POSTED: 12/31/03 0640 hours

You just never know what will turn up on the Internet. Typed in the words Bouknadel Morocco and up comes this web site. Most of the information on Bouknadel was from the period I worked there. My job was to help maintain the High Powered Radio Transmitters at USNRS T. Left Morocco as ETN2 in December of 70. I have a ton of slides of the area and also some black and white group pictures like the one posted of the Radio Men on the front steps of the Transmitter Building. The ET who was mentioned as helping someone cllimb an antenna had a last name of David Hartman. The old blue Fairlaine Ford shown in one of the pictures on the Bouknadel website belonged to a guy named Golden RM2 as I remember. Hard to believe it was 34 years ago.

David Paganelli, e-mail ppaganelli@aol.com

POSTED: 12/27/03 0400 hours

Hello Lou,

This is a great site and brings back many memories of good old "Du Maroc!"

My name is Robert Schrader ("Shadrack" to the group I worked with) and I served in Port Lyautey from July 1951 - September 1953. I arrived as an ETSN and was assigned to the Electronics Maintenance Unit (EMU) which
was a division of the Naval Communications Facility.

EMU provided several functions for the base as well as providing assistance when needed to the Sixth Fleet and other naval outfits around the area, all the way to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. EMU provided maintenance and repair for the communications center on the base (i.e., teletype machine repair, electronic equipment repair, etc) plus any other service we could perform.
Our building was located on the road below the golf course, a short way down from where the transportation depot was located and across from where the F9Fs and other aircraft were parked. We also maintained about 21 vehicles (trucks, trailers, etc.) on site which contained three (3) complete portable communications stations which could be set up anywhere on the continent in case our normal facilities came under attack.

My first responsibility was maintenance of the fire crew, crash crew and shore patrol mobile communications equipment. Later on, this equipment was all replaced and maintenance take over by the Naval Air Facility (NAF)personnel. I also worked in the antenna fields at the original radio receivers station on thee base repairing the rhombic antennas.

We lived in Quonset huts when we first arrived on the base - ours was behind the mess hall area. Later, we moved to the new barracks built by Steers-Grove Construction.

Some of my later responsibilities involved working with an engineer from Naval Research Laboratory, setting up temporary communication links between the old water tower (yes, Kilroy had made it up there too) and the new transmitter and
receiver sites being built at Bouknadel and Sidi Yahia, respectively. With these links, we were able to set up the first micro-wave links between the communications center on the base and the new sites.

I enjoyed my tour of duty there - made several trips to Fez, Moulay-Idriss, Meknes, Tangiers, Ceuta (Spain). I also had some temporary assignments in Italy and managed to take a nice 21-day leave to Italy, Austria and Germany (caught
hops on P2V patrol bombers when I could).

I left there as an ET3 and was assigned to an LST (#601) stationed at Little Creek, VA for seven months - discharged May 18, 1954. I have always wished I would have finished my enlistment at Port Lyautey; I might have reenlisted for another hitch.

Best Wishes - Bob Schrader - res@freeway.net

POSTED: 12/09/03 2320 hours

Lived down the hill from the back gate and attended Thomas Mack Wilhotte HS on the base in about 1956 prior to moving to base housing at Sidi Slimane. One of the best places we ever lived.

Dick Audiss

e-mail: dickaudiss@socket.net

POSTED: 12/02/03 1420 hours

My name is Andy Feher and I was stationed Port Lyautey 1961-1963. Worked at the NAS admin section until they transferred me to the base police. Played fast-pitch softball for the base team and basketball for both the base and the motorpool. Trying to find a Larry West (Florida), Bill Holmes (Texas) and Norman Graham (Georgia). Remember going to the fleet reserve club every weekend or up to Rabat to the air force club. Some good memories of Lyautey. Used to be a restaurant (?) that served the best scrambled egg sub you could find after 1:00am, anybody remember it?


POSTED: 11/22/03 0240 hours

If it were not for this site I would have never been able to contact Frank Palmere, who I met in Kenitra (NTC) back in 1975-76. THANKS !

I did offer a reward for information that would put me in direct contact with Frank and am looking for the person who gave me the information.

Peg, if you happen to read this get in touch with me. I do not have your E-mail Addy, nor any information to contact you. I only hope that you continue to read the post here and will see this. HCMB forever!!!!

David, e-mail: theharryhaller@yahoo.com

POSTED: 11/06/03 0540 hours

My name is Art Cornett. Was assigned to ComUnit 32G in Port Lyautey from Oct '52 to Oct '55. Our shop was on the roof of of the big hangar across the ramp from the VR-24 terminal.I was AT3 and AT2. Served with a great group and would like to hear from any or all of them again. At least 4 of us remained in the Navy, At least 2 went into civilian life and became doctors, One is a Vet, and the other a PHD in Education.

My wife joined me there and our first child was born there. Actually, she was born at Nouasseur AFB near Casablance. Port lyautey had no hospital at the time, only a clinic. It was a fun ride for my wife and me when time for delivery arrived. 90 miles over mostly one lane, pot-holed roads in a base ambulance, with a very nervous HM3 in attendance! We arrrived at Nouasseur at 4 AM on Feb 14th, 1954.

We were the ECM Operators in the P4M aircraft which was flown by the Patrol Unit. Sometime in '54 we became VW-2 Det.Able, much to the surprise of the real VW2 which was back in Patuxent River, Md. No one ever admitted that our mission involved reconaissance. Later, of course the unit became VQ2 in Rota, Spain.

I have crossed paths with a few or my old shipmates, but we are getting fewer, and hard to find. At least three from our original 20 or so, are now deceased. I served 26 years, retired in 1977 with the rank of LCDR (LDO)
Should any of my friends care to find me my e-mail is : arthur32@alltel.net

POSTED: 11/08/03 1140 hours

Hi Lou,

World Famous Steve Shafer here. Checked into the Naval Weather Service Environmental Service Detachment Kenitra Morocco June 1974 left June 1977, as a First Class Aerographers Mate (wether guesser). My first forecast was raining mud and believe it or not it did happen.

We, Sylvia(wife), Steven(son), and Selena(daughter) enjoyed Morocco very much. I even got a chance to be in a movie with about 60 other guys from Kenitra (March or Die). Many movie stars Gene Hackman was one of them. I enjoyed being on the AFRS radio (thats where the world famous came from). The country and people were beautiful and hope to return someday.

I retired from the Navy 1 Jan 1982 and NWSED Kenitra was the best part of my 22 years. We plan on going to the reunion in April 2004. I've kept in contact with a few of the folks from there and would like to be in contact with others that may remember me and my family. E-mail shshaferjr@juno.com. We still make couscous, chicken tagine, beef brochettes and romidon soup. The food there was great. See you in Reno. I retired from the Post Office 30 September 2003 so we can make it to the reunions. Social Security starts this month I'm one of them triple dippers.

Steve Shafer

POSTED: 11/05/03 2200 hours

I was stationed in Morocco from May 1972 - August 1977...five plus of the best years of my life. The times I had there and the friends I've made have lasted a lifetime. I was a radioman for the first two years, but spent more time as Base and Embassy tour director, first at Sidi Yahia, then as Special Services officer at Sidi Bouknadel. I was blessed with the ability to travel almost anywhere I wanted in the country as long as I agreed to lead a tour of other base personnel where ever I went.

I lived in Kenitra, kept a horse on NTC and used to ride to Mehdia and gallop through the waves, buy donuts, and enjoy the sunbathers. Had my car worked on by Bye Bye Larson...Moroccan dirt floor mechanic who could talk the oil off any crankshaft!

It was an amazing place and from the looks of the other comments, mine was not a unique experience. I hope to get back there someday, just to smell the smells and see the sights....they can't have changed that much!

Salaam alikum,
Todd Laudeman

e-mail: todd.laudeman@trx.com

POSTED: 11/02/03 1500 hours

Excellent web site. It brings back a lot of memories. I served as an ET3 with Naval Communications Facility, Port Lyautey, from January '50 through August '51. The on-base facility is not included in the history, but it was one of six major relay stations in the Naval Communications System, with the call letters NHY. We had a receiver site down by the river at the end of the runway, and a large antenna field and transmitter site out in the boonies on the other side of the base. In addition to message service, we provided weather data and fleet broadcast service for the Mediterranean area. Lots of changes in the technology since those days of MOD 60 teletype, and CW air-to-ground radio circuits.

Art Buck - e:mail: abucke@pacbell.net
San Diego,CA

POSTED: 10/28/03 0200 hours

Hello Lou,

It is great to review the Guest Book and see comments from so many people who enjoyed their tour of duty in Port Lyautey. You have really done a tremendous service with this Website.

