/21/07 @ 1400 hours

My name is Ciro Farina, I was stationed in Kenitra 69-70. I worked in personnel and special services. I want to thank Lou for this site, it has got old friends back together. We have had four reunions. Here are the guys thay got together Don (Max) Smart, Lenny Leon, Pete Kalil, Eric (Pete) Pedersen and Jim (Bones) Horst. We also found Larry Franklin, James (Sonny) Foster, Terry Andress, King Smith and Al Bird. Please e-mail if you remember any of us ciro1947@comcast.net

POSTED: 06/16/07 @ 1000 hours

My name is Charlie Kimbro, I was in VP-18 from 1955 to 1957 stationed out of NAS Jacksonville, Fla. We flew P2V Neptunes. I didn't see our Squadron listed in the long list that you compiled. Our squadron was there on at least two different deployments. I was there from Sept of 1956 to to Jan of 1957. I was a radar operator on HF6 P2V for two years. Our deployment prior to Port Lyautey was Keflivik Iceland. for six months. Our squadrons mission was to keep track of Russian Submarines in the Mediteraian Sea. We flew 10 & 12 hour missions up and down the Med almost daily. My email address in case anyone was in our squadron at the time is racket@mchsi.com Thanks much for the work you put into this web site. It was interesting to see the history of the base and the pictures.


Charlie Kimbro

POSTED: 06/15/07 @ 0800 hours

Ivan Rock 1947 to 1950, Crash Boats, Post Office finance, FPO too.

e-mail: ivanrock@peoplepc.com

POSTED: 06/13/07 @ 0915 hours


My father was a U.S. Naval officer. When we were stationed in England (1953-1955), he frequently made official trips to Port Lyautey. He was technically a Communications Duty Officer and my understanding was he was installing a Navy Radio Station (perhaps VLF-very low frequency) in the area. At this very moment I am reviewing some slides he took and I THINK they are of a communications facility there.

Yours is the only email address I could find on the portlyautey.com web site, which is why I'm writing. Are you aware of any such (large) Naval communications facility there? I vaguely remember him talking about Liberia, though I'm not sure it was in relation to naval communications.

I'd be glad to forward scans of these slides to you for inspection, if only I could scan them. I would like to identify them, however. Any thoughts?

Tom Allen, tmallem@roadrunner.com
Brea, CA

Web-Editor Note! Any reader who was stationed at Bouknadel and/or SidiYahia is encouraged to contact Tom Allen with information regarding those duty stations.

POSTED: 06/11/07 @ 1530 hours

I was a Lt. Jg attached to Hedron 15 stationed at NAS Port Lyautey NAS from early 1943 to July 1944 in charge of Radar and radio maintenance. Our unit sailed from New York in early Jan. 43 in a very large convoy, landed in Casablanca and boarded a seaplane tender which took us to Port Lyautey.

When we arrived there were already two PBY-5A squadrons flying anti-submarine patrol's from the field. Later the Army Air Force sent in B-24s also flying anti-submarine patrols. Still later the Navy sent in Blimps, a PV-1 squadron and a PBY squadron flying off the river. These were equipped with magnetic detection gear and retro rockets and patrolled the straits of Gibraltar to discourage German submarines from sneaking through. Later some of the PBY-5A's were transferred and operated from a field in Agadir in Southern Morocco.

I was aware that the Navy continued operations at Port Lyautey after WW 2 but had no idea of the great extent of operations and the build up of the base until I found this web site the other day.

In April 2001 I was on a cruise ship that docked in Casablanca for a day. My wife and I hired a cab and drove up to Lyautey (Kenitra). I had no idea what to expect but imagined that the base might have been abandoned or operated as a civilian air field. When we arrived at the gate the guards appeared suspicious of us and decidedly unfriendly. I had our driver explain that I spent eighteen months there during WW 2 but to no avail. From the pictures on this web site I doubt that I would have recognized anything unless the old hanger or water tower are still there.

Great web site.

Sam Caldwell

POSTED: 06/11/07 @ 1130 hours

Great website! My grandfather (Seward Harris) served at Lyautey and lived there with my grandmother (Shirley Harris) during the 1950s. My mother (Joyce Harris) was born on the base in 1957. I would love to know if anyone has information on the base during the time they were there (it would be great if anyone actually remembered them!). My grandfather passed away in 1993 but my grandmother is still alive and talks about her time there fondly.

