The following photographs are from the Vincent Butkevis collection. Vincent served as a radioman at the Naval Communication Facility, at Port Lyautey, prior to the establishment and commissioning of the Naval Communication Stations at Bouknadel and Sidi Yahia. The photographs were all taken in 1952. Vincent was one of the first contributors of photographs to the website. On December 30th, 2011, he was called home to the Eternal Cruise, "May his Memory be Eternal".

Before it was a Naval Air Station (NAS)

The Navy Exchange prior to the newer building which was built across from the Base Hospital. The gentleman in the photograph is Donald Cunningham, TE3, USN, assigned to the NCF.

Seeking Former Shipmates

If anyone should know the whereabouts of Don Cunningham and also H.A. Christy RMSN, W.E. Heatherly RM3, J.R. Hawkins ET3, J.D. Mcphail RM3, C.O. Miller Jr. SN and E.E. Oligney RMSN, would they kindly contact Vincent Butkevis at Mr. Cunningham's home state as of the date of the picture was Pennsylvania, not sure of the others.

This Shore Patrol vehicle was parked outside the VCS. Were they on duty or were they...............?

This was a section of the Base Naval Communication Facility. Seen looking at the camera are Vincent Butkevis, RM3 in lower left and C. G. Miller, RM3 in the middle.

In front of "Crystal Bar" in Kenitra. In the photograph are C. W. Hogins. TE3. Tom Busell, RM3, C. G. Miller, RM3, A. E. Newton, TE3 and E. E. Oligvey, RMSN.

Inside of Mama's Bar. Wonder if the girls are still "working" there?

Downtown Kenitra

On the road to Bouknadel. H.A. Christy RMSN and R.E.Ashley TE3

Ramadan Parade

Ramadan Parade

Ramadan Parade