US Naval Communication Station

Bouknadel, Morocco

The following photographs and commentary were contributed by Darian Paganelli (Pag) who served at Bouknadel, Morocco. He can be contacted at

This series of 8 slides is not the best quality. It shows a Fantasia practice session by some Berber horsemen on the beach at La Plage des Nations, "Bouk Beach" to the Navy men stationed at USNRST. About 4 miles from USNRST by road. These slides were taken in May or April of 1970 according to the processing date on the actual slides. I probably rode down there on my 150 CC Lambretta motor scooter to have a cup of coffee. The quality of the slides is rather poor, my appologies for that. They were taken from the patio of the restaurant at the beach. The Berber horsemen were grouping up, riding like the hammers of hell while they loaded their muskets and fired off a volley at the end of their ride, or when they were loaded. I guess first man to fire a musket wins the contest?

This is the third submittal of slides I have from Morocco. The next submittal will be of some slides of La Plage Des Nations again, but without the Berber horsemen. They are of better quality, but are just shots of the beach and restaurant from all angles so I would not forget about the place by the ocean that gave me so much peace for the price of a cup of coffee. It was my favorite place to decompress. I did not speak their language, they did not speak mine and their coffee was very good. I would just sit there and connect with the ocean for about 30 minutes and let the incoming fog envelop everything around me. A lot of the guys from the base at USNRST would also spend the day at the beach enjoying the sun, sand and waves. The waves would come in at over 7 feet sometimes. I used to jump into them and get thrown on the beach in a heap.