POSTED: 12/31/02 1145 hours 


I was advised of this web site by one of my former shipmates from VP-23. Our squadron, which was based at NAS Brunswick, ME and flying P2V-5's at the time, served a six-month deployment there in 1954-1955 (if memory serves). I was an AO2 on Crew MA-8, and have many memories of that short six months, including getting lost one night in the Medina in Rabat and felt fortunate to escape with my life.
I operate a web site for VP-23, which includes the page below with some Lyautey pictures:
Any VP-23 alumni or other interested parties may find the squadron web site, which includes numerous pictures from the 50's, a report of our recent reunion, and lots of other recollections and remembrances of Port Lyautey, Argentia, Brunswick, etc., at: http://home.earthlink.net/~capnbilly/vp23_intro.htm
I may be reached via e-mail at the above web site.
Thanks for an interesting site, and especially for the history of the base, most of which I was unaware.
To visit some American service personnel spending the Christmas holidays in Central Asia click: 

Billy Rawl (AO VP-23 1953-1955)
Other sites:
POSTED: 12/30/02 0740 hours 

I was an AT-2 in VW-2 Det A and VQ-2 from December 1954 until September 1956.  Was the Radioman 
on the old P2V and P4M-1Q BuNo 122209.
David Kouns----- davidk@tnni.net POSTED: 12/29/02 1515 hours You have a most interesting web site, especially for veterans who have spent tours at Port Lyautey. My memories go back to the February 1949 to July 1950 timeframe when I was assigned to the Navy Com Group and worked with Radio 1. My particular work location was the transmitter station located near the Sebou River several miles from the main base. Names like Kelly, Pauly, Slagle, Hendrick, Laird, Vallee, Solburg, Bivona, Borger, Schultz, Swartz, and Haver come to mind. Many of the fore mentioned worked as radio operators at the main com center at the top of the hill.
Appreciate your maintaining this site. Take care...Jim Anthony ET2
POSTED: 12/22/02 1535 hours 

Hey Devil Dogs;

I just found out about the re-union in New Orleans, 28 Mar 03 to 31 Mar 03. If anyone that was there in '59 or '60, give m an e-mail. I want to go, but I sure would like to see a familiar face. I was in 1st Plt, GdCo, Cpl of the Gd. Main Gate also. Semper Fi
James B. Clelland
clell@erinet.com POSTED: 12/17/02 0500 hours Wow, just learned of the web page from Douglas Scott's announcement of the 13th Reunion. I was stationed NAS Port Lyautey April 58 - September 59 as an Airman. After some 4 months mess cooking duty I was assigned to COMNAVACTS Staff for the remainder of my tour. COMNAVACTS was Captain John L. Conihan, Chief of Staff was Capt Bragg, JAG was Capt Bacharack (spelling), Ops Cdr Milner, Admin CDR Gregg, Air Sea Transportation CDR Kennedy and PAO LCDR Frank Blair (he always amazed me in that he could type in English, switch typewriters and type in French, switch typewriters again and type in Arabic all on a box Underwood typewriter). LCDR Blair gave me a lesson in the 'hand salute' (that is a sea story in an of itself).
While assigned to the staff I changed rating to Seaman to strike for yeoman. Shipmates I remember: from the Galley - CS1 Cox, CS1 Willie Steele, SHSN Edwards (drove geedunk truck) and Sgt Alverez USMC (butcher), GM2 Cochran Mess Deck MAA. Fellow messcooks from he spud locker - CN Anthony Martin (Eskimo from Alaska), CN French, CN Meade (potato farmer from Maine - slept with his eyes open) From the staff enlisted - YNC Grieve (made YNCS or YNCM in 58 and also made WO1 same year), YNC Roland Lavalle, YN1 Todd, YN2 Huey Carroll, YN2 Bob Parr, YN2(SS) Floyd Horton Lee (my first sea daddy), PN2 Henri' Nadau (French Canadian) in Air Sea Transportation, YN3 Thomas Anderson, YN3 Bob Zupart, YNSN Richard Morin, YNSN Jack Trulson, SN Stanley Foster and CSSN Fortner (I went to staff and Fortner went to galley). There was another guy in Air Sea, a red headed SN from MN (I cannot remember his name. Chief Lavalle relieved Grieve and later Lavalle was relieved by YNC William W. Williams. From NAS Admin I remember YN1 Gatch and from personnel YN3 John Koontz. Koontz, Anderson, Morin and Lee and I all served together or in same area at different times in my career.
Yeoman Jim Harborough has a note in the visitors log saying he was at COMNAVACTS in 1959 - does any of these names ring a bell with you?
In the Disbursing Office was a DK1 who made DKC in 58 or 59 and WO the following year. He was brother-in-law to YNC Grieve. Capt Bacharack had a civilian legal secretary - extremely nice lady, married to an MMC, they lived in a quonset hut on base. I met Capt Bacharack at Naval Station Rodman, Panama in 1962 while passing through. >From VR24 - there was an Airman with an absolutely handsome red beard, cannot remember his name, he made third class in 59 believe AO3. He and I were the only two enlisted men on base with a beard - actually he had a beard, I had a goatee. I have stayed in contact with CTC Morin (Ret) and YNC(SS) Lee (Ret).
I retired from the Navy 1 April 1992 as a Commander (limited duty officer) having served 34 years, 
11 months, and 29 days continuous active duty.  I was promoted 19 times and held every grade from E1 - E9,
WO1 - CWO4, and LTJG - CDR (was never an Ensign). What fond memories all of this brings back to 
me.  If anyone wants to contact me direct, I am at dagllg@bigriver.net.  Am now living in 
Millington, TN and going back to my home in Marvell AR regularly.
POSTED: 12/13/02 1810 hours I am Charles Jackson, CT3 while at Port Lyautey, made CT2 before getting out of active duty. Served 16 years in Naval Reserve (Lt) and 11 years in Army Reserve, retiring as Captain.
Assigned to Port Lyautey from Sept. 1953 until April 1955, with some time in the 6th fleet. Moved to Sidi Yahia sometime in 1954. Played basketball with the Sidi Yahia NCS team in 1955 under CWO Curtin. Some of the members of the team:
Palmer, Zekas, Paduano, Hart, Anderson, Coulter, Max ?

Did extra duty as a bus driver and drove USO entertainers from Casablanca to Sidi Yahia -- Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom, Dick Miles (American Table Tennis champ 10 times).
Visited Marakesh, Casablanca, Sultan's Palace in Rabat. Was in Sidi Yahia during Moroccan/French revolts. Visited the EM club in town which later became Officer's Club. Swam at Mehdia Beach. Experienced locust plague at Sidi Yahia and terrible sand storms. Barracks at Sidi was not air-conditioned. Terrible heat reached 138 degrees one day. We played softball on lighted field built by SeaBees, at night.
Served with C.U. Brown, Mason, Gratton, McKenna, Sullivan, Don Gies, J. C. Darby, Larry Couchman, Griffin, Cornell, Stanton, Bob Fisher (who did 30 years in USN before retiring, as far as I know).
Operated at ham radio station at Sidi Yahia as CN8GW, my first ham call, issued in Morocco and written in French. Contacted my wife and parents back in NY via radio-telephone patch.
Marine guard put a round into our duty bus one night as we were going to Communications Building to relieve the watch. We failed to answer his "Who Goes There?" Who did he think we were, riding in a grey bus with US Navy written on the side? The bus made the run three times a day, passing guard station six times.
Helped record the Hit Parade from US for re-broadcast on Armed Forces Radio Station. Also did the World Series, heavyweight boxing matches.
Was measured for a tailor-made suit by an Arab tailor at Sidi Slimane Air Force Base.
I have many pictures of both Port Lyautey and Sidi Yahia, since we had a good photography hobby shop and darkroom.
Charles F. Jackson (Cpt. USAR-ret)
Oak Island, N.C.
E-mail: cjackson@ec.rr.com
POSTED: 12/04/02  1500 hours 

My father, Frank Boudrou was stationed with his family at Sidi Yahia from 1956 to June of 1960 
when I graduated from high school at Thomas Mack Wilhoite High School on base at Port Lyautey 
NAS.  Anyone remember working with him.  He was a court reporter and worked in administration.

