US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco

The following photographs were contributed by Mrs. Jeri Yasi, Oceanside, CA. Between 1965 - 1968, her husband, Carl, was the Industrial Relations Officer for the Civilian Personnel for all the bases and as she states, "It was the highlight of our lives". We had friends from all areas. Military, Civilians and Moroccans. And many of those who served in Morocco in that time frame now live in the San Diego area including Chaplain Father Ken Kieffer and Mrs. Nouni who was the General Manager of the Mamora Hotel.

Jeri also noted that some folks may remember Helen Walton, who passed away last Dec. 23, 2002. She helped to ship people in and out. Jim and Gladys Bouska were there with us. Jim died a few years ago.


The Naval Captain was the USNTC Base Commander in 1967, Capt. More. The second man from the right in the back is Carl Yasi, Base Industrial Officer. The other two men are Chris Mickey and Howard Langley who had just arrived from Washington DC. To the left of Captain More is Jeri Yasi. Mrs. Yasi relates that she and her husband had to entertain the two visitors from Washington and that she gave them the full flavor of Morocco. "I took them right into the Medina and my Fatima friends cooked them the most delightful meal and we had a wonderful time. I don't think they ever forgot the hospitality and sincerity".

Base Catholic Chaplain Father Kieffer, 1967

This is a luncheon at the "O" Club. It was taken 11/2/67 at USNTC Kenitra. Jeri states that "I don't know many of the names except second from left is Dorothy Fay. Her husband was principal of the school. Fifth from the left is Joanne Robinson, third from the right is Jeri Yasi, sitting on the floor is Connie Bennett on the right. I can't remember the other names but a great group of girls".



The above photograph is of Jeri Yasi (to the right) in attendance at the 2003 VR-24 reunion in San Diego. To the left, is Jeri's good friend and a person many old Port Lyautey hands will remember from the 1950's as Mrs. Nouni. Nony as she is affectionately called, was the Manager of the Mamora Hotel in Kenitra. Both live in Southern California. They were both extremely loving and outgoing people..... They were the highlight for me at the reunion.....Lou Demas.

In the photograph taken in 2003 (San Diego) from left to right, Jeri Yasi, Carl Yasi, Mrs. Nouni, Ruth Owen and Pete Owen. Pete was a crewman in both ECM-2 (VQ-2) and VR-24 for many years.


39 years later, Bob Bailey, took this photo of his mother (left), Millie Bailey, with Fr. Kieffer and Jeri Yasi, at Jeri's home in Texas on November 18th, 2006. The three of them spent an enjoyable weekend together. Bob left them alone and went up to his daughter's home in Copperas Cove, TX. Her husband is career Army, posted at Illesheim, Germany. Millie Bailey was Carl & Jeri's maid of honor at their wedding, 60 - something years ago.

Web-Editor's Note! Carl Yasi passed away on January 11, 2007. Father Kieffer passed away on January 31, 2007 and Jeri Yasi passed away on Thursday, June 16th, 2011. "May their memories be eternal".