"Construimus Batuimus"

The Seabee Detachment, Port Lyautey, Kenitra, Morocco, 1957 -1959

The following photographs are of various Seabee personnel from the Port Lyautey detachment between 1957 and 1959. While I have remembered many last names, I have forgotten some first names and unfortunately many more names have slipped away with the passage of time.

And I want to thank Jerry Zimmerman, a continuing photographic contributor to this website and a retired photographer, who after perusing this link, graciously improved the quality of ten of these 50+ year old photographs with his re-touching skills. Thank you Jerry!!!


Angel, in the barracks.

George Orm on the left, Angie Peterson on the right.


Corey, in the barracks.

Dan Miller.


Good, outside the motor pool.

Jack Gable, in the barracks.


Yours truly, I still cannot believe the Navy trusted me to drive this rig.

Lyle Dyar on the left and Jim Neil on the right, in the barracks recreation area.


Gordon (Sleepy) Clevinger, at his family's quarters.


Jim (Kicks) Killebrew, in Casablanca.


John Skoglund on the left, unidentified on the right.

John Worley on the left, unidentified on the right. Christmas 1958, at the EM Club.


Wayne Fisher, in the barracks.

Left, Tom (Fuzzy) Kramer and yours truly, in the barracks.


Nixon, in the motor pool area.

Tony DeLeon, in the barracks.


Dixson, duty driver for the day. That is the COMNAVACTS vehicle to his right.

"Seabee", barracks mascot.


Steiner. Three days after I arrived for duty, he took me to Suzanne's. If memory serves me correctly, he was from New York City and unfortunately is now probably a Yankee and Jets fan now. Oh well, so much promise as he could be a Red Sox and New England Patriots fan instead :-).

Walt Owsiany. One of my best buds from Morocco. Hooked up with almost 50 years after we served there and as he now lives in New Hampshire, we are only two hours away.




Christmas, 1957


Christmas, 1957

Christmas, 1957


The following photographs are from the 1957 barracks Christmas Party and should once and for all, attest and confirm that Seabees, unlike the Airdale, Marine and Ship's company personnel also stationed at Port Lyautey, could imbibe of the vine and exhibit civility and decorum when doing so!




And a thank you to best bud Walt Owsiany who took some of the above photographs and created a composite of the below, hopefully he is correct and we have a grand reunion in the Lord's Kingdom on the Eternal Cruise!