Ryan A. Thompson

e-mail: rythompson@deloitte.com

POSTED: 05/29/07 @ 0830 hours


PAUL CHANDLER, e-mail: pandfc@bellsouth.net

POSTED: 05/16/07 @ 1620 hours

Hello. I wanted to let you know that I have a new e-mail address as you can see. The previous one was stolen which is just what I did not need. I was stationed in Kenitra from Jan. 1976 to Jan. 1978. I was a hospital corpsmen at the Naval Hospital and worked the front desk first then became head corpsmen on the ward. My husband Joe had been stationed there from 1973 until 1976 and was a storekeeper at the warehouse on base. We were married in August of 1976 and Joe had been discharged from the Navy that April and came back overseas with me. We had a white dog named Chooch while we were there. If anyone knows Mike Ewing or Brian{can't remember his last name, wife was Margaret} who were there also. If possible please delete my previous message with the old address. Thanks so much.

Sandy Lynch......ssljfl@hotmail.com

POSTED: 05/14/07 @ 1730 hours

Hello...Nice to see a memento of the old NAS...

Newly-married in June of 1959, two weeks after tying the knot with my bride, a Canadian young lady whom I met at NAS Argentia, we arrived at NAS Port Lyautey, where I was a part of the staff at FICEUR from July, 1959 till we left to return to the States in September, 1962, with our infant son, who was born at the base hospital the previous year, and who is now, by the way, a Captain in theNavy Medical Corps and head of the Anesthesia Department at the Naval Hospital in San Diego.

We were unable to get base housing, so lived in a third-floor apartment at # 39, Rue Albert 1st, just across the square from the city hall, and I commuted daily into the base from town. We employed a "fatima", who looked after our son and did the heavy chores around the apartment, and who became "part of the family", and whom we were quite sad to leave.

Memories include: the burgers and soda pop at the "Oasis" ... the marketplace downtown in the city center, and the "Boucherie Francaise, and the French bakery next door, and the hardware store where we used to buy the bottles of "Butagaz".

Also, the Memorial Day Parade and festivities on the base...the outdoor movie theatre...the PX, from which we bought our refigerator and gas stove...and the ever-present struggles with "flous" and its paper nickels and quarters, and the "dirhams" off base.

Of course, there were the side trips to Marrakech and Tangier and booze-runs for 100-proof dark rum available only at the Sidi Slimane Air Force Base...the hot winds of the "chergui"...dining at "La Feniere", and at the "Auberege Savoyard" at Sidi Bouknadel ...trying to find Rick's Cafe Americaine in Casablanca...and the "Black Knights", the Moroccan state police on their motorcycles near and around Rabat.

In the years since then, I was in the broadcasting business (commercial writing for radio and tv); the musical jingle business as a salesman; a "time-salesman" for a radio station in Vancouver, British Columbia; spent a decade as a broker with Merrill Lynch; and did some consulting work in advertising and marketing before finally hanging up my spurs, so to speak, in 1992.

I have 2 married daughters and my son is married, as well. My wife, sadly, passed away in 2003. I still correspond with other veterans of "FIC", and among my souvenirs are a wooden camel, now headless, a camel saddle, and a leather cushion, and boxes and boxes of faded color slides showing scenes of my tour of duty in Port Lyautey all those years ago.


Nat Shapira, LT. (USNR)- Ret......e-mail: sarastro@uniserve.com

POSTED: 05/14/07 @ 0530 hours

Hi Lou,

Thank you for having installed this web site.this will allow me to get in touch with old friends and fellows with a very great pleasure. My name is Mustafa Kouch and I was housing manager at NCS Sidi Yahia and RTF Bouknadel from 1967 to 1977. I would be pleased to hear from any one who knew me.

Again thank you Lou very very much.

my e-mail address is: mk-steve@hotmail.com

POSTED: 05/03/07 @ 0730 hours

Hi, my name is Sharon Sugimoto formerly known as Sharon Cumm . My father was Lcdr. H J Cumm. I lived in Sidi Yahia and Bouknadel. Just wanted to say hello to any one who was there from 1957 to 1964. Aloha!

e-mail: surfhonu@aol.com

POSTED: 04/29/07 @ 1110 hours

My father was stationed in Port Lyautey from 1959-1962. I was born at there in 1960. He was also in Sidi Yahia from 56-59. His name is Joe Salamone and my mother was Josephine. He was a cook. He also was the assistant Little League Coach. His good friends were Sally and Don Atwell. We lived on Moulay Hassan.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers them. This is a wonderful website.