We loved living there and enjoyed the pool and outdoor movies between the buildings in the 
summer. I think it cost us a dime to see them.  Spent many days at the beach in Kenitra.  Have 
my year books and many pictures.
Sandy in Washington State
Frank retired after 22 years and is 81 years old now.
e-mail: sandra.boudrou@verizon.net

POSTED: 12/03/02  2038 hours 

I'm Ted Yeary. My dad was C. C. Ted Yeary. He was a CT1 stationed at Sidi Yahia. I was a 
student at Wilhoite ES from Sept. 1958 until Jan. 1961. My teachers were Mrs. Shattuck for 
4th grade, Mrs. Byers for 5th grade and Mr. Anderson for 6th grade. My mom was Millie Yeary. 
She worked on base at Port Lyauty. My brother, Rick,  was in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades. 
My sister, Debbie, was in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. I'm currently working for DoDDS in 
Arlington, VA. The site brought back great memories. Anyone who may remember us can reach me 
at dabear1@cox.net.

POSTED: 12/01/02  1610 hours 

My father, Samuel John Paul Sharp was in the the Fasron 104 Squadron, Detachment 1 somewhere 
around the 1954/55 era....I understand he left for Luqa, Malta to Fasron 201.

I am just now learning about his days as a sailor...I'm looking to find any information on anything containing his life...He just celebrated his 70th birthday and has been remembering his naval life. I myself was born on the island of Malta when dad when served on the Shelikof and meet my mom, a Maltese girl...Thanks for any info..... Vaden Raub e-mail: vaden48@msn.com POSTED: 11/30/02 0820 hours My Dad, Ensign "Tim" Gilbert (Stuart Kerr Gilbert) was stationed at Port
Lyautey beginning in September 1943. He served as a pilot with VB-127.
He was with the first group of PV-1s that completed training in May,
1943, was deployed to Brazil to join FAW-16, then in September was
transfered to FAW-15 at Port Lyautey, French Morocco. He flew one of
the planes that left Brazil on September 2, 1943 and arrived in Port
Lyautey on September 6, 1943. Looking for his radioman, Anderson, or
his co-pilot "Casey" Stangle.

Stuart Gilbert
17127 Eagle River Rd
Eagle River, Alaska 99577
stuarte@alaska.net POSTED: 11/23/02 0810 hours My name is Don Pendell and I was stationed at Port Lyautey in 1963 & 1964.
Was an E-3 airman at the time, so I spent a lot of time mess cooking,
barracks cleaning, working on the base police force (guarding ammo dumps)
for awhile and running the base ceramic shop. What a place! Bill Mapes
and I were "best buds" and have lots of memories to share about Morocco.
Sure would like to hear from others who were there during those years. My
e-mail is "Pendell@coax.net". Drop me a line ! POSTED: 11/21/02 1625 hours Ahoy Mate, Served at Sidi in 1961-62 when Sidi was winning all the base championships. Served with Company H, NavSecGru. Had a great time at the Rex Bar and Suzies, VCS, and other notable places including Volubus, Casablanca, never did find Bogies bar, Rabat, Meknes, Fez, Marrikech. Really sorry to hear they have closed the bases. Thanks for the memories as BOB would say.
Semper Fi
Bob Halliday
Asheville POSTED: 11/20/02 1240 hours Bill Mapes ABH3,USN Stationed in Port Lyautey from August 1963 to February
1965 I worked in Special Services, SeaBees and the Crash Crew.During my tour.
Alot happened on the base as it changed from Port Lyautey to NAS Kenitra among
other things. I would be intrested in hearing from anyone who remembered me or
was stationed there during my tour.

email a058147@allstate.com
phone 757-482-4408

POSTED: 11/19/02 0500 hours I am a retired, sorry guys, Air Force E8. I just found a patch at an estate sale and was wondering if anyone can date it for me and maybe provide a bit of history on it.
Jim Harris email address. skydog@midsouth.rr.com Note! This is the base Public Works Seabee Patch and can be seen on the Seabee Memories link. POSTED: 11/16/02 1025 hours Harold N. Harris LCDR USN (ret). I am a Navy Mustang, When I was in Rota I was a Lt With the Elint Center Attached to VQ-2., Back seat in the A3D and the ECM21Mike.(Super Connie). I presently Live at, 1603 Willard St. Springdale, AR 72762. e-mail: hharris77@cox-internet.com POSTED: 11/13/02 0655 hours Hi: Bob "Chief Pete" Peterson, AEC(R). VQ-2 Jan 75-Jun-79/APR86-Jul-89. First tour as an EWOP. First dual qualified EWOP in both the EA-3B and EP-3E. Second Tour as EP-3E Flight Engineer. We Listened. e-mail: rappeterson@attbi.com
POSTED: 11/13/02  0650 hours 

Don C. East, Capt. USN (Ret.) On my way to my first operational duty station (Karamursel, 
Turkey) in the late Summer of 1958, myself and four or five other CTSNs with a CT1 (Convertee)
in charge, arrived in Port Lyautey via bus from Casa Blanca.  We were grabbed up by the base 
as free labor for about a month before we got transportation on to Turkey.  I worked as a
compartment cleaner and as a garbage truck driver. As soon as we would dump a load, the locals would swarm
over it and pick out anything they could use. Could not get any liberty downtown due to continuing hostilities between French and locals. Also remember story of locals stealing the xmsn lines at antenna farm (comsta) to sell the copper. Interesting experience!
POSTED: 11/11/02 1850 hours Greetings,
Just found this web site.I was stationed there in 1944-1945.We had to spend 18 months there.
Did not realize it became a big Base.
I was on a 63 foot air sea crash boat , we were in the area where they pulled the PBY 5a's out 
of the water.I always wondered what happend to the boat.Do you know of any contacts that were 
there in the late 40's.
I remember the origional Sea Bee group that landed there .They landed with a rifle on one hand 
and a hammer in the other. They were patching the runway  when the planes were landing.
They were an older group .They had worked on the Hoover Dam and alot of other big projects. 
The Maintnance group took over from them.They could set up a tent city over night.

