US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco


All the photographs on this page were contributed by Bill Theeringer, US Air Force who was stationed at the Air Force Site Y11, which was about 5 miles east of Rabat. He and his wife lived in Rabat on Rue de Bearn right behind the USAF leased theater in Agdal.

Bill was assigned to the 4th Radio Relay Squadron as a Microwave Radio Relay Equipment Repairman and was in Morocco from August 1958 to February 1960. He maintained the microwave communications link from the Strategic Air Command base at Ben Gurier, in the south, all the way to Rota Spain.

Bill had been an avid ham radio operator since age 13, and operated an amateur radio station (ham) from his house in Rabat. His land lady's daughter's boy friend was also a ham, as was Prince Moulay Hassan and his two brothers. He met Moulay Hassan at one of the radio club meetings in Rabat and remembers him as a very nice person. Little did he know that his father Mohammed V would die within a few years, and that he would become King. Moulay Hassan died in 1999 and his son is now King.

After discharge at Charleston in February 1960, he and his wife moved back to Michigan. He went to work for the railroad as a journeyman electrician working in their communications department for 7 years, then teamed up with Raytheon as a Field Service Engineer. He was active in the design, checkout and installation of the ABM system on Kwajalein Island, and the Cobra Dane OTH Radar System on Shemya Island in the Aleutians. Also the CRS-70 system aboard the USNS Arnold and USNS Vandenberg. He lived in Marlboro, MA and worked out of the Equipment Development Labs at Wayland, MA. After his wife passed away in 1977, He took a permanent position with Raytheon in Santa Barbara, CA. Later he teamed up with Delco Systems in 1980, working on the F-16 Flight Control Computer and the Shuttle Inertial Upper Stage computer.

He retired in 1990 at age 50 and spends his free time flying his airplane, a Rutan design that he built in his garage, at air shows. He likes to spend his summers in France and has returned to Morocco for visits in 85, 90, and 93. His former landlady died in the 70's and her daughter lives in a retirement home in Rabat. He invited her for a visit, and in 1989 she spent 6 weeks with him, not speaking a word of English. Site 11 is now a speedway for race cars.

The photographs below are of the damage to the Port Lyautey base hospital after the 1960 earthquake.

Port Lyautey Hospital with structural cracks.

Another view of the Port Lyautey Hospital

A view of the total collapse of one section

And another.................

And a view of the remains of the Maternity Ward

Bill Theeringer at Volubilus, an ancient Roman site.