Dawn Salamone dberes1@verizon.net

POSTED: 04/23/07 @ 0810 hours


I was working on my family history, looking for military sites, and came across this website. My father was stationed at Sidi Slimane 1959 – 1961. My younger brother was born there (or at least at the naval station). I remember going to school in PL. We found a place to live in Kenitra and eventually moved into base housing at Sidi S. We chased beetles thru the sand dunes and played tricks on our parents with chameleons! I rode a camel, an elephant and a donkey; my favorite memory is visiting Happy Valley and if anyone out there has any pictures, or knows where to get some, please let me know. My mother cleaned house once and got rid of all that stuff (that was before I got into genealogy!). Everytime I watch the movie “South Pacific”, I remember the quonset hut movie theater where I first saw the movie. Thank you for this site and hopefully, I will hear from one or two of you out there!

Cynthia Yingling-Hall (cynthia.yingling-hall@charter.net)

POSTED: 04/22/07 @ 1800 hours

What a wonderful treat to find this web site! My father, "Dutch" (Hubert) TenEyck, was a Naval aviator stationed at Port Lyautey around 1954 or '55 to 1956. We have many interesting home movies and photographs from that time, and the photos on the web site reminded me of them. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers my father, or my mother Barbara.

Thank you so much for this web site, and for all your wonderful postings.

Susan Lee Lyford

POSTED: 04/22/07 @ 1800 hours

Good Morning

My name is Don Robinson and I am sending this message directly to you because I tried to send to the Port Lyautey web site as instructed and for some reason it didn't work, so here I am. I was in the Navy for six Years, 1943-1949 and stationed at Port Lyautey NAS from about June 1945 until about March 1946. While there I participated in the construction and operation of a transmitter and receiver communications facility. I left there on emergency leave due to the death of my father. Since then I have had no contact with any of of the people I worked with. It didn't occur to me to look for a Port Lyautey web site until a friend told me he had looked for a Guadalcanal site and contacted people who were there during WWII. I hope you can post this message and maybe I can contact some old friends.

Don Robinson, ET2C.......E-Mail: donglor@comcast.net

POSTED: 04/21/07 @ 1000 hours


My brother, Harold Barrett, doesn't type so I'm doing this for him. Harold was in the Naval Air Force and shipped over from Natal, Brazil to Port Lyautey at the end of '43 or '44...can't remember exactly. He was a turret gunner in VB127. He came back to the states and went to school in Millington and after time in Florida, went back to Port Lyautey in VR24 from '48 to '50 back and forth to London as AMM lst class. His plane flew the mail around the mediterranian. He also flew in the Berlin Airlift. In VR24 one of his radiomen was named Brown and his pilot was Lt. Pappas. He came back to the states in '50 and got out to work in National Airlines in Miami...then went into the USAF reserves and to Korea. He later became an owner operator in citrus trucking in Florida.

Pete Owens asked where he'd been all these years when VR24 was having reunions...well he was all over the country trucking and sometimes he'd stop in a town and call a buddy...they eventually started dying. Now most of his trucking buddies are doing the same. Harold is 82 years old.He is treated at the VA hospital in West Palm Beach for chronic leukemia, anemia, diabetes and obstuctive uropothy. It's hard to plan in advance but if he can, he'd like to attend the reunion in Pensacola in Nov.

He has so much time on his hands now to think about the old days and he can't seem to find many Vets who where on flying status like he was, so I found the VR24 website.

We've contacted a TC Stevens in our town and they may get together one of these days. Your website is interesting and I've copied some of the pages for Harold to read.

Personal Info. Harold Barrett, 1455 90th Ave. Lot 111, Vero Beach, FL 32966...he lives with me and I am his "attendant" according to the VA so I am involved in everything he does.

I also am a URW of a retired Air Force M/Sgt and lived in Casablanca '53 to '55 while my husband was at Nouasseur Air Base.

If you'd care to send any other info, he'd love to have it. thanks... Ceil

Bye, Enjoy Life...Ceil.........e-mail: ceilvero@msn.com

POSTED: 04/16/07 @ 1730 hours

Great site. Brings back lots of wonderful memories.

