Naval Air Station Port Lyautey



United States Marine Barracks

PFC Stephen Vano was stationed in Morocco from July 1957 - July 1958 at Kenitra, Bouknadel and Sidi Yahia. Following are selected photographs from that tour of duty including fellow marines. He would love to hear from former marines or sailors who served there at the same time. His e-mail address is

PFC Stephen Vano relaxing

From left to right, PFC's. Robinson, Conte, Leonard, Rogecki, Trotter, and Ski

PFC's Sherman, Cronin, Carraras, Vano, and Conte

PFC's Vano, Conte and Robinson

PFC. Eddie Leonard

PFC. Steve Vano


View of the prison from the main gate

CPL. Scott with Moroccan soldiers

Getting ready for May Day parade, Sultans Palace, Rabat, 1958

Marine Sgt. and Moroccan Soldier

French Army Patch


The choice was Heiniken, Tuborg or Stork (terrible)