US Naval Air FacilityPort Lyautey, Morocco



The following photographs were contributed by Clifton Speed, former DM3 USN who was stationed at Port Lyautey from mid-1951 until late-1953, attached to Construction Battalion Detachment (CBD) 1521 working out of the engineering department.

He entered Naval Service 17 Oct. 1950 at New Orleans, LA. Attended Boot Camp at NTC, San Diego. CA 1950-1951 and then was sent to Class A Draftsman School, Port Hueneme, CA. After graduation, he was assigned to CBD 1521 at Port Lyautey and served there between 1951-1953. He was then assigned to the USS Grand Canyon, AD28, 1953-1954 and the USS Everglades, AD24 in 1954. He was discharged 13 Aug 1954 at Norfolk, VA. He lived in Trussville, AL on the outskirts of Birmingham but was a native of MS, coming to Trussville after graduating from Mississippi State College in 1956 with a degree in Civil Engineering.

In January, 2011, he was called home to the Eternal Cruise, "May his Memory be Eternal".

The Airfield as seen from the Golf Course

View of the Base Administration Building. In the distance is the airstrip to the left and the Sebou River. The building under construction in the foreground, given its proximity to the Administration Building and Quonset Huts, is either within the Marine Barracks area or on the fringe.

A view from "Confusion Hill" (the Seabee Base). In the distance is the Water Tower Landmark and the Sebou River. The multi-story building to the right was the BOQ.

Another view from "Confusion Hill". In the distance is the Sebou River and beyond that, Kenitra.

Photograph taken in 1952 - 8000 foot runway under construction. Buidings and area shown are the beginnings of the Base Public Works Department

New hanger under construction - 1952

Snails - Delicious with Stork Beer & Casa Sport Cigarette

The airfield in 1952

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