My wife and I lived in Kenitra and I worked at the communications station at Sidi Yahia. I arrived in Morocco in December 1963 as a CTOSN and left in November 1965, having just pasted test for CTO2. We really enjoyed living there and almost made the Navy a career. Our daughter was born at the NAF hospital in August, 1965. She named her daughter “Kenitra”!

In 2006 I retired after 40+ years with Bridgestone/Firestone.

Would love to hear from any old friends.

Jean and Ken Whitehead


POSTED: 04/05/07 @ 1000 hours

I served in Kenitra at the Admin Building from August 1972 to December 1974 as a PN2. I retired as a PNCM. Bet no one that was there during that time would believe I would stay or make it as far as I have. Morocco was the best duty station that I had during my career and I return there every few years. Wish I could bring back the old times.

Ron Roberts, e-mail: rroberts94@cox.net

POSTED: 04/02/07 @ 1900 hours

I too remember my service number (4169581). Name of Strong, William J. ET3 watch chief, transmitters from Sept/Oct 52 to Dec 53. My wife Doris joined me Mar 53. We lived in the Hotel Ville Haute and had a ball visiting all the service locations + Rabat, Casa, Mcnez, Fez, Marrakesh(?), the Valley Heureuz(?) and a lot of other places I can't remember.

We saw a lot of the Med: two weeks in Spain and the wife, with other wives, took a month long trip around the Med with the Marshall Plan service ship.

Our e-mail address is WJDRSTRONG@AOL.COM and would like to converse with anyone who was there with us.

Doris & Bill Strong

POSTED: 03/26/07 @ 1440 hours

My name is Errol Wentzell and I was a CTM3 stationed at NCS Sidi Yahia from July64 to July65. Was not there all that long as I was gone for 6 months temporary duty on the USS Forrestal in the med. Remember the good times at the Riff bar and the Fleet Reserve Club. Still have a few pictures from the roving photographer, I think his name was Zitsow. Contact me at EMW@CTEL.NET.

POSTED: 03/25/07 @ 1500 hours

Hi Lou

I posted on here I believe 3 years ago but thought I'd do an update in case a former shipmate looking in doesnt go back that far..I was stationed first in the message center as a section leader at and later as a supervisor in CAMS during the period 10/65 to 11/68 as an RM!.....I returned in 7/73 as RMC and briefly stood CWO watches at Sidi Yahia before being transferred to Bouknadel as Transmitter Deck Chief. I served in that capacity until retirement in 9/75 except for a brief period after RMCS Barker (whom I would love to hear from if he sees this) was transferred to Norva I took his billet of Operations Chief....I'd really like to hear from any of the officers and men I was stationed with there and played softball with during the 73-75 tour....The ol Section 1 team shudda been champs in 75....We did inflict mortal hurting on the Marines in the layoffs. Guess thats it for now....Thanks for the great website...

Edward G "Sonny" Rogers RMC Ret
59 Fireoak Ln
Rustburg, VA 24588

e-mail: anna1sonny1@verizon.net

POSTED: 03/20/07 @ 0630 hours

Occasionally I search various websites seeking material on or about Morocco as well as the Navy in or about Morocco.I happened upon your site and read it from cover to cover with great interest. I also enjoyed another site that contained pictures and various tidbits.

This is quite a coincidence – I was a former resident of Norton living on Cobb St between Reservoir and North Washington. Anyhow – I was stationed in Sidi Yahia from 1958 to 1960 as a RM3 working the communications building. I did TTY; CW shore to ship; GYZ and GFG as well as the Comsixflt net. I initially started out in Watch Section Bravo and later changed to Delta so that I could play football.

Some of my best friends – Joseph Gregurich, Brooklyn NY; Charles Campbell, Conn; Leo Devos, NY, just to name a few. All were RM’s. I remember running the Fleet Submarine CW Bcst and at times having to use a speed key when the Boehme Keyer acted up.

If you have a notification set up of upcoming reunions, would it be possible to pass them along to my Email address – CHAHJ2@BELLSOUTH.NET .

Thank you in advance for your efforts to keep these memories alive – Charlie Jordan, (Now living in – Port St. Lucie, FL 34986)

POSTED: 03/12/07 @ 1830 hours

My father was stationed at the Air base in Sale from 1957-1959. Subsequently I was born at the naval facility hospital on 1/11/1958 because the Air base did not have the facilities. I was very surprised to see a website for the base that was closed in 1973. Keep up the good work!!