I served in Port Lyautey in 1958-1959 - was a non-designated airman - did a tour of mess cook duty and was then assigned to COMNAVACTS Staff Admin Office for the next 15 months where I became a YN striker. Served with some great guys - Chief Grieve (sp) was my first admin chief, he made YNCM and WO1 in 58. Then YNC Roland Lavalle, YNC W. Williams, YN1 Todd, YN2(SS) Floyd Horton Lee (my mentor - still stay in touch with Lee in Hampton, VA), YN3 Anderson, YN2 Huey Carroll, YN2 Bob Parr, YN3 Bob Zubrod (sp), YNSN Jack Trulson,(sp) YNSN Richard Morin, SN Stan Foster, PN2 Henry Nadeau (staff enlisted I remember) Capt John L. Counihan, Capt Bragg, CDR Kennedy, CDR Milner, CDR Gregg, LCDR Frank Blair, CAPT Bakarak (sp) Staff Judge Advocate and his legal secretary - Ms Miller? Does anyone remember this lady - she married an MMC while stationed there? Oh yes, must mention SGT Rodriguez, a marine cook who was the butcher while I was on mess cook duty. Others from NAS Admin/Personnel - YN1 Gatch, YN3 John Koontz. >From the galley - GMG2 Cochrane Mess Deck MAA, CS1 Cox, CS2 Willie Steele, SH3 Edwards (GeeDunk man), and fellow mess cooks CN Anthony Martin from Alaska, and CN James Meade from Maine.

After Port Lyautey I served in USS TARAWA then USS CADMUS where I decided to reenlist and make the Navy a career - served 34 years, 11 months and 29 days continuous active duty and retired 1 April 1992 in Millington, TN.

Saw in 2003 postings several notes from then young people who were in Port Lyautey as dependent children - any of you guys remember LCDR Blair's son - believe his name was Christopher - believe he went to local school in Casablanca? At one of the Port Lyautey reunions several years ago in Little Rock AR the guest speaker was a RADM who at that time was Commander Naval Recruiting Command (don't remember her name). She was dependent daughter of a CS1 stationed in Port Lyautey during 1957-1960 time frame. Her Dad introduced her as guest speaker.

Would like to hear from any of you guys who might remember me or would like to swap stories about Port Lyautey 1958-1959 time frame. David A. Gschwend, USN(Ret) - email address - dagllg@bigriver.net

POSTED: 10/26/03 2200 hours

Hi, great page. Wow it has been a long time, went to VR-24 in mid 59 and departed may 62. Sure was great duty.
Was an AM1 and made the chiefs list but did not get it until July of 62 and I was then at Brunswick, Maine.

Remember just little hints of that duty station like when living in town on Mohammed V and hearing the newspaper boy walking past with "adavasheet"( I think that is how it is spelled. I also remember "La Feniers Restaurant and the snails out at Media Plage".

When we received the GV's I had a chance to go to sholl and remain with VR-24, but like a foo_! left for stateside, like I said it was great duty, that is looking back.

Thanks for the memories.

Edward Buzzard, USN Retired. e-mail: buzzard68@msn.com

POSTED: 10/16/03 1700 hours

Hi, my maiden name is Pat La Fleur and we were stationed in Port Lyautey from June 1954-Aug. 1956. My Dad was Lt. Cdr. Ernest J. La Fleur (deceased) and he was terminal officer of VR-24.

In 1955 I was Navy Relief Queen and was in the first graduating class for the new school (1956). There were 3 of us in that big graduating class and we are all here in California.

We lived one year in town and one year on the base - by the Marine barracks. Very convenient because I dated Marines. I was a volunteer at the American Red Cross in town and loved the Saturday night dances. I was also on the Saturday radio program called "Teen Timers."

I would love to hear from anyone who knew me or my parents. It is exciting to read the guest book entries. They bring back so many happy memories.

Pat La Fleur Jones
e-mail: pjjones290@aol.com

POSTED: 10/15/03 2015 hours

HOOAH! I am the son of an Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, stationed at Sidi Slimane AFB. I attended KAHS from 1960-62, before rotation back to the US of A. I have great memories of Port Lyautey and our naval hosts!

Larry - email: lsage@ci.sparks.nv.us

POSTED: 10/15/03 2015 hours

Hey there, its good to see others from this fabulous place. I was in High School (1960-61) there and my father Don Noble was stationed at Sidi Y.

Wayne Lawson


POSTED: 10/13/03 2110 hours

I was an AC2 stationed there from June 1953 to February 1955. My wife Norma and I lived in a house on the 3rd level at Mehdia Plage. When I first arrived there from PAX River Tower, the Control Tower was a small cupola located on top of one of the old WWII German Luftwaffe hangers and we shared it with the French controllers (not a happy time was had by anyone there)! The only access to the tower was a lengthy (and smelly) climb up an iron ladder to the catwalk in the top inside the hanger, then through the men's bathroom to a small opening that you had to climb through to get to the exterior stairs that led up to the control tower cupola! What an experience that was! Shortly thereafter, a new Baseops building was built that had a large, new and modern Control Tower on top. Some of my fellow AC's there included AC3 Dave Hovey and AC2 Charlie Titus. Some of the Flight Officers that I can recall were Lcdr. Gordon Walker, Lt. Jim Sakis (a short version of his long Greek name - Saklariades, I believe), Chief AP "Moose" Camp (who flew the base JD), and a Lt. "Tex" Parsons. There was another officer there whom I did not know then, but met later in Florida, a Cdr. Carl Wilgus. Then, my across the street neighbors were Colin and Norma Winters. He was an RM1 ( I believe that was his rate), stationed at Sidi Yahia. I wish I could recall more names and had some pics to contributre, but, unfortunately, time takes its toll! I'm glad to have found this website, though, as it does bring back many fond memories. My first son was made in the Hotel Rotunde and was born in Casablanca at the hospital at Nouasseur AFB! Civil war and all, we enjoyed our time there. After leaving the Navy in 1955, I spent 30 years as an F.A.A. air traffic controller, retiring in 1987 from the Honolulu Air Traffic Control Tower. My home email address is pono3006@aol.com.


Ed Clayton
Deskside Support Engineer
140 Wekiva Springs Road
Longwood, FL 32779
407-788-4189 *672-4189

POSTED: 10/04/03 1330 hours

I wasn't a member of a flight crew, but was deployed to French Morocco with the rest of the Squadron in 1954 and assigned to the station Photo Lab since I was a PH2 Photographer's Mate. We were flown to Morocco on a R7V Super Constellation that was a MATS plane with all seats facing aft. We had been there for about a month when our Squadron was called to search for a plane that was lost over the Azores -- they never found so much as a toothpick. Someone checked the bureau number of the lost plane and learned it was the same one we flew in to reach Morocco. Naturally, those planes were grounded and when we returned to Brunswick we wnt in a R5D. Our "seates" were on pipe rails with our backs against the buklhead so we could watch the sparks fly out of the engines all the way home. Unfortunately, there were prisoners on that flight so they got to occupy normal passenger seats in the center of the plane along with their guards -- I never have decided why they enjoyed comfortable seats while WE were punished to squirm on canvas covered pipes during the entire flight. As I always say, they never even ASKED my opinion. :)

Rich Straka, PH2, 433-18-62, ricketyrichard@aol.com

POSTED: 09/30/03 1800 hours



POSTED: 09/13/03 0510 hours

Hi - arrived in Morocco February 1975 - fresh out of YN "A" school and was met at the airport in Casablanca by a PN named LeBlanc. The Next day I had a short talk with Chief Warrant Officer Vincent, and was sent to RTF Bouknadel where I was the Yeoman for Commander Brenner. At Bouknadel my roommate was an RN named Peter Gough. Hung out with Jim
Patison and his wife, Pete Gough and Pete Fox - as well as a grunt named Jan Litherland. I also remember Andy and Mac who lived in a house in Kenitra. When the base closures started heating up I was moved to Sidi Yahia where I worked in the admin office, then in personnel. From Sidi Yahia I was transferred to NTC Kenitra where I worked in the personnel office until we issued the last set of orders. I extended my enlistment one month to complete the job! In September 1978 I left NTC Kenitra as a civilian. During my time in Morocco I lived in Kenitra and rented a place on the fourth level at the Beach - where we had a blast!! So many other memories - they are too numerous to mention. Still in touch with Randy Clere, Mary Patison, and Jan Litherland. If anyone knows were Pete Fox is, please contact me at osocal@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Hal Coburn, Morocco 1975 - 1978.

POSTED: 09/11/03 0500 hours

My uncle "Donald L. Schlater" flew a Lockeed PV-1 # 29921 out of Port Lyautey "Craw Field" Morocco in 1944. He was killed in a crash in that area soon after sinking a U-Boat. I would like to know if any aviation pic's are available of the Bombing Squadron VB-127.

Thanks for the help, Don Sands, e-mail: donsands@cox-internet.com

POSTED: 09/04/03 0635 hours

I was in VR24 from 58 to 60 in the crash crew then aero equip. I packed chutes with Jack Libby, has any one heard from him? Also can I have a roster?

Thanks lou,

Joe Buti

e-:mail: josebu8@aol.com

POSTED: 08/24/03 1330 hours

Dave Hooper. MB 1st Guard Co 1962-1964 Davidshooper511@msn.com.