Ed Wood
POSTED: 11/06/02  1235 hours 


I am trying to get some help for a friend whose father (joseph Pakutka) was stationed at the airforce base in Slimane Morocco. She is trying to locate what military hospital a possible half sibling would have been born. Joseph was stationed there from 1960-1962. One message board said that some people were taken to Port lyautey NAS near Kenitra for medical purposes. I am looking for access to birth records. PLease anyone with info email back at kss2mc@yahoo.com Thank you. Karen POSTED: 11/01/02 1140 hours PN2 Kevin Warren
Had a wonderful time and met some great people while stationed there in the
mid 70s. Anyone who remembers these times and would like to communicate
with me please email me at NYCTOHOU@Yahoo.com.
POSTED: 11/01/02  1000 hours 

I was stationed at Port Lyuautey, Morocco. Pertinent information follows:  
Sgt. James F. Izzo, Headquarters Company February 1958-May 1959. Halfback 1958 
Championship Football team. I also have several pictures of the Marine Band and other 
personnel if they are of any value.  I also have a complete list of the 1958 football team. 

Thank You and Semper Fi. Jim Izzo.
POSTED: 10/18/02  1400 hours 

Arrived in May 1944 after the train trip from Oran.Assigned to VPB 127.Left 
for reassignment in March 1945.Air crew as AOM 2/c with various crews.
Organized our reunions and this April had our 10th in Myrtle Beach,SC.Now waiting to hear where next one will be. Always looking for photos and informastion about the base. Terrance Gilroy
e-mail:giltrg233@msn.com POSTED: 10/04/02 2310 hours Sidi Yahia teleman 1955 and 56 What ever happened to that little Texan that coached our footbal team?
David Lafayette
POSTED: 09/30/02  1520 hours 

Sir, I had the pleasure to serve at Kenitra NAS, from March 14, 1966 through June 7, 1967. 
There was not much of an American presence at that time.  We had one old C-47 on base, and 
a few Morrocan F-5 trainers.  There was still about fifty or so Yanks on base, but the 
communication center at Boukandel was still in operation.  The old Fleet Reserve had been 
moved to a building in town.  I was assigned to the crash crew, and that was our nightly 
hangout....with only one plane..you can imagine how over worked we were.  Hope this helps 

My E mail address is csmjem001@aol.com, and my name is Jem Golden. I was an AO3 assigned to the Crash crew (made 2nd class while there). The Fleet Reserve Club was really the only place we had to go to off base. We had to wear civilian clothes off base (coat and tie), but did wear dungerees on duty. Most everything on base was closed down. The mess hall, EM club, and exchange were still there. The pool had just been closed as well as the outdoor movie when I arrived. We were in transition, the US Air Force was taking over, but only pilot training. I still marvel at the fact that we had a crash Crew of 23 men for one plane, occasionally, we would suit up for the Morrocan Air force, but only abvout once a week at most. It was a long 15 months! I could'nt wait to get back to sea duty. I went to VF-13 assigned to the USS Shangri-la. Made two Med cruises, then VF-13 was disbaned, and the Shang was put to mothballs, this was in '69.
I then joined the Coast Guard, and flew for eight years on the HU-16's out of Miami. Real rough duty, LOL. Actually we flew our butts off, but I loved every minute of it. When the Guard went modern (Jets), I got out. I felt lucky to have been in during the "old" days.
Catch ya on the fantail later Shipmate! POSTED: 09/20/02 2200 hours
            I arrived in Port Lyautey in Sep 1951 and was assigned to the ops dept. as a 
ADAN & subsequently was assigned to the Patrol Unit(P4M-1Q) until transfer to shore duty 
in Dec 52.We lost  a Mercator in Feb 52. A com-rehensive story of the loss appears in the 
April 1997 issue of Naval History published by The United States Naval Institute. Another 
incident occured in 1952.An AJ-1 Savage Could not  confirm a gear "down & locked" and so 
had to orbit the field to burn excess fuel.I believe The plane captain manually lowered 
the gear.The landing was observed by a great many people and was uneventful except that 
three people could be seen running for dear life after the plane stopped on the runway.
A new 8000' runway was completed that year. It was an exciting tour of duty for me as I 
was assigned to the flight crew as a gunner & asst plane captain & was promoted to AD3. 
My e-mail address is paleelfs@aol.com
I will be at VR-24 reunion Sep 26,27,28 & 29
Phil Lee 
AZCS USN Retired(July 1969 with 22 yrs service) 

POSTED: 09/17/02 1855 hours
I worked as a Sergeant in Corrections in the state of Illinois from 1984 until last month 
where the state offered a five year buyout plus military time.  I ended up with  a little 
over 25 years in corrections. 
I have some photos that I took while at NTC, I am wondering how I can get them to some one 
that has a website?
I was a postal clerk, worked with Marcia Jordan, Tom Kennedy, Tom Feugar, Bill?, ? Agnew 
and a couple others that I have their faces but can't put a name to them right now.
David Hackbarth
e-mail: theharryhaller@yahoo.com
$1,000   REWARD!!! to anyone that can put me in direct contact with Frank Palmere.  Last I 
knew he was going from Morocco to Italy. He had mentioned retiring in Switzerland?
Frankie Palmere, 2nd class storekeeper back in 1976, NTC, Kenitra Morocco, where are you.

POSTED: 09/17/02 0715 hours
Hello to all who once knew Kenitra, Port Lyautey! My name is Jeremy Kolbe , the second son 
of Vaclav Kolbe and Norah Kolbe. Both worked in the Public  Works Depart in the 50's and 
60's as civilian staff. 
My Father died in car crash in 1966 in Morocco. Mother stayed in Kenitra till 1975, I 
think, prior to returning to England where we her children were now living. She duly remarried 
a Scot in 1984 and now aged 81 lives in Moffat , Scotland (unfortunatly both are anti-internet!) 
I, after living in England from 1964 till 1991 now live very happily in France with my English wife and two children. And we don't just live in France but enjoy a near perfect life in the Loire valley, Royal Chateaux Country.
The various names I can remember are the Jensen's  (I was in love with their daughter Janet, 
she 18 , me 10 !) We took a holiday all together to Fez and had a picknick at the 3 Happy Valley"  
There were the Carpenters also with two prety daughters. There was the english girl Sheila, the french girl Darlene who I met in Paris years years later,
Mother was part of the English Wives Club with her best friend Margaret Duggan who now lives in Virginia Beach. I am sure that some of you may well remember the name Kolbé and I would be very happy to pass on any messages to my Mother .
Here's to you and the 4th of July picnics at the lake by Medya beach
Kind regards,
Jeremy Kolbé jeremy@french-car-touring.com
POSTED: 09/09/02 1000 hours
Hi all, My name is Mike "Red" Dennis. I served as an RM3 at Sidi Yahia from 59 to 61. I Stood watches at the message center, CW ship to shore. Had great times there. Media beach. Suzi's cat house in Rabat. Several bars in Kenitra, the names of which escape me, except for "Mama's." Played a lot of tennis with Kenny Reynolds. Some other names I remember--Carl Dutton, Jim Anthropolis "The Greek", Smitty,.Joe Tomas, who I spent 2 weeks on leave in London with in 1960, Ed Barger, Billy Strange. If anyone out there remembers me, give me a shout at rdennis1@cfl.rr.com. I live in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. POSTED: 09/03/02 1650 hours Dear Lou,
What a pleasure to discover this website. I was attached to FIC from 1960 to Spring 1963. What great duty. Went back about three years ago. Not the same although downtown looked the same. Some building going on atthe beach. Looked like the rear gate was being used as the front gate and the front gate permanently shut but still manned with a couple of sentries. I'll try to send you a picture. Incredible growth everywhere. More cars not so many bikes. Please let me have your postal address.
Warmest regards,
Vic King
POSTED: 08/31/02 2055 hours

