All the photographs on these pages were taken while Gene Roth, BU3, USN was assigned to Port Lyautey with US Naval Construction Battalion One, Detachment Mike in 1957. Due to their age, many photographs on this page appear as overexposed but the subject content is still recognizable.

On the left, looking towards the base hospital, on the right, the Seabee theater


Gene Roth on the left abd Gizzi on the right working on the renovation of the BOQ

Detachment Mike Builders and Steelworkers renovating the BOQ

On the left, working at the BOQ, on the right, working at the Base School

Detachment Mike Builders building a retaining wall at the Base School

Base Chapel built by MCB #6 Seabees and completed by MCB #1 Detachment Mike Seabees

Even Though the quality is poor, this is the only photograph of the interior of the Base Chapel on this website

Two views of the base swimming pool with the EM Club in he background

On the left, obviously an Airedale somewhat afraid of heights and preferring to jump, on the left, a Detachment Mike Seabee gracefully gliding through the air exhibiting form and style

Kenitra street scene, unknown location

Pasha's (Mayor) Palace, Kenitra governmental offices

Somewhat faded view of the Mamora Hotel

Another unknown street scene from Kenitra

Backside of the Mamora Hotel?

Housing near Medhia Beach


Medhia Beach vendor