POSTED: 08/12/03 0615 hours

I was with US Navy Patrol Squadron 21 (VP21) when we deployed from NAS Patuxent MD to the Naval Air Facility at Port Lyautey and operated from that facility from June to December of 1951.. We were the only Patrol Squadron equipped with the Martin P4M-1 Mercator which was the hottest Anti-Sub Craft of it's time, with two Pratt & Whitney Wasp Majors (4360 cuin in 28 jugs) and an Alison J33 Jet slung directly behind each recip. beneath the wing. Of course Morocco was a French Protectorate in that era and we were restricted to the European sections of most towns or places we visited which was usually the Capital city Rabat, although I did manage to get to Casablanca and Marrekesh. We also saw a good bit of Europe and Turkey on short cruises refered to as Medfams or officially Area Familiarization flights, many of which were photo recons.

It was a great and interesting part of my four year "hitch" with the Navy but I'll not belabor everyone with a bevy of 'sea stories at this limited (thank goodness) outlet.

Bill Seigo, AE1

e-mail: twoseigos@charter.net

POSTED: 08/07/03 0530 hours

Remember the Port vividly. Will never forget the first week with the disentary, the lonliness from my wife and son, the long distance from them to me (in Norfolk).

There were moments of joy,ie the tournament of golf within the squadron (VC-7) in the summer of 1952 (our planes the AJ-1), my job? Aviation Electronics tech and Radar Nav on the P2Vs. The fam. hops to Europe and the med were nice and made the time go faster. The time we flew helicopter Coral Sea to Wasp and TBM from there to Nice France and then were stranded for 2 weeks. The time one of our AJ,s was coming back from the med with landing gear troubles and the satisfaction I got when I suggested that the wheels use the aircraft radio (AJ) in the hangar on the plane-- that they were trying to duplicate the trouble so that they could effect a repair in flight. They had been relaying msgs back and forth to our operations radio. Other satisfaction was making simple radios out of head sets diodes, antennas and ground wire so that guys could listen to the base radio station, which was damn near over their head. The best tho was the trip home in the super Connie and on to Albuquer que NM to Naval Air Special Weapons . My E mail address is rgmtn@execpc.com The name George W Gardner from Wisconsin.

POSTED: 08/06/03 1530 hours


It was interesting to read everyone's e-mail. I was a little kid and my dad was the supervisor at the air terminal. His name was Chief John Hurl. My sister & I loved Port Lyautey. We lived off the base for one year and 3 years on the base. Both of us said it was the best tour of duty for our family. My mom worked at the Navy Exchange for three years. Even though I was young I remember VR24.

Kathy Hurl Beckner

POSTED: 08/05/03 1610 hours

I was stationed in Port Lyautey, Fr. Morocco at the end of 1952 and part of 1953 as a member of the "Mother Squadron" VR-24. We had the R5Ds, R4D-8s and a couple JRBs to service the fleet in the Med. In 1953, as a Seaman, I was transferred to Naples, Italy, because I could type, to catch up the mountain of paper work that had accumulated there. There was only a R4D-8 crew there, so I was the first member of VR-24 Det., other than that R4D-8 crew, stationed in Naples. The Plane Commander was LCDR Engle. Some might remember him.

Not long after I arrived, word came up from Port Lyautey that they had plans to form a detachment in Naples with a full compliment of personnel. Maintenance, Office personnel, Operations office etc. etc. A couple months later, VR-24 Det. became a reality. After a few months of operation, they sent about 7-8 TBMs and qualified pilots for Carrier Operations. I was then sent to establish an Operations Office along with LCDR "Bucky Walters, and LT. Raymond Roland. I stayed there until my transfer back to the States, Pax River-VR-1, where I completed my tour of duty in June 1956. I would like to hear from anyone that was stationed in Naples at that time. My E-Mail address is BRSMCS02@AOL.COM.

M.C. Smith ("Smitty") Still kicking at 71.

POSTED: 08/04/03 1810 hours

Labess, I was stationed at Navy 214, from august 60 to feb 62 . Worked in the fleet post office. under the supervision of Chief Otis Myles and Chief Fox. Also, other shipmates Roy Messer, Doc Holiday, Gene Heilbush, Bob Conlan and Kyle Harvey. There where others, can't remember. Port Lyautey, was quite a change from West Virginia and Key West Florida. I was really happy to get back tothe good old USA GOT DOWN AND KISS THE TARMAC. A Conex Flight had crashed in the atlantic just the week before and as far as I know all hands lost plus a lot of mail. Remember the MPC SCRIPT. I set guard on all that was shipped back to the states. Harvey Galford PC3.

e-mail: mtnstream12 yahoo.com

POSTED: 07/30/03 1200 hours


My family lived in Port Lyautey between 1955 and 1957. My father was an Aerographer Chief who also served as an interpreter. His name was Joseph "Frenchy" Doiron. Dad passed away Dec 7, 1997. Mom (Alveta) also served as
an unofficial interpreter helping out navy families with problems as they might arise. Mom is alive and well and living in Phoenix, Arizona.

I don't remember much about Morocco, being so young at the time. I do remember we lived near a French Foreign Legion outpost (fort?). I have picture postcard type memories of street scenes - camels, donkeys, local people, etc.. I have a vivid recollection of leaving Morocco by MAT. We had to wear life jackets that were as large as I was when we took off, and we also had to chew gum to clear our ears.

If anyone out there remembers mom and dad, please write. My email, is doironbt@mail.ports.navy.mil

POSTED: 07/30/03 0500 hours


(Brooklyn, NY)

e-mail: kozakd@jbb.com

POSTED: 07/24/03 1600 hours

Great site!
I am glad that there is a place such as this to gather stories, get re-acquainted, and reflect back to those
days we all remember when we were in Morocco. I am sure there are those of you that have stopped
dead in your tracks, taken a breath and said to yourself, "It smells like Morocco." I have time and
time again, only to long to be back there.

I was met by Tom Kennedy @ the Casablanca Airport, April of 1995. With wide eyes, I viewed the
countryside during the ride to Kenitra in a refurbished school bus. There were roadside stands,
camels, goats in trees, people dressed in long robes with faces covered with thin material, Markets ans
stands, lambreta, bicycles, mopeds, just to mention a few things. (s)

It was just as exciting for me on base. I played every sport there was to be played there. We traveled to
Spain to play softball against other teams that had landed for a few days. There was horseback riding,
bowling, a skeet Range for the avid hunters. Man, you could go Boar hunting if you wanted too! I took
collage classes, played Raquel ball with Marcia Jordan and "Red" Bolker. Roomed with Mike Queshon, golfed on
the King Golf Course, Ate brochettes down down amongst hindered of Moroccans that were more than happy to
have you in for a meal. I rode the Marrakesh Express, the green bus, drank tea with an Moroccan Air
force mothers house. played songs at the radio station. Played pool and pin ball. I even got 30 cent
beer out of the vending machines. Watched the Miss America Pageant and several other USO Shows held on
base. And the 96 hour passed were a thing to remember, flying into Germany just to come back and tell all
your friends that you had a MacDonald's Cheeseburger. LOL

BTW I found Frank Palmere, to bad he did not remember me. I only spent about every free week nite playing
blues harmonica with him. It has been almost 30 years and I would sure have liked to have had him listen to
my harp playing now. *g* Quite an improvement I must say. Take care all and anyone remembering a Postal
Clerk by the name of David Bartlett, played shortstop for admin give me a holler, cuz that would be me.
"Peace Be With You."

e-mail: theharryhaller@yahoo.com

POSTED: 07/24/03 0500 hours


I am looking for a marine named Tracy Thomas who was stationed in Kenitra, Morocco from (?)74-76. Can I post my request for someone who may know him to e-mail me on your web site?

Thank you,
Sandy Montanya


POSTED: 07/21/03 0500 hours

was delighted to discover this website. My father, Leonard Culjat, was stationed in Port Lyautey from 1957 to 1959; he served as comptroller and as industrial relations officer (most likely human resources today). He made many friends with French and Arab employees of the base, some of these friendships spanned over 40 years until his death in 2000. Our family enjoyed Morocco immensely and it set the foundation for my own interest in exploring different cultures particularly through the Peace Corps and through teaching ESL to refugees. My parents always let me take the "French bus" from the base into Kenitra by myself and I would explore the market, the "tout a 100 francs" store and return to the Mamora Hotel where we lived for 5 months until a quonset hut opened up on the base. When we returned to the states, my mother would make cous cous at least once a year and they had packets of it (the traditional cous cous, not the instant) shipped to the states and they would freeze it. For years, we were in touch in Jeanne Fuentes, Jeanne Mortier and Jeanine Cacace as well as Maurice Cohen who moved to Rota, Spain. I went to jr. high at Thomas Mack Wilhoite and was in touch with Anita Counihan, Anita Pitcher, and Kathy North for a few years in the 1970s. I recall fond days of horse back riding with Mr. Halter and other students, a day trip along the beach and through to a park. I was fortunate to have the chance to revisit Morocco in 1992 and Jeanne Mortier arranged a quick visit to the base where I saw the theater, the chapel, the PX and the pool--our house had been torn down but it didn't affect me as the memories are the ones I keep with me wherever I go. Whenever I swim at an outdoor pool, I think of Morocco and the pool and warm sun. I revisted the Mamora Hotel and the market where I savored the preserved lemons that we can now buy in the US. If anyone one knew me or my parents, Leonard and Marget Culjat, please feel free to contact me at cscdlc@nwfirst.com My sister Terry also made many friends. I also baby sat for many young officers and their families including the Portos and the Prathers.