Great memories, I was stationed at Bouknadel ( transmitter site) from
4/67 to 6/68 and still say this was the best duty in the navy! Spent 1st
month at msg center in SIDI and transfered to BOUKNADEL for rest of
tour. I was an RM-3 and watch supvr at base. Can anyone remember the bus
trips too and from town! How about the street vendors at the bus stop
trying to sell you anything they had! How about the name LADY OF THE
GLEN!! GREAT JOB LOU. Tom Woods POSTED: 08/31/02 0640 hours It's just like yesterday, I was stationed at Sidi. It was really Sept. 57 to
Apr. 59. I must have enjoyed being there. I returned as a civilian once in '
84 and again in ' 87.
Kenitra (Port Lyautey) is a quiet town compared to what it once was.Who would
think you could find three guys (2 Marines, 1 Sailor) from the same small
suburban Philadelphia town stationed on a tiny base in the Moroccan desert? I
have "fond" memories of pulling guard duty during the rainy season. If your
duty time touches any of mine, get in touch. We may have walked, talked, even
had a beer together or at least rubbed elbows.
Richard Wills, PFC, USMC
e-mail: BrassKeys62@aol.com POSTED: 08/29/02 0630 hours Great memories! I re-enlisted from Marine Barracks, NAS, Jacksonville, Fla for a tour at Marine Barracks, Naval Training Command, Kenitra, Morocco in 1975 and greatly enjoyed my 15 months in country. Serving as Admin Chief, placed in charge of the armory, and taking on the P.E. program for the elementary school a couple afternoons each week were a few of my many duties. Here it is 26 years later and I still hear from a past student on a regular basis. I met my future wife while stationed there, Karen, her mother Effie Woodruff working there in personnel and being one of the last to leave upon the base closing.

I'm currently a deputy sheriff and just recently discovered that our head nurse in the jail was born in the hospital there on base, her father being stationed there in the Navy during the 50's. I've only been able to keep in touch with a couple fellow Marines from those days and look forward to hearing from more.
I've still got more than a few old pictures left and enjoy going though them every now and then to remember those days with Karen. She and I both had horses there on base and having a 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser we were able to trailer the horses out into the country side and take in several local celebrations to ride. Her family and I spent many hours touring the country, camping, fishing, water skiining, playing the tourist and enjoying the country of Morocco.
I would love to see a location set aside for those of us with photos to send in and have them made available for others to enjoy. Let's keep our fond memories of history alive for many more years...
Respectively, E. E. "Van" Pelt Jr. - USMC - Sgt (while stationed there) E-mail: Remington_Raider@yahoo.com - North Idaho
POSTED: 08/25/02 0630 hours

Served in the Photo Lab at Port Lyautey from Mar 1955 to Dec 30, 1956.  Looking back, it was 
pretty good duty.  Made a lot of good friends that I have lost track of in the intervening years.  
If any of them see this, send me an e-mail.  Stickney, Veeder, Jose, Sulle, Holt just to name a few. 
Gary Sacre  former PH2 
e-mail BOOMERTOOT@aol.com POSTED: 08/20/02 1700 hours What a surprise to find a site for Port Lyautey. My husband and I were stationed there from January, '54 through December '55. My husband was Oran E. "Bert" Neff. He was an AF3 stationed with the Photo Lab. I'm an ex-WAVE (I had to get out to go with him. I wasn't about to let my new husband loose with all of those fatimas.) We lived in the Medina first and were evacuated in August of '54 and after living in separate barracks for a couple of months, moved to the city. (Corner of Rue Mermoz and Rue Pegoud). Our eldest son was born there, one of the first babies to be born at the new hospital. It was a wonderful beginning for a young married couple. We loved it and if the trouble there ever ceases,I would love to go back.
Bert died several years ago, but we always had fond memories of our stay there. If any of the 
old photo lab people remember him, please let me hear from you. 

Jan Neff

E-Mail address: jneff@sleh.com 
POSTED: 08/19/02 2010 hours

Having found your web site, it prompted me to look for some photo's of Port Lyautey I had 
hid a way in my archives of times gone by. I will send them separately as I don't know how 
big of a file your E-mail address will accept. Not only that, I'm not to sure I know what I 
am doing. There are 3 photo's total.
You have done a great job on the Port Lyautey web site. Also to answer one of the questions you asked about the brig, yes that was the brig.
If I may, I would like to have a little burp put on the site as follows:
Having found your web site it has prompted me to write a little msg. for all those that served 
at NAS Port Lyautey in hopes of hearing from some of my old shipmates or anyone who was stationed 
there that would like to exchanges some sea stories.
I received my orders while stationed at NAS Pensacola for NAS Port Lyautey in 1961. Still being a 
green airman, I asked if anyone had ever be stationed there from my outfit. Surprisingly, I found a 
second class Aviation Machinist Mate who had been there and he told me as others have it was the best 
duty station he had ever been stationed at.
He was right! I enjoyed my stay there from 1961 until 1963. When I first arrived I was assigned to 
aircraft maintence where the Chief in charge thought the barracks needed a new compartment cleaner so 
off I went. I think the Chief thought he was doing me a in justice by doing what he did, but it was 
one of the best jobs I ever had. Can't beat 8 section duty.After my tour of compartment cleaning I 
was assigned to the terminal crew where I made 3rd. Class and stayed until my departure in 1963.
Mostly I hung around with Marines who were assigned to the brig. Just to name some of them, there was 
Corporal McNeil, Corporal Henry, Corporal Wicket, Lcpl. Howard, better known as Howie, just to name a 
few. I might add McNeil stayed in the Corps and retired as a Sgt.Maj. having come close to becoming 
Sgt.Maj. of the USMC. After a long time of searching we located each other in 1999 and were planning a 
return trip back to Morocco until Sgt. Maj. passed a way in 2001 of a heart attack.  
Would enjoy hearing from any of you who would like to swap sea stories. 
F. Parsons
cfjboo@coslink.net POSTED: 08/17/02 2310 hours I served with 1st Guard Co. from 1972 -1973 at Sidi Yahia. Worked the main gate and all post during tour. I painted the sign which stood just outside the HQ hut.
Would like to hear from any of the old gang. 

Steve Elswick. E-Mail address is forster@mis.net
POSTED: 08/17/02 2120 hours

I reported to NATF Kenitra in January, 1965--a young Aircontrolman striker, fresh out of 
A school.  I was assigned to the control tower/flight ops---and worked with a terrific group
of guys!  I concur with everyone else--what a great duty station.  I can't (won't) go into 
detail on how good the liberty was---but it was!  I volunteered (really) to go TDY to the 
USS Tallahatchee Cty, out of Naples.  I know there were several from the base that went for 
a 30 day cruise.  Now that is a whole other story!  I spent a year at Kenitra before 
transferring to USS Guadalcanal, out of Norfolk.  Once again Lou great site---by the way, 
we are almost neighbors--I live in Marshfield. 
Dave Brown vrowd@yahoo.com POSTED: 08/06/02 1925 hours I am Stu Kanofsky, I served in the Marine Barracks. I was an interpreter and
married a French Jewish girl from Kenitra. My E-Mail stu@afn.org
I live in Florida.
Thanks Stu
POSTED: 08/06/02 1425 hours

Discovered your web site thru a Port Lyautey alum.  Great site.  Was stationed there in 
1952 and 1953 as a Communication Tech (CT) in Radio II.  Enjoyed it much.  Played football 
for two years with Lt. Pat March coaching.  We had a great team.  I heard the Lt. moved all 
the way up to Admiral.  Can't think of it happening to a better guy.  Congrats Mr. March.  
Any Port Lyautey people from those years that were in Radio II, drop me a line.

