US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco


.....The following photographs were submitted by Nicholas J. Proferes Jr. from the collection of his father, Nicholas J. Proferes Sr who was at Port Lyautey among many of his travels between 1944 and 1946.

Nicholas Sr. joined the US Army Air Corps in Feb., 1937 as an enlisted man, training at Langley Field, Virginia as a pilot, then in communications and radar. He received his commission in June, 1944. During his service, he was involved in setting up communications and radar installations across the North Atlantic, in Labrador, Baffin Land, Greenland and eventually, after the war ended finding his way to North Africa and the Azores.

He was released from active duty in Feb. 1946, but continued as a reserve officer until 1965 when he retired as a Major. He made a career out of his interest in microwave energy, working for the CAA/FAA in research and development primarily on instrument landing systems (ILS) and received an award from President Lyndon Baines Johnson for saving the Federal Government millions of dollars on his latest design shortly before his death at the age of 50 in late 1967. He also maintained his interest as a pilot throughout, owning 3 aircraft and being an active member of the Civil Air Patrol in the Washington DC area.

Nicholas Jr., who forwarded the photographs to this website was born and educated in the United States. He went to Australia to work and his first position was with Amalgamated Wireless Australasia, Ltd. in Sydney. He worked on the design of a Doppler VOR system which originated with the FAA and the drawings his company received were signed off by people he knew from his father's office. He has also done some design work on some self tuning communications transmitters.


Images from the aftermath of the Invasion of Morocco (Operation Torch)

the Burma Road during WW2 which stated, "Never







And like those brave Yanks, Aussies and Brits on the Burma Road, American soldiers who "gave their tomorrows for our todays"


...............Landing Craft debris at Port Lyautey c 1945! ...............Landing Craft debris at Port Lyautey c 1945!


Disabled US tank and Lt. J.G. Mims. May have been near Rabat c 1945

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