Michael Denny


POSTED: 03/09/07 @ 1800 hours

Was there from 58 to 60, it was something else, Would like to return someday for a visit, I remember Kenitra Well, Mom's nightclub ect.!

Jim Horner bigjimsr@verizon.net

POSTED: 03/04/07 @ 1230 hours

What a great site. I was a Navy Disbursing Clerk assigned to the Admin Bldg at Kenitra between 1969 - 1970. I have fond memories of my two years I spent on the base, the EM Club, the 9 hole golf course on the base, and all of the friends I made there. I can still remember CDR Quamme piloting the station Mail plane to Rota daily and what a wonderful golfer he was.

Our office in Kenitra handled the payroll for all three bases at that time for all Navy and Marine Corp personnel. I can still remember DK Senior Chief Leggett. What a great boss he was. I loved Morroco and the people were wonderful. Thanks for the website....Virgil Kramer e-mail: vk440@cox.net

POSTED: 03/03/07 @ 2000 hours

I was a corpsman at the Kenitra base hospital from July,1970 till May,1971. I worked the ob-gyn ward and assisted the doctors and nurses in delivering babies. I maintained the delivery room and helped the nurses with patient care. One of my biggest thrills was delivering 2 babies in the labor room while an inexperienced frantic nurse searched the hospital for the doctor. I served in Aleutian Islands, San Diego, and Honolulu after Morocco. All were unique in there on way, but Morocco was the greatest experience and most rewarding of my military duty. Hope to hear from former mates. Mike Andrews Darlington,S. C. e-mail mader321@aol.com was a corpsman at the Kenitra base hospital from July,1970 till May,1971. I worked the ob-gyn ward and assisted the doctors and nurses in delivering babies. I maintained the delivery room and helped the nurses with patient care. One of my biggest thrills was delivering 2 babies in the labor room while an inexperienced frantic nurse searched the hospital for the doctor. I served in Aleutian Islands, San Diego, and Honolulu after Morocco. All were unique in there on way, but Morocco was the greatest experience and most rewarding of my military duty. Hope to hear from former mates. Mike Andrews Darlington,S. C. e-mail mader321@aol.com

POSTED: 02/27/07 @ 2100 hours

I was a YN3/YN2 stationed for nearly 4 years with FAIAU attached to FICELM. I was the only enlisted man assigned to the squadron. Mission was to deliver intelligence documents to the Sixth Fleet after each turn over. I arrived with my family in Apr 1957 and departed Dec 1961. We lived at Mehdia Beach for over two years before being eligible for base housing. I was Secretary/Treasurer of the FRA which had a Club in town. We ate and drank there, and gambled on the slot machines. We were constantly harrassed by the local police to close down because they hated the fact we served booze. We donated quonset huts to the local schools and librarys to pacify them. I got into trouble with them once and was told to be out of the country in 24 hours. I gave the local governer an used refrigerator and stayed around for 3 more years. (He wanted a new one, but blackmarket was a no no.) We traveled in a VW all over the countryside, and drove down the beaches on a motor scooter to visit the beached landing craft left over from the invasion. We loved Morocco and had the best time you could ever imagine. Ted Vaughen, Marengo, Ohio tvaughen@columbus.rr.com

POSTED: 02/23/07 @ 1645 hours

Hi Lou,

I was stationed at Port Lyautey and served as the Base Photographer from Sept. 1947 to April 1948. I would like to contact any one serving at that time that might remember me. I would also like to find information about the Base Photographer I replaced. I am not certain of the spelling of his first name…as I recall it was something like Azur – I think we may have called him Zeke…last name of Currie. Interestingly, if my memory hasn’t failed me, is that he was born or at least lived on the Canary Island and joined the Navy at Port Lyautey to gain US citizenship. I would like to learn how his life turned out after he left Port Lyautey. My favorite picture assignment was the January 1, 1948 ceremony of the USA returning the Base back to the French. It was a very historic moment that has, it seems, lost its place in history.