Dorothy Culjat

POSTED: 07/20/03 1630 hours

My name is Rick Dorr and I was stationed at Sidi from Jan 1963 to Sept 1964. RM2 at the comm. center. A couple other guys and I got permission to live off base [we were single] and got a place just outside of Kenitra. Many parties around the pool at our house. I had a lot of good times and a group of us used to go camping up in the Atlas mountains when ever we got the chance. I believe there was a little town called Ifran the we used to go to. Camped a lot at some hotel up there and used to buy the food from the chef in the kitchen. All we had to do was stay away from their guests. The temperature was 137 the day before I left to come back to the states and I froze back here with the temperature change. Played fast pitch softball there and remember one pitcher we had name of Pappy Graham.

e-mail: navyrm@comcast.net

POSTED: 07/19/03 0400 hours

Hi, Salam, Bonjour, I would just like to thank all the servive man and woman that served in Kenitra. I was born there. I can ramember when I was 4 we had American tenant upstairs that worked in the base [rue ibn abi zaraa], they got me my first birthday cake. I cannot forget how friendly and nice they were. I was born in 1966 so that must been 1968 to 1972. I remember one of the tenants had a black dog. Thank you all and God bless. If there any any questions, please email me at waffine@yahoo.com.

Simo Ely

POSTED: 07/18/03 1445 hours

HAYES, TEL 843-766-6861, ADD; 1840 CARRIAGE LANE CHARLESTON, SC. 29407.

BEST WISHES, DAVID e-mail:dbh64@webtv.net

POSTED: 07/15/03 1730 hours

I love your site. It was a great find. I was station in Kenitra 69 - 70 and was in the Admin Department (Legal & Chaplain’s office). This was the best duty station out of the 10 years I was in the Navy. My name is Donald Smart but everyone called me Max. Some names that come to mind – LT Borman, LT Bird, Larry Franklin, Ciro Farina, Bones, Art Nappe, Joe(Cat), Susan Gleason, the Reyes’ sisters, Sonny Foster, Dick Wynn, Jay Pyle, Pete Kalia. Hey, is anyone out there that was in Kenitra during this time, would love to hear from you. We had a great party in the Post Office before I left. I have some of the photos of that party and every time I look at them it bring back great memories. My e-mail address is tylercograyscsa@academicplanet.com (home) or dsmart@gotohsm.com (work). Hope to hear from someone out there. Donald (MAX) Smart

POSTED: 07/11/03 1700 hours

Hello Lou,

I just found the web-site for Port Lyautey and brings back so many great memories. I was stationed Port Lyautey from June 1952 until February 1954. I was in supply corp, a SK3, in Navy Exchange. Looking for ship mates who served with me. CDR Louie Anderson was our 'boss'- what a wonderful man. Port Lyautey was the best duty I had in the Navy and I loved being in Morocco. I would like to hear from anyone who may remember me or associated with the Navy Exchange. Looking for Don Petty, William (Sully) Sullivan, Duffy and Touhey.

David Eld
e-mail/ deld@magicglobal.com

POSTED: 07/10/03 0745 hours

was in Morocco with my parents from 1954 to 1958. We first lived at Mediah Beach on the "4th Level" and then moved to the base where we lived in "the circle" between the golf course and the air port. Does anyone remember my dad, Don DeLashmutt? Or me, Linda DeLashmutt...I would love to hear from anyone I went to school with.(first thru 4th grade) I remember riding lessons at the stables and many other wonderful times. It was a great four years. Email at ssstarzzz@yahoo.com

POSTED: 07/09/03 0210 hours

Just a note to see if I can hear from any of my friends that served in vc-5 from 1949 thru 1955. I joined in 1949 at Moffett Field went to Norfork then Jacksonville. Served two tours in Port Lyautey. My name is Jesse B. Curtsinger
(Curt). I am now living in Arkansas--Retired. My e-mail is jbc1928@aol.com

Hope to hear from someone soon. Curt

POSTED: 07/09/03 0210 hours

Greetings to all and hope some of my old friends from Sidi Yahia read this and respond. My name is Gale "Gates" Hallock. I was stationed at NCS Morocco from March 1972 until April 1975. When I left Sidi Yahia in '75, the facility was already being phased out. I don't know how long after I left that they actually closed the base though.

I went to Morocco with 3 other graduates from my Radioman Class "A" school in Bainbridge, Maryland. They were Tim Jacobson (Ohio), Alan Singleton (Tennessee) and Terry Lenhertz (Minnesota). I may have spelled Terry's last name wrong. We were told not to wear our uniforms on our flight over, but one of us did. I think it was Alan. And the moment we stepped off the plane, a 1st Class walked up to him and told him to take off his jumper right away. And it was that way the entire time we were there. Never allowed to wear a uniform off base. And I never understood why. Unless they thought it made us targets or something. Tim, Alan and I remained in Morocco for the rest of our Navy enlistment. Terry left after 15 months and for the life of me, I can't remember where he went. Tim was married just before we left for Morocco and his new bride Bonnie came over a few months later. Both of their children (Dan and Kim) were born over there. I remember feeling so bad for Bonnie. The was pregnant the summers of 1973 and 1974 and the heat was incredable!! She must have been so unfortable.

There are so many guys from over there that I remember. But after 28 years when I look at the pictures, some of the names just don't come to me anymore. There was Mike Haynes, Skeeter, Bear, Tater Dog (Steve Taylor), Bernie Ramero, Ray Miller, CWO2 Ed Barger, Monte "Gus" Gustafason, C.R. Smith, Don Kortsehl, Tom "Hands" Adams, Jim Breem. I feel bad that I've forgotten so many names. They were all good friends.

About a year after I got to Sidi they rebuilt the barracks and just about anyone who wished, was allowed to move off base and I did. Lived in 3 different places, but the last year there lived about 2 blocks from "Jack's Bar" where the bus picked us up to go to wprl in Sidi in the morning. It was a great place. 3 bedrooms and an entire roof for parties and we took full advantage of it. After leaving Morocco and the Navy in April of '75, I kicked around the hometown for a few years thinking maybe school, but ended up going to work for General Motors Parts Warehouse in Pontiac, Michigan. I now live in Davision, Michigan, just ourside of Flint. I have almost 25 years at GM now. I married for almost 24 years now. And have a 21 year old son.

If an old friend from the glory days happens to read this, please write and let me know how you are doing. I'd love to hear from you.

Gale "Gates" Hallock (formerly RM3) e-mail: hallock82555@aol.com

POSTED: 07/06/03 1530 hours

Thanks for the great web site that I have just discovered. My name is Clifton Speed and I was stationed at Port Lyautey from mid 1951 until late 1953, attached to CBD 1521 (Construction Battalion Detachment) working out of the engineering department. This was a very memorable part of my life and I would like to hear from any of my friends from there or any others who would like to reminisce about any aspect of duty there. I have a large collection of color slides which I would be glad to share with any who are interested. My e-mail address is tralspeed@charter.net.

POSTED: 07/06/03 1315 hours

This is my second posting to the site. Had to have a change in my e-mail. Was at one time foxchief@shorenet.net, but had to change it to read as follows: foxchief1@shorenet.net, all due to so much junk mail coming in. I was posted in the scripts of 2002, so would like to hear from any one that was at Lyautey during the years of 50-53. Many memories of the best duty station of 23 years service.

John W. Fox SKC Retired

POSTED: 07/05/03 1120 hours

Hey Lou, I just stumbled on your site but like it already.I went to VR24 in Apr. '59 as as ADR2. I left in DEC.'62 as an ADR1. I flew as a PC/FLT.ENG. on our R5Ds,R4Qs and GV1Us. I went back to NTC Kenitra in Sept. '75 as an ADRC an served as Maint. Chief on our one aircraft, a C131 until Oct.'77. I later went to VR24 DET. at ROTA. where I retired on VR24's hangar deck in May '82. The only guys I know on your web site are Pete Owens and Dick Prather.

Thanks for your great site. Fred Fuentes email address: fred.fuentes@att.net

POSTED: 06/26/03 1400 hours

My name is John W. Thomas (Navy name Tommy) I was in Aviation Supply AK rating. I spent 6 months in Morocco with VC-5 in 1952. Then another 6 months with VC-9 in 1954. I would sure like to hear from others. My e-mail address is commish@wat.midco.net.