E-mail address: tbweakland@aol.com
Thanks Lou. 
POSTED: 08/02/02 1445 hours

My name is Don Baumer
I was with the first and second deployment of VC-5 . The first deployment was to set up the facilities and prepare for arrival of AJ type aircraft. Due to grounding of the aircraft because of a manufacturing oversight, we were without ,basically anything to do but create something to do when there was nothing to do, after our initial readying of the facilities. This of course generated many boondogels along with a great amount of experiences and stories. The second deployment generated work. I was an aircraft ordnanceman First Class during that period of my life. E-Mail pops2726@msn.com POSTED: 08/02/02 0620 hours Hi, I am Capt. George Kaseote and was a member of VAH-5, sent on detachment to Port Lyautey in 1959. I was a BN in A3D's flying with the skipper, Joe Tully.
Had some interesting experiences in for a young Ensign, that had never been out of the US.
My wife spent her high school years there.  Of course, we didn't know each other there.  
Her father was CWO Walter Ivan Mitchell, stationed there for a couple of years.  He was the 
keeper of the TACAN station.
My e.mail address is "Kaseote@aol.com" if any of my old friends would like to drop me a line.
POSTED: 08/02/02 0615 hours

Ferd Neumann CEL3 Public Works Base Telephone System. Sept 1953 to Dec 1954.
Headquarters in the basement of the Admin Bldg with the microwave tower on the roof.
We cut over the new telephone system about 30/60 days after I arrived. I was a Cable splicer. Chief in Charge was Ralph K Jones. I have pictures of the Pole line gang,Cable splicers and Repairmen.
Over the years I have found mostly widows Salo, Wegs, etc. Still alive are Koehler, Saeliene, Garabetian (Gabby). I'm retired from AT&T, Verizon and still active as EMT in local Ambulance corp for 27 years.
Find me on ferd369@juno.com
POSTED: 08/01/02 2110 hours

I was stationed in Port Lyautey from February 1954 to August 1956. I was assigned to the Electronics Division as a Technician and also flew as a Flight Radioman.
Donald E. Boose ( then AT1, now CDR USN ret.)
POSTED: 08/01/02 1642 hours

I am a retired Cdr. I spent several weeks at the Naval Air Station in the mid 1955 .  
We were practicing field carrier landings. I was in VC-5  latter to become VAH-5, 
We were flying the AJ-1  Savage. My skipper was Joe Tulley.

I had a great time and to this day remember the workers who cut the grass on the field and would eat the snails off the ground for their lunch. What a sight.
Jerry Ryman E-Mail dscrgmr@msn.com
POSTED: 08/01/02, 1630 hours Hi shipmates! I am pleased as can be to see yet another initiative to
reestablish contacts with those who shared the great times of our youth.
I recently attended the first reunion of RVAH-12, a Vigilante squadron, here
in Pensacola. Since that squadron decommissioned in 1979 not all the
attendees were in wheelchairs.
My confession:  I was never stationed at Port Lyautey, but I did a tour in
VQ-1 and taught Electronic Warfare at Corry Station, Pensacola in the
Sixties. I heard a good deal about the former homeport of VQ-2, before they
moved to Rota, Spain from some of the students, and some of my VQ-1 squadron
mates were former VQ-2 types. Also, during a Med cruise in 66, I listened
to my shipmates voice disgust when the Vigilante photos of Port Lyautey
revealed Soviet Badgers and Bears parked on the tarmac where A3D and WV-2Q
used to park. My wife, a retired CDR, USN, went to High School in Libya in
the early Sixties when the nearest US military base was Wheelus and Lyautey
was in full swing.
If any of my old (or not so old) shipmates would like to swap sea stories,
send me an email.
CAPT Neil C. Davis, USN-ret

POSTED: 07/28/02, 2125 hours


I really enjoyed this web site. I was at NCS Morocco, Sidi Yahia as an RM1
10-65 thru 10-68. I started as a watch supervisor in Message Center for a year
and then did 2 years as a watch supervisor in CAMS. I was fortunate enough to
do my last tour there also. By then I was RMC. This tour was from 9-73 to
I spent the first 6 months at Sidi Yahia and the last 18 as Transmitter Deck
Chief at Bouknadel. I would be interested in hearing from anyone there during those
Edward "Sonny" Rogers RMC Ret....anna1sonny1@aol.com
POSTED: 07/23/02, 1450 hours I served at the US Naval Air Facility Disbursing Office as a DKl from January 1952 thru May 1954. My name is Ronald W. Lake My E-Mail address is popeye3@ptd.net POSTED: 07/23/02, 1445 hours Lou:
The night, a couple weeks ago, in the little town of HEBRON, MD, at a firemans carnival a blue baseball cap was worn by an elderly gentleman selling chances on a 2002 Chevy. On that hat read " PORT LYAUTEY ALUMNI", Lou after 49 years it turned out to be one of the best sites I have ever seen, because during these past 49 years I have looked high and low for info about reunions of Port Lyautey, alas and behold I have come across with that info through Doug Scott.
I was in Lyautey from October 50 to April 53, would have stayed my entire career if the 
Navy had let me. I went there as an SH3, attached to the Main Communication Station, was 
the NCS CO"s driver for the better part of 18 Months, under the touledge of a Chief Bosn'mate 
named Bill White.Was able to some how wrangle an extension of a year, wanted more, but the 
Pers Officer of NCS did not feel that I should be given any longer time, I had stepped on his 
toes to many times with the CO, so to sea once again I went.
My tour of duty at Lyautey was the best I had in the 23 I spent in the Navy. So many 
memories I have of the town, the base, the country as a whole. The only regret I have, 
is that I never went back to see it once again. The nights at Mama's, Jack's Bar, LuLu's, 
the Hole in the Wall, the many fun days on Media Beach, all the Bingo Nites at the 
EM Club in town, the many dances, the many trips by train across country to the town of 
Ojudia, all the weekends spent in Rabat and last but not least Casablanca.
I don't know how many are still around from that area , but here are a few names, 
Bill White YN3, Smith PN1, Short BM1, Minsanelle BM3, all with the Communication Station.
I have lots of pictures of guys, along with me that were taken in front of the 14 men
Quonsent Huts, where we berthed before the CB's built the new barracks, also have some 
of a few of us going to Casablanca, by train on the weekends.
Switched over from SH to SK aboard an AKA in 61, retired as SKC in 67, live now in 
Cambridge, Md. Would like to hear from any one that was there  same time as I.
My e-mail is foxchief@shorenet.net, will answere any and all mail.
John Fox, USN Retired

