US Naval Communication Station

Bouknadel, Morocco


The following photographs and commentary were contributed by Darian Paganelli (Pag) who served at Bouknadel, Morocco. He can be contacted at

You have to be of an age of mine, to remember the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope "Road to Morocco" movie. At any rate, these last 5 slides (submitted on November 11, 2009) were taken on the bus back from town as it made its way from Kenitra, Media Beach, the coastal road and Mohammed 5 highway. The big concrete and stucco road sign at the end of the coast road where it intersects with Mohammed V is firmly imprinted on my memory, always seemed to signal the last half of the bus ride from town to the base at Bouknadel. From there you continued up through the cork forest to the base at Bouknadel. Incidentally, the acorns that dropped from the cork oaks were edible. They tasted like chestnuts as I remember. After I saw some Moroccan families gathering and eating them, I tried one too. Very good eating.



I hope you have enjoyed all these slides and that they will bring forth responses from others who were stationed at USNRS(T) Bouknadel, Morocco (call letters CNL). I will be looking at the Port Lyautey guest book regularly to see if anyone places any comments there about the Bouknadel slides. Typically there are many entries from Navy people stationed in Morocco, but not many from Bouknadel. Being able to still see the base at Bouknadel on Google Earth makes me feel good about scanning and contributing these slides.

The best to all of you and seasons greetings where ever you are.

Darian Paganelli