All the photographs on these pages are for the most part of Gene Roth, BU3, USN while he was assigned to Port Lyautey with US Naval Construction Battalion One, Detachment Mike. The photographs were taken in the living quarters area at "Confusion Hill". the Seabee Base Camp.


Constructionman (CN) Gene Roth. The rate of CN can be seen on his left sleeve, i.e., three blue angled stripes. As he was in dress whites, this had to be in preparation for a Detachment inspection at NAS Port Lyautey. Gene would later be promoted to Builder (BU) 3/C.

Gene Roth outside of his living quarters. Seabees were expected to maintain the cleanliness of their living quarters and all shared in the upkeep. However they would not have washed the floor in their dress whites. The "Keep of the Grass Sign" was added for humor, there was little if any grass in the Seabee base camp. This particular living area can be seen named as the "Pirates Den" and in all probability housed an ample supply of Rum and other refreshments masterfully hidden by its residents, a trait Seabees have perfected over the decades.

Gene in civilian (Civvies) clothes. Seabees, as all other US Navy and Air Force personnel in Morocco, wore civvies when on liberty off-base. The Moroccan Government, mindful that their country hosted three US Air Force bases including two Strategic Air Command bases, the US Naval Air Station in Kenitra (Port Lyautey) and the Naval Communication Stations in Sidi Bouknadel and Sidi Yahia, attempted to minimize the US Military presence by having US military personnel wear civilian clothes while off-base and on liberty.


Gene, outside his living quarters, a Quonset Hut.


Four members of Pirates Den Quonset Hut, left to right, Unknown, Unknown, (?) Hallman and Frank (?)...........................................Gene Roth and Frank (?)


Need to know who?

MCB #1 inspection in September 1956. On the left front is Howard Mason, then Gene Roth. On the right side in front is Shorty Kogan and then Carrol Gast. Inspecting in order are Captain Clark, Chief Petty Officer Paris (platoon leader) Lt. J.G. McCullough (company commander) and the tall officer in the back with only white hat and eyes showing is Commander Gorman. MCB-1 Skipper.

It is unknown where this photograph was taken as a full Navy Captain in the Civil Engineer Corps would not have been assigned to Port Lyautey. It is probable that this photograph was taken at Davisville, RI, home base of the Atlantic Seabees and was taken prior to Detachment Mike embarking by troopship to NAS Port Lyautey.