The above photograph of the Bouknadel Emblem was submitted by Joseph Kilgore, RMCS (Ret.). He can be contacted at

Following is his account of his Naval sevice and how the emblem came into being:

My "brief" tour in the U.S. Navy began at San Diego in 1949, (six days after I turned seventeen), and ended at Washington DC in 1972. The early 1950s found me stationed aboard a small patrol craft; the PCEC 882, in Korea. After that came NAF Okinawa, , the Philippines, ComcarDiv five (staff) and a few air craft carriers and then on to USNRST Guam. From Guam the Navy assigned me to duty at ALUSNA /Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark (1957-1960). One of my next duty stations was the Pentagon acting as CNO/OPNAV communications watch chief for three years. During that time I was advanced to RMCS. Shortly afterward, as luck would have it, I was transferred to USNRST Bouknadel, Morocco. When I transferred out of Morocco, it was another staff duty as communications chief for Military Sealift Command in DC. A year later my young family was calling and that signaled an end to my Navy career.

My civilian life, in Cleveland, Ohio, was centered around learning the alarm industry while working for Honeywell, and being a husband to my wife and, of course a father to my two young boys.

Regarding the brass presentation plaque...As I recall, while at Bouknadel a flyer was posted requesting ideas for a USNRST Bouknadel station patch. For an hours work I received $25 and a nice brass presentation plaque, which, incidentally, is staring back at me at this very moment. The $25? well, I believe I invested that in several bottles of Chivas Regal.

Best Regards to all!

Joseph C. Kilgore RMCS Retired US Navy