POSTED: 06/25/03 0210 hours

Good afternoon.

This is my first posting. I'm trying to put together a shadow box of my dad's Navy service. He enlisted in 1951 and was discharged in 1955. He was in the Atlantic Fleet's MCB8 and was stationed in Cuba and Port Lyautey in North Africa. Searching the web, I believe MCB8 was decomissioned. And I can't find anything on this
batallion.Was there a special patch for MCB8? Is there any written history also?


Eric Johnson

e-mail: varnivarni@aol.com

POSTED: 06/22/03 0350 hours

I was stationed at Craw Field June/November 1943 as a navigator in the 1st Sqdn, 480th AAF Antisub group. Would like to hear from any who were stationed there about that time.
James S. McCracken
Crew "K" e-mail: callipetria@earthlink.net

POSTED: 06/23/03 1845 hours

Arrived Marine Barracks,1st Guard Company, 2nd Plt. ( Mainside ) Port Lyuatey in August of 1959. Participated in the great so-called Moroccan "riot" of August 13, 1960. To those of us who participated ( all Marines ), it was a large disturbance. We were arrested and placed in the jail in the city of Kentria. The Mo's refused to feed us, so the Navy Mess hall sent us three meals a day while we were held in jail. I remember we spent about 3 or 4 days in jail before being released back to Mainside. The Moroccan Prosecutor's office filed the following charges; Assault against members of the Moroccan Police Force, Assault against members of the Moroccan Army, Assault against private Moroccan citizens, Willful destruction of Moroccan private property, and public drunkenness. Our legal officer was CDR. C. A. Gearhart. Nice guy as I recall, but sorta questioned our stories. The U.S. Government hired a lawyer named Mr. Sabas for us who understood Moroccan law. Stood trial in Rabat, we faced a Moroccan tribunal-3 judges.They ran some many witnesses up there that day, YGBSM I kept saying to myself. They point their fingers at us IDing us as the Marines who punched, kicked, and threw them through doors and widows. What a set-up deal, well...., some of them were right but not all of them. They fined us $200.00 each, released us to go home ( all of us were over our rotation date ), and indicated to us---we could never visit the country of Morocco ever again. I was 19 years old then and hell, I had no intentions of ever going back. I departed Port Lyuatey with the others May of 1962.

I would like to hear from the Marines of Barracks mainside, and those who I was in jail with there. :-))))) Guys like Stowell, Flowers, Jordan, Farina, Kovacs, Parker, Hagan, and Marines who played football for Marine Barracks under Lt.Col. Williams. Post 7 and 8 sucked. Post 9 had the duty to alert the NOF Area Marines when Duration entered the NOF Area.....the "sleeping guard." Cpl. of the Guard would say," Duration out," meaning the Officer of the Day was out checking posts....we would have to awake up and stroke post.

Chief Nation (USN )........good thing the 2nd Plt. Marines did not catch up with you....... or stood watch in the NOF Area! I know the 1st Plt. was looking also.....you skated.

Semper Fi to all.......I had one hella great time there.
Lou Famiano aka. GINZO - out of Schenectady, New York
e-mail: lfamiano@insightbb.com

POSTED: 06/12/03 2100 hours

Worked in AIR NAV O with some great guys, 1953-1955.

Joe Van Asperen e-mail: jvcoral@aol.com

POSTED: 06/12/03 0500 hours

I would like to say thank you to all those brave souls that might have served with my father while he was there. ET1 James L. "Bull" Durham served at Port Lyautey from Aug 1949 to Jan 1950. He still has pleasant memories but doesn't get around much. From his son I say thank you.
David B. Durham ddurham@bellsouth.net

POSTED: 06/08/03 2230 hours

I was stationed in Kenitra from 1969-1970.
I worked in personnel and special services.
I was looking around Navy sites and found this one and was happy to read
things about where I had been.

Char and Ciro Farina e-mail: wopnmic@webtv.net

POSTED: 06/06/03 0400 hours

I left the USS Intrepid CVA-11 the third week of July 1956 in Naples,Italy to return to the states for discharge on Aug.6. From there I flew into Port Lyautey for a stop over to catch another flight home. Little did I know I would spend two weeks there. While doing so, I pulled shore patrol duty at the out-door theater and past time away at the EM club. As the discharge date was getting near I finally got a flight to the U.S. After a hour in the air we had to turn back because of a problem with the plane.

Back to the barracks I went for a couple of more days before they said to pack my gear and get ready to board a bus to "Casablanca" to report to an AKA ship. The ship had to stop at "Lisbon" for some reason but it gave us a chance take liberty and see the sights. Two days there and we left for our trip back across the Atlantic to Norfolk Va. End of story; I got out of the Navy one week later on the 13 August instead of the 6th. None the less as much as I wanted to get home I did enjoy my time at Port Lyautey----nice memories.
Rich Howlett BT-3 rhowlett@nfdc.net

POSTED: 05/20/03 1800 hours

Great site. Found it by search engine. Was an ET2 assigned to NAS Ground Electronics Div. 1963 -1964. Took over maintenance of the AN/TRC telephone relay equipment on Radar Hill from the AF when they changed the name to NAF
Kenitra. Hung out at the Marine NCO club and worked at the EM club. Lots of good memories. Tom Sellers e-mail: Tom.Sellers@gsa.gov.

POSTED: 05/19/03 1045 hours

I was stationed here from Nov. 1966 to Jan 1968. Served in the Supply Department. Arrived straight out of Navy Boot Camp and Class A Supply School. Remember being there during the 7-day war in 1967 between Egypt and Israel and being confined to the base. I also remember the sandstorms that would come at times. After serving here I went to the Pacific Fleet and finished my enlistment aboard the USS Grasp (ARS-24) homeported in Guam, which did several deployments to Viet Nam. Glenn Lego e-mail: stockguy54@tds.net

POSTED: 05/05/03 2230 hours KENITRA FRIENDS ( Where are you ? ).

My name is BEN ( ex. Security Dpt. USNTC ).
I am looking for : WILLIE AGEE, RAY TRUESDALE, TODD JOHNSON.... and the others.
Mr. Joseph HOFFMAN : Thank you, I will send some pictures of Kenitra. Difficult to find a street map.
Mr. Gary Patrick Weil : Thanks, I sent you a message. Will keep in contact.
LOU, Million Thanks.
Benachir Akli, President
35, Rue Eloraibi Jilali,
20000 Casablanca, Morocco.
Tel : ( + 212 ) 22 261416 / 264203 / 223919 / 220354
Fax :( + 212 ) 22 260976 / 203679
E-mail : benachir@olivebranchtours.co.ma
(or) : info@olivebranchtours.co.ma
Website : www.olivebranchtours.com

POSTED: 04/27/03 2230 hours

Labess to all you clowns that were lucky enough to get stationed at Port Lyautey. I graduated college, was commissioned as Ensign, asked to have destroyer duty in Newport and got B.O.Q. Officer duty in NAS Kenitra! Close!
Remember my 2 Comm Watch duty officer buddies, Len Ruth (who clued me in to this site) and Kim Martiny. My "boss" was LCDR Al Dean. Also remember Don Wilburn, my Chief Terry, Capt Rau, CDR Gearhart, LT Chaffey, etc.
Great memories for me and my wife. Marcelle Clement.

POSTED: 04/22/03 2210 hours

This is Jesse B. (Curt) Curtsinger--I was in VC-5 from 1951 to 1956 approx, I cannot remember the exact dates. I served Two tours in Port Lyautey and helped rebuild the AJ-1 after the explosion caused by the gas tanks leaking. I really enjoyed my time in VC-5 it was exciting. I left the navy in 1958 and went to Tulsa and went to the Spartan School of aeronautics and was trained for flight engineer but never got to work in the industry because of sickness in my family. I am now retired and living in Arkansas. I would like to hear from anyone that remembers me--my e-mail is jbc1928@aol.com
Thanks--hoping to hear Curt.

POSTED: 04/22/03 1200 hours

Hello Lou,

My name is Thierry Montecatine. My dad (deceased) worked in the US naval base in Port Lyautey about 5-7 years around the mid 50's to the early 60's (I think).

He was electrician. I would really appreciate to have any comments/pictures from people who might remember him espeically a friend of his who was name was Mr Healey or Mr. Hilley (sounds like that).