POSTED: 07/23/02, 1440 hours

Hi, My name is Everett L Kinder and was stationed at NAF Porty Lyautey
in 50 and 5l at the base Supply Dept. There were several personell that
arrived via the Uss Allderben, that was assigned to VR24 and other units
aboard the base. If anyone remembers me I would appreciate a email at
It was a grand tour of Duty, that is where I completed my first
enlistment and decided to reenlist as President Truman added a
involitary year to out time. I am very glad I did as I retired May l966
as a AKC.
Wonderful web page
POSTED: 07/23/02, 0400 hours Hi Lou and thanks for the site on Port Lyautey. My name is Thomas Michael,AMS3 and I was stationed there from 10/60 to 04/62. I worked at NAS Aircraft Maint at the bottom of the hill. A long time ago but still have some great memories. I played tackle football for Captain McCurtains' Hilltoppers under Coach Jacka. Would like to hear from AM John L. Wank, AM George Johnson, AM Al Lester, AM Stan Barone, YN Ledet, AE Cazotti and AT Johnny McCoy. I served in VW-11 in Argentia from 08/63 to 08/65. I was in VQ-2 in Rota from 08/70 to 08/75. Many great memories there also. I retired as an AMSC in October of 1979 and live in Marietta, GA now. I would like to hear from any shipmates who may see this. E-mail address is: tandjmicheli@netscape.net POSTED: 07/23/02, 0400 hours I was stationed at Mainside Port Ly. in Marine Barracks, the guard company, from Jan 59-July 60. I was PFC Ray Evans, played football on the 59 team coached by our Barracks EX.O. Lt.Col Walter Williams. Was present & went to Agadear (?) Maroc in 2/60 when the earthquake hit killing 14,000 to 15,000. Capt Coonahan was the Base CO & sent us a good supply, although not enough by any means, of beer the last day we were there. We dug out bodies for 2-3 days, the Red Cross stopped us for sanitary reasons, we spent another day in the warm sun & consuming the beer.
My brother in law (2-3 years later) was a 2nd Class at one of the shops down the hill around the air strip. I went thru Highway Patrol Recruit School here in N.C. with a sailor named Murdock who was in Maroc before me and I know a Marine named Bill Hall that worked at the base Brig the year before I arrived. Good memories, good duty. I stood duty at the FICELM Bldg. & we could get all the college football scores late on Sat nite before anyone knew them. Such knowledge gave me "standing in the community." My email address is "revans7597@aol.com" I live in Buncombe County, N.C. and am retired from the State as a policemen. Would love to hear from anyone that was in Maroc during my tenure there.
Ray Evans
POSTED: 07/21/02,  2325 hours

I was a P4M pilot in VW-2A and was one of the original members of VQ-2 when it was 
commissioned on September 1, l955.  I spent 41 months at Port Lyautey, and left in 
October 1958 with a daughter born there and a lifetime of wonderful memories. Since 
I spent so much time in the P4M and got to love the aircraft so much, I’ve been sort 
of a clearinghouse for photos, individual aircraft histories, and anecdotes about the 
aircraft and the early days of the VQ business.  In 2000, I was asked to write a reminiscence 
article for the VQ-2 45th anniversary newsletter, and naturally got to thinking how great 
it would be to at least locate as many of the old plankowners as I could for the 50th 
anniversary in 2005.  I’ve heard from many of you now, thanks to the VP Navy website, and 
I wonder if any of you reading this have any dope on any of the other early birds.  
Pete Owen (whose posting is below) was a big help earlier and I’m hoping that anyone 
who is or knows a VQ plankowner might contact me. I’m particularly short of pilots -  
Ned Rankin and Morrie Kalin are the only two I can positively contact -  and addresses 
or even “live sightings” would be great.  

John McIntyre  BravoZ@columbus.rr.com

POSTED: 07/20/02,  2145 hours

Just got into the Port Lyautey information.  My name is Bruce Bikson, I was stationed at 
Port Lyautey  1951- 1953.  I worked on top of the hill in the armory, outstanding duty.
If anyone might remember me????my e mail is biksonb@aol.com, would like to hear from you.  
I'm a semi retired teacher living in El Cajon Calif., also great duty. 
POSTED:_07/14/02,  0645 hours

I served with the Marine attachment in Sidi Yahia 1956-1957. We were the guys who 
guarded the radio installations right outside the rear gate in middle of what was 
referred to as the perimeter road. 
We had a great bunch of guy's in our detachment and had many a great time in the little town of Sidi Yahia, Port Lyautey and Tangiers.
Does anyone remember the Riff Hotel in Tangiers? It was right on the beach. 
I appreciate this web site and would enjoy hearing from anyone who was in the Marine 
detachment at that time.
My name is Wallace Highsmith 1448794 US Marines 1954 through 1959.
My email address is whighsmith@mindspring.com. 
POSTED: 07/08/02,  2200 hours

Lou--Just a short message now--more later if you get this message. I was at the Marine 
Barracks,Port Lyautey from April l957 to about March 1959. I served as the Adjutant of 
the Barracks at Main Side.My wife and I have been looking at the aerial photo with the 
captions of the Exchange,Chapel,etc and we are trying to locate the Marine Barracks, the 
Marine Parade deck, the Marine Staff NCO Club--we lived in a Quonset Hut directly behind 
the Staff Club.If you could mark the Navy Intelligence Center and any of the above sites 
I would really appreciate  it..I believe the Navy Intel Center was across the street from 
the Marine Parade Ground. Somewhere we have photos that I am willing to share. Hope you 
get this message. Please reply to: 


Fred Kuhn, USMC Retired in Beaufort, South Carolina

POSTED: 06/29/02, 0530 Hours

VP 23 stationed at Brunswick Maine deployed to Port Lyautey for a 6 month tour of duty 
10/54 to 3/55 [approximate dates]. We spent XMAS and New Years there and had some wild 
barracks parties for the holidays. At that time we flew P2V 7,s.  12 in our squadron. 
I was a Parachute Rigger 2 class. [PR2]. The 7 day Med familiarization cruise [flights] 
were the greatest. Please add VP23 to your list of squadrons that served there.   

Thank you & God Bless all. 
Bill McCowan.
POSTED: 06/26/02, 1602 Hours

I would like to add to my last message that I am now living in Mattapoisett, Ma.  

Jim Touhey,Former HM2

POSTED: 06/26/02, 1600 Hours

My name is Jim Touhey. I was stationed at Port Lyautey late 1951 thru Dec. 1952 attached 
to VR-24 as a Flight Corpsman. I worked the Medical Records Office when not flying. 
Would like to hear from any one who might know or remember me,especially forme Corpsmen 
attached to Naval Air Facility,Joe McCaffrey HM1,Dave Miller HM3, Tom Draper HM3, Bob 
Anfinson HM3 and Bob Barraett HM2.

Thanks for this site. Jim Touhey,HM2 jim2e@attbi.com POSTED: 06/24/02, 1852 Hours Hi, Jim Harborough here. I was at Port Lyautey between 1958 - 1959 and worked at Base Administration. Was a YN2 on Captain Counihan's staff (COMNAVACTS).
Great duty station and this is a great site. Thanks for the memories. 

The following guest book messages were posted before the problems with the guest book were cleared up. Unfortunately, dates of posting are unavailable.

Hi! My name is Vincent Butkevits ser# 7192228 (I still Remember it)and I was stationed in 
Port Lyautey from 1951 to 1953 I was a Radio Operator and I loved the duty there,  I have 
a lot of photos from there and from Sidi Yahiya (never could spell it right) and also have 
a NAVCOMFAC book with a lot of names of the officers and personell that were there at the 
time, I would be glad to send you some of this information if you are interested.

I am glad someone put up a web page about Lyautey,  I also belong to the USS Albany Assoc. 
as I was stationed on the Albany for two years before Port Layautey,  Hey a great Golf 
Course they had also.....Vince.