Jerry Zimmerman, West Allis, WI e-mail jerdadzim@cs.com

POSTED: 02/20/07 @ 1800 hours

I was an RM1 at NCS Morocco from 5/66 - 5/68. Worked in Circuit Control as a RM2319. Lived in Sidi (rented) from Alami Belcacm until moving on base. Retired as RMCM Command Master Chief in 5/79.
Gordon Burns
156 Blueberry Lane
Statesville, NC. 28677

Thought I'd try to sign in??

POSTED: 02/15/07 @ 0800 hours

My father was transferred from Hahn AFB to Sidi in May 1955 & we lived in Port Lyautey for about a year while the base housing was being completed at Sidi. We left for Nellis in June 1957. Of all the ironies, my daughter's father in law was MSgt Pete Gunn who spent a couple of tours in Morocco in the mid-50's. Pete died about 2 months ago. One of my life goals is to go back to visit the country that was a delight to a young teen. The only thing I don't miss is the manual hair clippers!

Bob Allen
Columbia, SC

e-mail: allen9431@bellsouth.net

POSTED: 02/14/07 @ 1830 hours

My name is Pat La Fleur and we were stationed in P.L. from 1954-1956. My Dad (now deceased) was the VR-24 Terminal Officer. I was in high school at the time and we got here when I was 16 and left when I was 18. I was a volunteer at the Red Cross Center in town, worked at the Exchange during the summer and was on the Saturday radio program called "Teen Timers." Would like to hear from anyone who was there during that time and who remembers me or my Dad. I now live in California but I am originally from Pensacola, FL.
My e-mail address is pjjones290@aol.com.

POSTED: 02/12/07 @ 1925 hours


We were stationed there also at Sidi... I was a dependent wife of a Seabee. Enjoyed the tour very much and I'm still in touch with some good friends that we met there.

I would love to get the recipe for brochetts with their sauce.

We lived at the Mamora Hotel in Kenitra from Labor Day untill Dec. Then moved to the half Quonset Huts... Then the Flat Top's on the other side of the base.

Thank you for your site and good memories.. I was a former Seabee wife.

e-mail: tothfaree@yahoo.com

POSTED: 02/03/07 @ 0915 hours

My Name is William Piazza.I was a TE3/c stationed at Sidi Yahia in 1954........If anybody out there remembers me or served there at the same time please contact me.,Some real good times at the Spider Club in Port Lyautey and the VCS in Rabat.......


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Hello, my name is Edward Kahne and after completing Navy Class"A" ET school at Great Lakes, Ill., I was shipped to Morocco and stationed at the Bouknadel Transmitter base. I arrived with a rating of Seaman, ET striker, and left eighteen months later as an ET3. I was stationed there from the Spring of '56 until the fall of '57. Memories are beginning to fade but I can recall the transmitter building located about a half mile walk from the main barracks and the two eight hundred foot tall low freq. antennae and the many other smaller antennae situated around the building.

There was a long lonely road leading to the main gate at the base, located in the middle of a large cork forest and the base was surrounded by a cyclone metal fence with barbed wire at the top. This didn't discourage thieves though, since on two different occasions, Arabs cut a hole in the fence, entered the barracks and emptied the pockets of our dungarees while we slept.
There were also the trips to "Happy Valley", and "Volubilis" and Tangiers in the VW minibus. I can't forget the many trips to NAS for softball games in the back of the Navy pickup truck or down the dirt road to the beach. The personnel at the base consisted of Navy, Marines and Seabees. The duty was great at Bouk.---- Wednesday night steak cookouts on the patio behind the barracks, picnics and games with the spouses and children and nightly campfires in the woods with the base Commander, the billiard tables and outdoor movies at the basketball court and the quaint little mess hall. Never did use the tennis courts, though. Many hours were spent in the ham radio shack and photo lab. I wonder what happened to George Provencal ET2, Jim Brittle (Seabee from Chicago), and many of the other ET's and RM's I associated with? By the way, thanks Chief Gubbins for the Shore Patrol duty you assigned me on the Fourth of July, '57 in downtown Port Lyautey. I almost didn't survive!

This website has refreshed many fond memories. I will continue to return to it.

After completing my duty at Bouknadel, I was sent to Class "C" school at Great Lakes for UHF studies and then on to duty aboard the USS Krishna at Little Creek, Va. I was discharged from the Navy in June 1959 and attended the Univ. of Wis. and received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. Am now retired in Venice, Florida.