My email address is thierrymontecatine@yahoo.fr

Best regards


POSTED: 04/16/03 1700 hours

WOW!!!! Finding this bulletin board is almost like being back there again in Port La Hooch. This time though, it's from an armchair and 45 some years later, rather than the 120 degree heat and desolation I remember. My name is JIM DEITSCHMAN, and I was stationed in Port Lyauty Kenitra from about September 1958 till July 60, and as the only base during my tenure of "active duty" in the U.S. Navy. Previously I had joined the Naval Reserve and was in Los Alimetos NAS for the first two years, where I went from recruit to Airman, and enjoyed playing around with the P2V Neptunes. Later I was with a Dallas Transport Squadron. When active and in Morocco, I was with the Air Terminal Operations the whole tour of 21 months, and NEVER stood an inspection, for I was recruited into Capt. Jennings band and we always played when you guys did the marching. Initially at the terminal, I was the "Dispatcher" for incoming and outgoing messages. Later and for most of the tour, I was weight and balance specialist in "Space Control". I probably could not do it now, but then I enjoyed getting a "Perfect MAC" of 24.3 on the C-118's from the states. Also remember the C119's (R4Q's), C121 Super Connies, R5D's (C54's) and others. All that exposure helped, for later, I became a pilot with ATP Single & Multiengine, SES; Commercial Helicopter, FE-TJ, A&P, CFII-ME, and taught flying for 20 years. My intent was to make a career of the Navy, but the unfavorable experiences I remember of Port Lyauty put the kabash on that. In hindsight, I should have gone right into NAVCAD as I had planned after college.

As for the tour, of duty, it was not especially enjoyable as I remember. Like most, I would not do it over again for a milliion bucks, but would not take a million bucks for the experience. I did manage to see Spain, England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy while on leaves. I also met and married my wife while on leave in England. We are coming up on 43 years together and looking forward to the big "50". Your help would be appreciated if I could find the guy that was my best man. His name is JIM FREEMAN, and while in Port Lyauty, he worked in the mail room of the terminal. He later transferred to CINCNELM (SP) on No. Audley Street in London about early 1960. He worked in the P.O. with another by the name of Jim Beard of the Seebees. Any help would be appreciated.

Being an enlisted airman peon and with the limited funds of $240.00 a month as I remember, the activities of the base and local town soon became repetitive. Rather than become an alcoholic at the EM Club, (and because of my age at the time 24, I used to slip into the Swagger Stick), I volunteered all off duty time at the local radio station WNNA, "The Radio Voice of Morocco". I had my own program 11:00 Saturday's called "It's All Jazz". With that and the "Eyeball Liberty" at the shopping mall, I survived. I currently have names, addressess and email contact for about 20 or 30 of the old crew I remember. Would like to add to my list of those who I remember and who remember me. Loneaglejim@aol.com can find me. Lets swap pictures etc. Maybe one of these days we can all get together for party. Best Wishes. Jim

POSTED: 04/03/03 1619 hours

Thanks Lou

Through your site, I paged my dearest friends and family ( Jeri Yasi ) in San Diego, Ca. My name is Benachir and my friends used to call me BEN.

I am Moroccan originally from Kenitra and I am based now in Casablanca ( I own a Travel Agency ). I worked at USNTC Security Department from 1973 to 1978. I would like to hear from all my old friends who knew me at that time. Anyone needing information or photos about Kenitra, I will be more than pleased to e-mail it.

At the end, I would like to say “ LABASS & BONJOUR “ to all Kenitra team.


Benachir Akli, President.

E-mail : benachir@olivebranchtours.co.ma

Website : www.olivebranchtours.com

POSTED: 04/03/03 0610 hours

Thanks for a great way to remember the past and hopefully get in touch with some old buddies. I was stationed at Sidi Yahia from 1970 to 1971 (eighteen months) as a RM3 working in the admin building. Communications were by teletype then and we had some good times in Kenitra, Casablanca, Rabat, Marakesh and Tangier. I remember eating "Brouchettes" on the
streets of Kenitra and I have never tasted anything else like them since. Also ate some "Cous Cous" with some of the locals in their home. We went camping out in the Sahara Desert and spent a lot of time in the NCO club. I enjoyed the pictures posted on your site. Thanks for the memories. Roger Tench....Email: rdtench@webtv.net

POSTED: 04/02/03 0630 hours

Hi Friends


I am trying to find the sailor on the attached picture. I know that his first name is Tom and that he left Kenitra to go back to Iowa around the end of 1955 or early 1956.

Can you tell what branch of the navy he was by the uniform? What rank (already advised he was a first class)?

Do you have any suggestions on how I might find out his name?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Joe Hoffman

POSTED: 03/27/03 1830 hours


My name is Robert Donahue, I went thru Port Lyautey a lot of times during 1960 -1961 in a MATS squadron VR-22 out of Norfolk. The crew I was on had our plane named Port Lyautey with a picture of a belly dancer on it. I really liked Port Lyautey, and Kenitra. We would lay over there and take the next plane to some where and back and lay over again. I found a link to this web site from VP-21 which I was in for next 5 years after VR-22.
Bob e-mail: okiebobjo@zianet.com

POSTED: 03/24/03 0630 hours

I stumbled on this site, & after learning a bit about the history of Kenitra (which I've visited several times), & a touching read of several guestbook posts, had to mention that I'm a red-blooded American gal coincidentally married to a Kenitran. He tells me stories of his father, Abdelmajid (Majid) Bensaid, a very tall man (not particularly arabic looking), who happily & energetically played basketball on a team with the American serviceman stationed at Kenitra (not sure which years). He also told of a sad story where a plane carrying the Kenitra basketball team - including some American players - crashed en-route to a game. His father was not on that plane, but he mourned greatly.

I hope at least one of you remember my father in law. In any case, I'm really thankful that you all were a favorable witness to the family & community that I have since married into. Although this family is very westernized & privileged, you can't underestimate your positive effect on them, especially considering the Muslim bias of the Moroccan kingdom. You definitely hold a special place in the pride & memory of the Kenitrans.

With thanks for your service,
J. Crawford (California) e-mail: jennifer@crawford-cpa.com

POSTED: 03/19/03 2130 hours

Thanks for great site. Served Marine Barracks, Port Lyautey, and Sidi, in 63 and 64. Was dog handler, and flanked many interesting posts, like Bulldog 4, the magazine area. and the docks. The antenna fields at Sidi were great posts also. Enjoyed my tour of duty, (not the rainy seasons though).
Thank you,
LCPL A. Alexander, (Alex)

RXNT Still Wary Of The DAY PEOPLE !

POSTED: 03/018/03 1730 hours

I continue to read the new entries and, I’m still hoping to see anyone that was stationed at the Com Center at Port Lyautey during 1959/1961 responding. The Com Center that I am talking about was located under and, to the right of the Fleet Intelligence Center. A small Radio Shack that received messages for the NAS. It of course included a TTY repair and, a Crypto Center. The Crypto Center was where I worked. Some of the enlisted names I remember (after 40 years are): Jack Bradley, Chris LaPenta, Blount, Bob Fink. Gene Short, Chris Chishack, Bob Zambruski, and Bronson. Some of the officers were: Ltjg’s Mike Flannery, Allen, Hunt and LT Johnson. For those I forgot, please forgive me.

In Kenitra, a few of us would hang out at the Petite Treinon or the bar referred to a the Ace of Clubs above the dance floor of the local hotel (Merimar?) Lots of trips in the bus with chickens and other live stock to Tangiers will always be fondly remembered. As I recall more, I will enter new posts.

Ed Zawislak


POSTED: 03/018/03 0800 hours

My name is Jim Hovis. I was an AO3 in Vc-7 and did two 6 month tours in Lyautey the first in 1952 and the second in 1953-54. Was stationed at Pax River at the time. Joined in 1950 discharged in 1954.
VC-7 has reunions every 2 years, next one at Charleston, S.C. May 1-2-3, 2003.

POSTED: 03/016/03 2100 hours

My father, RADM. Ford Taylor, (deceased) was C.O. of N.A.S Port Lyautey from mid 1948 to mid 1950. My brothers and I have wonderful memories from those years. We were in our early teens.
Our Quarters were 2 Quonset huts joined by an enclosed breezeway. I wonder if they are still there. I remember Mama's and the clock at the circle. Saul and his gift shop. HOT summers and salt tablets. Great fun!!!!!!! Sally Taylor Rush. salandbill@earthlink.net.

POSTED: 03/016/03 0800 hours

Thanks so much for a great web site. The nostalgia is nearly overwhelming. I served at both Bouk and NAS from Nov. 57 until Feb. 59. I was a Sgt. who worked with the guard detachment at Bouk for a short time and then I was transfered to NAS as an "office pinky." I remember many of the bars downtown and many of the marines who frequented them. Sgt. Jim Izzo and I remain good friends to this day. Jim and I have returned to Morocco on two occasions since our retirements(late 1990's). We had a wonderful time. The country had changed a great deal in many ways yet in many ways you would not have trouble recognizing that you were in the same place as you had been forty years earlier. The people were very friendly and generous(I don't think that they knew of our many transgressions in the 50's). We were dissapointed by not being able to find houseboys Ahmed and Bo.