  Nice site. Brings back memories. Was in Port Lyautey from June 55 to December 55 with 
VC-7. Came back again several times in 1958 for short stays as part of a VAH-7 AJ flight 
crew off USS Randolph. Both times our favorite hangout was Le Chalet. 

  One story I remember was told by the Chief who ran the e-club in 55. Seems the powers 
that be were on his back about making too much profit in the club. He told me liquor was
no problem because he could do a visual inventory and run a "nickel night" if he was 
making too much. The restaurant was his big problem because he couldn't get the idea of 
portion control across to the Arabs who worked there and didn't speak English. The 
favorite meal served was steak and eggs and one person would get a little ateak and 
the next, a steak hanging over both sides of the plate. He eventually hit on using a 
stencil which the Arabs could lay over the beef and cut out the proper size. What 
wasn't served became hamburger. It worked like a charm.

Bill Sowell, USN ret 

Thanks Lou, for signing in at: 
http://community.webtv.net/charles379/USNComposite which 
is devoted to the first Heavy Attack Composite Squadrons VC-5, 6, 7, and 8.  All four 
squadrons did time at Port Lyautey until 1956, sending detachments aboard the 6th Fleet 
carriers. I was there in 1955 with VC-8.  We flew the P2V-3C Neptunes and the AJ-1/2 
Savages, the first carrier launched nuclear attack aircraft in the Navy (although the 
P2Vs couldn't land aboard!).

Great site, great photos - I've linked to your site from the 
VC site - hope that's OK.

Lou and all,

Great site! Particularly impressed by the photos of the base. They bring into sharper 
focus the memories of my time there in VR-24 (DEC 57 - OCT 60).  Flew as an aircrewman 
(radio) beginning in June '58 so didn't get to know Kenitra and Morocco as well as 
I would have otherwise liked.  Was young and single, however, and did make the rounds 
to the local sin dins.  Helped out in the VR-24 AT shop on midshift when not flying, 
which gave me days off.  Bought a beat-up old blue '52 Studebaker and ran it around 
the area, especially to Media Beach.  Amazed at the local lovelies' ability to change 
to and from street clothes and bikinis without revealing any of their "inner beauty". 
I concur with many others, Port Lyautey was one of the all-time best duty stations I 
had in 24yrs of service.  

If I may, I would like to post a request. I volunteered to try to obtain photos of ALL 
aircraft that VR-24 EVER operated. The VR-24 Association would like to post them on its 
website.  I have had limited success, so far, in getting photos (from USN or other 
sources).  Would most appreciate ANY photos of VR-24 aircraft taken at Port Lyautey, 
or elsewhere in the Med/European area. The squadron planes had large letters "JM" 
somewhere on the vertical tail surfaces and most also had a diagonal green strip.  
Scanned images (GIF/JPEG)are fine.  Or I will be glad to pay postage and  will scan 
the photos and return ASAP.  

Please email me; rprather@pacbell.net or rprather@csc.com, 
or call me, Dick Prather, home; (760)789-8225 or work: (619)225-2617. 

Thanks so much.  
Fly Navy.  
Dick Prather 


Forgot to mention Jim Chumley, too!  Sorry, Jim!  JC's apartment was just down the hill 
from mine.  I used to hang out there alot.

Craig LaBarge


I was stationed at NCS Sidi Yahia from 1971 to 1973 with Kurt, John, and Rick (below).  
John and I shared an apartment in Kenitra at the Studios Hotel on Rue Mohammed Diourhi 
(up the hill from "the clock", near the train station).  Lots of great memories from 
my years in Morocco!  

Enjoyed my visit to the website and the walk down memory lane.

Craig LaBarge (former RM2)


James Chumley - NCS Sidi Yahia - 1971 to 1973







Labess, HI!   H.C.M.B.   Richard Nickell here, I served at NCS Morocco from 7/71 thru 7/75. 
Loved every minute of it, made some life long friends with whom I still keep in touch with. 
Lived im Kenitra and on the base, spent lots of time at the beach and Jacks (BILL) bar, and 
the rest of them also. Drove the big black Dodge with loud mufflers. Miss the food, coffee, 
and the people. I'm going back one of these days! 

email me if you wish, OLDSALT52@Hotmail.com 

put Morocco in the subject line or it gets deleted with all other spam!!) 
B C N U L  Thanks for the site Lou!

and for some  of  you  old   timers 


Ed Zawislak RM3 NAS Port Lyautey CommCenter Jan-1959/July-1960.

Would enjoy hearing from NAS CommCenter crew that was there during that time. Looking for 
"Jack" Bradley (Massachussets)in particular. You can e-mail me at EasyEd62@hotmail.com.  
Wife and I will be retiring (semi) to North Carolina at the end of June 2002 so, if you 
drop me a line and you don't get an answer right away, it's just because we're on the
move.  I will catch up with all once settled. 

Thanks Lou for this site -- great work and many fond memories My name is Jim Adams RM3 
and I was stationed at Sidi Yahia, Morocco from 1962 until Sept 1964. I have lost track 
of all my buddies that were stationed with me but if it helps jog your memory Chief 
Gunther was there at this time. I moved several times after leaving the service and 
pictures and dates and etc were lost? If any of you guys are out there
feel free to contact me. My email is:  brotherj@henderson.net
God Bless you all where ever you may be at now.

Labess (hello, if memory serves me right);

  I'm Tom Treece, a Seabee, who was stationed at NTC Kenetra from December 
1973 until December 1975.  Was age 18 years, 1 month when I arrived at my 1st 
duty station.  Shortly after an unsuccessful attempted coup on King Hassan II. 
What a great place!  As a Utilitiesman, I worked in the boiler plant behind 
the galley, the swimming pool behind the EM Club (where I enjoyed Shorty's 
libations at night!  Anyone remember Poor Richard's Nights with 10 cent rum and 
cokes?), the deep well pumps and wells that watered NTC.  Earned the princly 
sum of $307.20 a month before taxes which was plenty of money!  Being young, 
I experienced Mama's House and the Green Door as well as a couple other "hospitality 
suites".  Lived at Mehdia Beach and numerous locations on board NTC and in Kenetra.  
Met some great friends.  I see one, Pat Weil, made an earlier guestbook entry.  
Met some interesting people: Al Earl, Bob Strait, Don Gay, Warrant Officer Walke, 
Jeff Peterson, Jim Kasper.  My favorite Moroccan; Hoummuch, the Public Works 
electrician.  Got married once in Gilbraltar while assigned there.  Ate cous-cous 
and brouchetes from the stand below the Chalet Bar.  Went on to spend a total 
of 26 years in the USN, but no assignment brings fonder memories than my 24 months 
in Morocco.  What a wonderful experience. 

