Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco


The following photographs are from the personal collection of Ward Voit, now 82 and retired. Ward served as a MoMM3c with duty at Port Lyautey and later aboard the USS Intrigue (AM/MEF 253).

Ward states he left school in the 11th grade to join the Navy in August 1943. He spent 6 weeks of boot camp at Bainbridge Md. He requested radio school but was told that he would not get any overseas duty or a minesweeper assignment if he went to school. After completing boot camp, he was sent overseas and landed at Casablanca 13 days later. He recalls that when he arrived, there were five inches of oil floating on top of the water in the harbor. The oil was coming from French Battleship, Jean Bart which had been destroyed but was still in the harbor. He was transferred to Port Lyautey the same day.

His initial duty included setting up tents for about 300 men and he was then assigned to the Motor Pool where he was assigned duty in the maintenance and repair of diesel and gasoline engines. He went all over North Africa and came back to the states in 1945 in New York on VJ Day. Ward states that was a great day to be in New York ( LOL). He then spent two weeks on leave and was sent to Yorktown VA and boarded the USS Intrigue, a Minesweeper. He was discharged on the 7th January, 1946 and returned to school to complete his education. He lived in a little town named Mt. Savage, MD for a while and has been in been in Tyler Texas for the past 43 yrs. Some of the he following photographs are with his handwritten notations, are some what faded from age, but recall some of the earliest memories of the Port Lyautey base.

This darkened photograph shows Ward Voit and his best friend, a Thompson Sub-Machine Gun

Three former shipmates

Military Cemetery at Port Lyautey

Ward Voit standing before a bomber. Each bomb denotes a mission

Another view

Aircraft that crashed on landing

The train that worked on the base bringing in supplies from off base

Top photo above, convoy of trucks off base

Bottom photo above, changing a tire

Two photos below, on base work shuffling supplies



Ward Voit took this picture when he landed in New York on VJ Day. This was at Pier 92. The ship you see to the left was the Queen Elizabeth. It was made into a troopship and painted grey.

USS Intrigue (AM/MEF 253), Ward Voit's last assignment before discharge