I would be very interested in hearing from any Marines from that era, e.g., Pierce, Carlson, Andrews, Yancy, Calahan, Kuhn, Everett, Shoup, Mandeville, Atkinson, Bays, Cipperone, Rafferty, Gordon, (pardon if I spelled your name incorrectly), or anyone who was there or knows someone who was. My e-mail address is janeandjer@prodigy.net.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Jerry A. Johnson

POSTED: 03/013/03 1915 hours

My name is Mike Hatfield. I was a dependent at Port Lyautey from May 1958 until October 1961. My father was a pilot in VR-24 (W.G. ''Porky'' Hatfield). I attended school through the 8th grade there. Lots of hours spent at the teen club. Lived in town for the first year and a half. Had a good time and good experiences.

e-mail: mike@specsci.com

POSTED: 03/012/03 0810 hours

I was stationed in Bouknadel, lived both on and off base and married one of the nationals. We are still together after 30 years. Have been back several times and still enjoy being there, "great vacation spot". Stationed there from Dec 1973 - Feb 1975 and still have friends we keep in touch with. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, Lance Corporal Velazquez, nick name J R, assigned to the dog handler unit. Also remember Sharkie below Jacks bar. Can be reached at acman4523@aol.com

POSTED: 03/011/03 0430 hours

I have some additional information on the R-12 and R-15 (circa '70's) entry on VQ-2 's page. If you are interested, plese contact me at jerry.stephenson.Marine@bigfoot.com. I remember most of the crew members (I was one) and what really happened.

I am also hoping to find PO1 Al Sargeant who was an EA-3B plane captain at VQ-2 then went to Mildenhall where he retired from the Navy.
Jerry Stephenson
MSgt USMC (NAC) (ret)

POSTED: 03/010/03 0640 hours Labess Sahabe: My name is Tom Makin (RM2 B318264) and I was stationed at Bouk from '68-69. I have so many memories of those days; it was beyond a doubt the best duty in the Navy; 3-3-3-72 working schedule; a mustang Lt as C.O. of the base; it just goes on forever. I wish I could remember more.

I am in contact with two other guys with whom I shared duty (Chief Dave Ricketts and RM2 Jerry Bough). Chief Rickets had a site up about his Navy career and I stumbled upon it one day and got in contact with him and then Jerry. Jerry was my watch supervisor when we worked in the transmitter building horsing those old FRT-39 and -40's around. You knew when the freq. changes were going to happen just based on the time of the day!

Thank you very much for this web sight. It is great.

I am also in contact with Bill Jacobsen whose dad was the public works LT at Bouk while I was there. LT Jake was our coach for basketball, softball and I think flag football. I got to know Bill from playing softball with him. His mom made the best spicy bean dip; I still remember it; we had a really good family of sailors at Bouk.

I have some pictures that I took of the base if anyone is interested. I can email them out. My email is: thmakin@bellsouth.net.

Again....thanks for recharging my Bouk/Kenitra batteries.

Tom Makin

POSTED: 03/07/03 2152 hours

Was stationed, at Morocco, at usncs, from 71 to 75. My name is Mike Carey and I was a CS-2 at the time. I worked at the galley at that time. I have lots and lots of memories and a lot of fun times at Sidi-Yahia. The best times happened when we stated a country band and used to play all over. We played the embassy in Rabat, in which they went all out to make us feel welcome . They decorated the stage, put up hay bales, etc. Almost made us feel as though we were on Hee Haw. We played the clubs at the base in Kenitra, and Sidi. Loved it there, there was such a feeling of comraderie, there that I havent felt since. Loved going to the souks and open markets in Kenitra, where you could purchase anything for a price. Was involved with the Scouts on base, and went to a camp-o-ree, where they almost drowned me, but I survived. Enjoyed the local cusinine, cous cous chicken and beef tagine, and the mint tea. Came to love the locals who always treated me with the highest regard,and made me very welcome in their homes. Had so many friends and drinking aquaintenances there, whom I miss. Curt and Valerie Horne, Ron and Annie Woods, my very special caretakers and life savers, MS1 Ernie Henig, and Milika, all the Seabees and beau-coups of others I can't remember. If anyone would like to E-mail me my address is Mcarey820@msn.com. would love to hear from any and all from that time period. Thanks for a wonderful web-site. Was just browsing.


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Looking for AQC Charles Kennedy(Uncle Chuck). I know he had been stationed
at Port Lyautey, I knew him from VAP-62. He was transferred to VQ-2 in 63
or 64. Contact me at whaler152@prexar.com.

Jim Carter

POSTED: 03/04/03 2020 hours

I was originally ordered into Sid in 1976, worked main exchange for a brief time then transferred to NT. My name is Rob Cart. I was a SH2 when reporting and also leaving in 78 just prior to closing. Ran laundry/Drycleaning plant and Vending dept., also act mgr. main exchange at NT.. I remember Pat EIL, he was one of my best buds while there. I worked with Gary Moore, SHCS, SHC Don Wolfe, and SH2 Dan Moore. Dan and I were known as the "Smith Brothers" as we were both big with very bushy beards. Loved it there, of what I can remember when I wasn't "slightly inebrieated". My wife was named Pam, who bartended at the chief's club and secretary. Ken Marcum at AFRTS radio used to call her "Nessie" cause she's from SCOTLAND. would love to hear from any old shipmates and locals who remember me, sincerely, Rob Cart. e-mail rthecarts@aol.com

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LABESS....Can't remember the last time I heard that....Was in PWD 1960 - 1962 Started out in the carpenter shop ,wound up in the motor pool...driving a school bus...that was an adventure... I was 19 yrs. old and didn't have good sense....To drive a bus on the streets of Kenitra,with all the horse and donkey carts, was like driving in NYC...This was some of the best years of my life...I'd go back there in a heartbeat..The outdoor movies,the swimming pool next to the E-Club...the golf course.....the relaxed duty, the great guys I served with......Oh to be young again...Thanks for a great site for us to reminisce

Bill Schlagheck
Toledo, Ohio

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i am a french boy, born in Port_Lyautey in 1942, and my father had a job in the Navy as interpreter, his name was David Elmaleh, quite small and very white hair.,he worked for 15 years for the Navy. When i was 14/16, I allways listen to the Navy radio brodcasting, and we here in Port_lyautey, knew Bill Haley, Elvis, etc...before the europeens.Also i remenber the donuts that my father had in the supply, and someone remenber the Eldorado milk bar, named on the Uss Eldorado, created by mr Broussard who married a french girl like a lot of you lucky men...
We have a society of people living formely in Port-Lyautey, web site, http://gharbaoui.free.fr.
Please excuse my very bad english.
Best regards and thanks to you for what you did in those times.
Raphäel Elmaleh
Enric Morera 21 B,3º,1ª
08870 Sitges (Spain)
Tel :(34)938111339
Mobil :(34)649876942
e-mail : elmaclaustre@wanadoo.es

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My Father is Hershell Simmons. He was stationed in Port Lyautey from 1956 to 1959 then again from 1964 to 1967. He was in VQ-2 PN. He is still Kicking if anyone wants to know more My email address is mbs@mvn.net

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POSTED: 02/08/03 1910 hours

I was in VR-22 in the early 50's and we flew from Norfolk to Argentia then to the Azores to Port Lyautey then on to Naples, etc. I couldn't remember much about the location of the French Morocco base. We went into a town but don't remember which town. That is because of age not booze memory lose. Anyone remembering Gene Roy, this is he.

e-mail: gelury@msn.com

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Hi Lou: I spent 18 months at the trans site at Bouknadel between 12/56 to 65/58. While I was there I was CN8IN in morocco and K2DJF in the states. {ham radio} Bouk was a great duty station and still miss it. Had great times there. John "RED" Aylward, RM3 e-mail: naitiboy@blast.net

POSTED: 02/05/03 1635 hours

My dad was Lt Cdr Thomas James ,USNR Supply Corps. We lived in the town of Kenitra on Rue Camp d'Albert, a couple of blocks from the French Army Base. Good to see the pictures.

Tom James
601 South Belvidere Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220

email: tom.james@vhda.com

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Was just surfing and came across your WONDERFUL website. In 1959 I was a Navy LTjg stationed in Naples. I transited Port Lyautey enrounte the USA to get married. Later I was the Overseas Transportation Officer at NSA Naples and helped people stationed at Port Lyautey get back to the states at the end of their tours. Again, GREAT WEBSITE. Captain James E. Wentz, USN (Ret)

POSTED: 01/22/03 1949 hours

I am Stu Kanofsky and I was stationed at Marine Barracks Sidi Yahia from 1963 to 1966. I had a friend who was stationed at Marine Barracks Bouknadel, and we later served together at in Florida, Ron Harsh was stationed at Cecil Field and I was at NAS Jacksonville. If anyone knows Ron or has information on how to contact him, please contact me at stu@afn.org. I live in Gainesville, Florida. This is a great site, it brings back a lot of memories, all good, hope to hear from old friends.

POSTED: 01/21/03 1926 hours

Although not stationed in Port Lyautey, I was there twice while transporting via NATS. I was in the Air Force, but attached to the Navy AFSOUTH in Naples, Italy. Was in Lyautey in August 1954 and again in 1956.