Hi The web site is fantastic brings back many good memories.I arrived in Port 
Lyautey Nov.53 and stayed there till Nov.55 was assigned to Marine Barrack's 
Maj.Stanley Davis was the C.O. followed by Lt.Col. Gilson then Col. George E. Newton.
The first Mo.or so we lived on seabee hill waiting for Bouknadel & Sidi to open.
We were trucked there every day until the bases opened.I spent appx.17 mo at Bouknadel, 
1 mo. at Sidi  and the rest at mainside (the best was at Bouk.(Too bad theres no 
pic.of Susans or the other GREAT places in Rabat).I returned there in 1997 and spent 
the entire Mo. of Feb visiting the old sites (Susans & the rest were gone)The base 
is pretty run down --but still active with the Moroccan A.F & Army was treated 
like a V.I.P when I visited the Base I belong to the Alumni Association and hope 
that many more visitors join. Thanks again for the site   

Jim O'Leary  fdl38@bellsouth.net

Hello Everyone,

MY EMAIL IS raynorhardy@cs.com   Asalaam Alikum


E-MAIL: jfbrab@yahoo.com 

I was taken completely by surprise to find this site. Just a great idea.
Was based December 72 to June 75 at NTC. Worked in personnel. Lived at the beach. 
Could not believe I was in the Navy and had the fortune of serving here. 
Great weather, nice people,living on the beach, could not beat it.
Reality set in when I went to a tender. Made many friends who stay in contact 
regularly and we get together every 4-5 years. Usually 25-40 of us show up 
with families for reunions, this summer will be getting together in Nebraska. 
Thanks for the pictures and rekindling great memories.

Kenitra 72

Hello All,

My name is Joe Franzen.  I served at Sidi Yahia from 11/69-6/71.

I love your site. I am so glad that sites relating to old Morroc are now 
arriving on the net. I also have a site set up.  Please visit me at:


Attn: Webmaster: I will have a link set up from my site to yours.

Ken & Jo Ann Simpson

Only had a short time in Port Lyautey (VR-24). My youngest daughter was 
born there in 1963.  We moved with the squadron to Rota in the summer of 
1963. We lived in Kenitra during our stay and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's good to have the website so I can reminisce about the "GOOD OLD DAYS"

email:  joken14@juno.com

Les Liptak, Jr.

I was born in Port Lyautey in September, 1954; my father, L.H. Liptak, Sr. 
and my mother (Vickie)were stationed there at the time.  I appreciate the
photos of the place;  someday I wish to go back andvisit the area to see 
my birthplace up close.

Thank you for the "memory".....

Hello:  I'm Laura (Liptak) Ederer.  My father is Lester H. Liptak, Sr.  
My oldest brother, Les, Jr., was born here.  What a beautiful website.  
Nice to see the pictures, especially of the aircraft.  I still get goosebumps 
over the aircraft and the ships.  Many fond memories from every place we ever 
were.  Keep up the good work!

Was in the VR-24 flight crew from 53-55, enjoyed many good times with some 
very special people. I think I had the far end seat reserved in Felix's bar 
and I can still picture old Mucho mixing the drinks. Great site. Thanks for 
the memories.

Les H. Liptak, ADRC, USN, Ret lcliptak@hightec.com Pensacola, Fl



I arrived in Port Lyautey fresh out of Boot Camp. This being my first
duty station I didn't realize how lucky I was. My tour was from
Dec. 1954 to June 1956. I was first attached to VR-24 cargo crew then
was moved inside the terminal to weight & balances. After passing the
test for Photographers Mate Third Class I was assigned to the base
Photo Lab. It has been so long ago that my memory is fading fast but
I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. My E-Mail
address is rhymerhapsody@juno.com

                                         Richard Ross

Doing a in process inspection of this site....Quality Control JHD

Ric Nobrega USN 1957 1959 sorry should have listed my e mail for my buddies to 
loacte me,hawki@meganet.net, thanks for the relisting. VR24 Cargo Handlers. 
Port Lyautey

Ric Nobrega  USN Airman

Attached to VR 24 cargo handlers, heavy equipment oper, had a lot of great memories, 
and some of the nicest guys you ever want to know. God bles you Ed Murray where ever 
you are. I hope I can reach some of my ground crew, they were the best. 1957-1959   
Great site, keep it going.

Robert Bowman (Bob)  VR-81 Pilot LtCdr. Port Lautey 1954-1955

Bill Bateman sent me this site. I have been wanting to connect with some 
my squadron whom I have lost touch through the years.  This is a great way 
to look fo them..Thanks a million!  

I arrived in Port Lautey October 10,1954. In November 1955 Bill Bateman, 
George Watts and I were transfered to Naples Detatchment.  We drove across 
Europe and settled temporarily in the St. Elmo Hotel on November 14,1955. 
In late April 1957 my wife Ginnie, 5 yr. old daughter and 2 yr.old son 
boarded the U.S.S. Constitution for New York, arrived along with our "Opal Carrivan" 
we had purchased in Italy for $500.00 WOW!!  Those days are gone forever!  
Next duty station was Coranado, California North Island VR-21 Det.

I do not use the computer because my eyes are not what they used to be 
but my wife does so I communicate by using her as my secretary.

 our e-mail address is .....ginbowman@juno.com.........  
I would love to hear back from anyone who remembers me, 
by chance does anyone out there know where Sage Johnson and his wife 
Francine are?

Joseph C. Engel Naval Aviation Pilot (NAP) e-mail address jengel@mindspring.com. 
I was in Port Lyauty in 1952 and was transfered to VR-24 Detachment Naples Italy 
in 1953 where my third son was born. I was lucky because my wife could speak Italian. 
I left Naples in 1956. Happy Landings

Hello Lou,

This a great site.  Credit to you for setting it up.

Name is Pete Owen, AL1, USN, ret.  Retired out of VR24 in 1962.  Had been in 
Port Lyautey from 1949 until I retired in 1962 with the exception of 1951 to 
53 when we, my wife and I, went to the Attache in Baghdad.  Was in Port 
Lyautey 11 years.  Many years in 24 starting in 49.  Was also VW2 Det A with 
the P4Ms for a couple of years when I came back from Baghdad.  Then to VP26 
for awhile, back to VQ2 and P4Ms again.  Then back to 24 again for another 
4 years until I retired in 62.

Without a doubt Port Lyautey was the best tours I ever had in the Navy.  
We lived in town for 11 years and it was great.  Yes, I remember Lulus, 
Mamas, and many many more. Running out of space I think so better quit.  
Email is provr24@cox.net  if anyone wants to chat.  Good luck. Pete

This site is a great way to remember a part of our history.  Nice job.

Linda Motroni  

Dan Jacobs (jake@capecodmouse.com) 


Hi Lou

Your site is coming along nicely, you should be proud of it.

Was assigned to VR-24 at NAF Port Lyautey from Dec. '54 till March '56.

Worked Air Cargo at the  Air Terminal, line crew and was lucky enough to be on part 
time flight crew as an orderly. For what it might be worth to some, here is the 
URL link to the VR-24 web site;  http://www.vr-24.org/  

Managed to make the VR-24 Squadron reunion this last Oct. that was held at Pensacola, 
saw a number of  fellow squadron mates that I  served  with at Port Lyautey. We all 
talked of  old times and places like Lulu's, Crystal Bar, Garden Club and even the 
Red Cross center. Yes !! and like Lou we remembered the VCS,Suzanne's and a few 
other places, like sneaking into the native sections of Rabat & Casablanca.

Fair Winds Lou & keep up the 4.0 job on your web site.

Anyone wishing to contact me please e-mail jake@capecodmouse.com

Great Site.

Hal Jenkins, AB2, assigned to the base air terminal, 1956 - 1957.

hi: Rick Merryman (RM3) was stationed @ Sidi Yahia 7/58 thru 12/59 home town is Lynn,Ma.

A warm welcome to all that visit this webpage.

And if you were stationed at the Port, Sidi Bouknadel or Sidi Yahia, let us know your 
rank/rate, base location, dates and your duty assignment.

Lou Demas
Norton, MA
March 14, 2002