POSTED: 02/02/07 @ 0745 hours By the WebEditor

Jeri Yazi has passed on the sad news that on the 31st of January 2007, we lost another old Port Lyautey "hand". We are all saddened by Father Keiffers death. It was a sudden thing. He was base chaplain in the mid 1960's and had been living in Vista, Ca. outside of San Diego. He was very well known around San Diego and will be missed. Jeri noted that he was such a big part of our family and added that anyone can write me at jeriyaz@aol.com and she will pass the messages on.

POSTED: 01/31/07 @ 1140 hours

Name is Bob Groer MN3. Served 27 months 58, 59 & 60 at the Navy Ordinance Facility. Enjoyed your web site. Brought back many fond memories. Would love to hear from folks that were stationed at NOF.

POSTED: 01/26/07 @ 0800 hours

I'm French and I was born in Port Lyautey. I studied at the French High School, near the American Red Cross Center. I would like to have news of Gary Montalbin who come very often to visit us at the tobacco factory in Kenitra. I 'll never forget " this is WNEA KENITRA PORT LYAUTEY "
Thanks a lot if you could help me.

Eric Theodose ~ eric.theodose@neuf.fr

POSTED: 01/25/07 @ 2225 hours

Dear Lou:

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this website. I was stationed at the Fleet Weather Central from 1954 through 1956. During that time I was introduced to the game of golf at the base course (oiled, sand greens and all). it was at the golf club that I met and was befriended by a young man in his late teens who was, as I recall, the Head Caddy at the golf club. He was known as "Ben Ali." He helped me immensely by getting a car (1939 vintage) and drove me to the Casablanca airport to pick up my wife who joined me in December, 1954. Following a comedy of errors which included a side-trip to Nouasseur Airport we finally arrived back in Port Lyautey in the wee hours of the morning. Ben Ali stayed with the car, which had run out of gas, midway between Rabat and Port Lyautey while my wife and I got another ride into town. Ben Ali knocked at our door in the pre-dawn hours holding two electric heaters he had brought from his own home.

We were then and still are grateful to him for his kindness. We were able to help him with ordering some clothes for his siblings, who I believe he was raising, from Sears Roebuck through the catalogue. I suppose that it was illegal to do so but it was a genuine gesture of thanks from my wife Gail and I.

If anyone knows the whereabouts or the fate of the man I'm describing I would be grateful to learn any news. I can be reached at Gateray@aol.com Sincerely, Ray Boylan

POSTED: 01/24/07 @ 0600 hours

Hi Lou, I was in the U.S.A.F. and stationed at Sidi Slimane, with a short time at Nouasseur. That was 1955. I don't remember the name of my unit, but I was in Photo Recon. My email is rjhill@cascadeaccess.com

POSTED: 01/22/07 @ 0625 hours

I served with the U.S.Navy at Port Lyautey 1953-54. I was a firefighter with the crash crew and I also played steel guitar in a band with three seabees and we worked the E.M Club in town. After sea duty on a carrier this was like heaven for me. A great station and really ships company.

Willis E. Vanderberg ( Van ) AN USN

E-mail is bvandy@verizon.net

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I have just earned that Carl Yazi, the NAS Port Lyautey Base Industrial Relations Officer for Civilian Personnel between 1965 and 1968, passed away on January 11, 2007.

Those readers who may remember Carl and his wife Jeri, may contact Jeri at Jeriyaz@aol.com

POSTED: 01/07/07 @ 2130 hours

Lou...Thanks Much For This Site...

My Name is Hubert Schnotala (AKA/Tom Snow) My rank was RM3 at that time, I servved in Morocco in 1951, 2 and 3 on the base in a quonset hut and worked at the receiver site for the Radio Photo Unit #8.

We transmitted and received weather maps from DC, Guam etc. I read almost all of the msgs on line and it is so nice to hear
from so many people. I'm looking for anyone that served in RPU#8.

In all the pictures so far I have not seen one of the water tower! I do remember Mama DeSarios bar in town, and the El Morocco Club In town, that stood For Enlisted Men. Some of the men I'm looking for are as old as myself (75), Robert E. Morris, Charles Jackson (son Jimmy, daughter Joy) Bill Burchell, Wallace Smith and anyone that was attached to that unit.

I also served on the USS LEYTE CVS32 the later part of 53.

Thanks again Lou...My email is hsnow70@peoplepc.com