George Sweeney

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I am looking for anyone who served in NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco or otherwise with H.(arry) Frank Fiegl from Redfield/Sandy Creek, Oswego County, New York. Frank served in Navy from 1946-1952. He later went on to New York State Police and was killed in an air crash in 1971 near Watertown, NY. I am a family friend, and researching information on him for our areas Veteren History. his widow and children live in the Sandy Creek area today

e-mail SPDinPUL@hotmail.com
Shawn Doyle, Pulaski, Doyle

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My son found this site and told me to check it out. I was so pleased that there is one. I read a lot of the messages but no Civilians. My husband was the Industrial Relations Officer for the Civilian Personnel for all the bases. We lived on the Base in Kenitra. We were there from 1965-1968. The highlight of our lives. We were all so happy there. We had friends from all areas. Military, Civilians and Moroccans. We have some of the gang here in San Diego. My husband is Carl Yasi and I am Jeri. If anyone remembers Father Ken Kieffer, he is here too. Some may remember Helen Walton. She passed away DEC. 23rd. She helped to ship people in and out. Jim and Gladys Bouska were there with us. Jim died a few years ago. Is it O.K. if I can get some of the Civilian group to write? I will dig up some pictures too. I use to hang out in the Villages. Beautiful people. I use to visit the prison. I started a group of people to visit there. Very interesting. We became very close friends with the Warden. The fun stories go on and on. Thanks Lou, this is a great site. Jeri Yasi

POSTED: 01/16/03 1400 hours

My name is Ed Bolton AC3. I was stationed at P/L from 1959 to 1960 as a member of GCA 33. Played second base for the OPS softball team. It was a good duty station. Your site brought back many good memories of the base and friends. VR-24 would run a lot of practice GCA approaches in good weather, so that when it was the real thing it was a piece of cake.
Even Commander Perry would run them.

Thanks again for this site.

email: edwin.bolton@verizon.net

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My name is Douglas Conway I was a Seabee in the Public Works Dept, from Sept. 1952 till May 1954 I was senior white hat in charge of the electric shop and at the time my rate was CE2. I would like to hear from any other seabees from that time I really enjoyed paging thru the website MY e-mail adress is d.l.conway@worldnet.att.net

POSTED: 01/11/03 2215 hours Made a few trips to "lahooch" as it was fondly called. I was stationed in Bella Napoli at Capodichino from 53-55 with VR24 and later FASRON77. I was AEAN when I got there and left AE2. One memorable trip we made to Port Lyautey was a time several of us were enroute from Pax River. We arrived in the early afternoon and had a few hours layover so we headed down to the club for a beer and sandwich. Well the barkeep had a special on that day of "Singapore Slings" for 50c. Tasted just like kool-aid. We sipped a few and then a few more and then guess what? Missed our flight. Needless to say we had to hotfoot down to OPS and send an urgent "sorry about that" to Naples but nobody was amused. Checked into transient barracks and luckily got a hop out the next day. After being put on report and going before the skipper and getting reamed, we were very contrite. Probably a good lesson although it didn't seem to effect our imbibing in many of the great bars of Napoli. Also remember a 3-legged dog named "Bosco" who came on a flight from Lahooch as a squadron mascot. Story was that he had been run over by one of the Moroccan busses. He was a fixture at our place for the whole time I was there, galloping around awkwardly and begging handouts which were easy to come by. Many great memories of those times and places. Ralph DeLange, ralphdelange@hotmail.com

POSTED: 01/09/03 1330 hours

What a good write-up. I was there in 1945 with VJ-4. We flew yellow JM aircraft. We were used for towing targets for aircraft gunnery and surveillance. We had part of our detachment in Agadir Went back again in 1947 with VU-4(same outfit) with JD aircraft . This time just
towing targets. Sure remember all of the liberty places plus the Lux bar. Was aver there when VRU-4 was there. What a bunch of liberty buddies. Of course was there with VC-8 in 1953. Curt Browning, AL1
e-mail: curtbrowning@webtv.net

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My name is Clyde Allen & I served in VR-24 Apr.'50-May '51, FASRON 104 May '54-'may '58 & VR-24
from May '61-June '63 when we moved to Rota. From the first tour until the last,it was a super station. Have read some of the messages & do recall Mama's, Lulu's Jack's Bar, Felix's to mention a few. I stood Shore Patrol many a night in the VCS & in the P/L Medina where the Bal Tabarin was. I was an ADR1 & made Chief in '62 while in 24.

One thing not in the History is the story of how an engine change took place in Seville,Spain in the fall of 1950. Some-how, enroute to P/L from London (?), an R5D "lost" an engine & was forced to land at Seville. Two engine change crews were sent there & we worked TWO shifts, actually stretching the job out as only good crews can do and forcing the officers to run out of money before we enlisted did. We stayed at the Alfonso XIII hotel, one of the best even today.
Some of the guys were Arthur Diehl, "Poncho" Gonsalves, Jaime Mora, Wiley and ADR1 Wiley to mention a few. Perhaps someone will read this & recall more of the story. Frankie Riollo, one of the radiomen, & "Frenchy LaRochelle were there too.

Almost forgot,there was a café near Felix's where the waitress was named Helen. She was called "Um Gots" because when asked what was on the menu,she'd always reply "Um Gots soup,steak,et."! In '50 there was a Chief Lindsay I think,who was porported to be Mama's boyfriend. I used to have a beer with him & he NEVER paid!!
Willing to swap stories with any other "survivors"of that era.

Clyde Allen ADCS(AC) USN Ret. e-mail: ClydeRA@msn.com

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This is a great site to meet people of the past . My name is James (Jim) Chapman. I was assigned to Marine Barracks from late 53 to the latter part of 55. It was my first main duty station. I stayed in the Marine Corps fo 20+ years and I say this was the best of all duty stations. I was a main gate sentry most of the time with a PFC Grimes, Padua, Foster, Turner , Briggs , Slocum Clark and lots of other great guys. If any of them see this drop me an e-mail at jimlusmc@netzero.net

The pictures of the base are great. Lot of difference between then and now pictures. I had a lot of navy friends there that hung out with me . Spent a lot times at Jacks Bar next to the USO in town. Again Lou thanks for the site. You and your staff has done a great Job. By the way I was a PFC to CPL there, however retired as a Captain. Semper Fi Marines .

James L. (Jim) Chapman
Captain USMC Ret'd.

POSTED: 01/06/03 1900 hours

Lou...Thanks for putting together and maintaining this site. Many happy memories here during 1958-1960 while flying in VP-21. Lou - I also added your URL to the VP-21/VPB-111 Veterans Association website (also stole your camel for the picture link). Port Lyautey is always a popular subject at our reunions. How about adding ours to yours?? We have two URL's:
www.vp-21.org and www.vpb-111.org.

Kind regards,
Frank Balogh Jr. fbalogh@woh.rr.com

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I was in and out of Port Lyautey with VP-21 when the French navy was there in 1954/55 my next tour was when I was given orders that let me take my wife and family to NAS Kenitra. I was assigned for a TWO year tour. We arrived and moved into a hotel the very day that Kennedy was shot(November 1963). After staying 3 months in a hotel we moved to Moulay Hassan boulevard until we got quarters on the base, Quarters JJ phone # 447. I was assigned to the base armory and spent the whole Two years emptying 80 magazines full of old unusable ammo that had been left there and getting it shipped to the states or destroyed. Since many and various commands were moving to Rota Spain I also shipped all of our ground defense equipment to Rota.

We decommisioned the NAS and became an NAF. Shipped all Weapons out, and converted from 30 caliber to 7.62 NATO caliber ammo. Closed the Armory and turned a good portion of the base to moroccan control. The day I left a moroccan army person moved into Quarters JJ. I had gone from a division of 26 men to 3. The base was down to one plane and about 200 men.

We departed there in November of 1955. I had orders to report to a squadron in Keflavik Iceland. Definately a change.
Francis G. Daniels AOC USN(ret)
Now living in MAINE

POSTED: 01/04/03 1105 hours

My name is Art Marsh. I was a PR3 with VP-23 out of Miami Fl. We were temporarily assigned to Port Lyautey some where around 1950-51. We lived in tents and swapped cigarrettes for wine with the French who were stationed there. Am now living in Pinehurst, NC. Any one around from that era?

e-mail: amarsh8587@aol.com

POSTED: 01/04/03 0815 hours I found the website looking for information on my brother's birth there in November 1954. My father, Thomas M. Leahy, Jr., was stationed at the Communications Station some time in 1953 and later was one of the first officers resident at the NCS at Sidi Yahia in the summer of 1954. We left in June 1996. As with many of your guest book entries, I think he and Cecilia, my mother, thought it was one of the best times of their lives. Tom retired in 1968, and went on to a second career with the Government Printing Office. He lives in Virginia Beach now. Neither use the web, but I hope that some of his friends from this time will make contact through me. With best wishes for 2003, Cecilia Leahy Klein cleahyk@cox.net