US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco

Aerial Photographs

The Port Lyautey Air Station in the 1940's. Photograph is an official U. S. Army photograph and was submitted through the courtesy of Jack Dennison, Honolulu, HI.

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The above photograph was taken in 1948. Using the water tower in the upper center as a guide, the camel barns to the upper and lower right used by the French were still in existence and being converted by Navy Seabees to Barracks. Compare this photograph with the following one taken in 1952.

.........our thaks to Jerry Zimmerman for his re-touching skills to improve the quality of the photograph

The above photograph was taken in 1952. Using the water tower in the center as a guide, following the roadway upwards to 10:00, station personnel assigned to the base from 1954 on will notice that the Church, Outdoor Movie, Navy Exchange and Fleet Intelligence Center had not been built as yet .

Photo courtesy of Doug & Sondra Scott of the Port Lyautey Alumni Association

The two above color aerial photographs of the Port Lyautey Naval Air Station (NAS) were taken while I was returning to the NAS on a flight from the Royal Air Force Base on Gibraltar. Copies of these photographs are available without the nomenclature. Please send me an e-mail and I will return the photo(s) you desire, by e-mail, as a .jpg attachment.