US Naval Communication Station (CNL)

Bouknadel, Morocco


The following photographs and commentary were contributed by Darian Paganelli (Pag) who served at USNRS(T) Bouknadel, Morocco. He can be contacted at

Pag submitted his photographs in separate categories including Christmas 1970 at Bouknadel, Bouknadel Base Photographs, Plage des Nations (Bouk Beach), Horsemen practicing for a Fantasia (ride, load and fire at a full gallop), the transmitter building, the road from the base to the compound, the road from Kenitra, Media Beach to Bouk and individual ET's who worked at the transmitter building. His most treasured photo is of the the old gentleman named Miludi who made coffee and swept up inside the transmitter building. Pag commented "God Bless his soul, where ever he is".

Pag went to Navy boot camp at Great Lakes, Illinois in April of 1968, celebrating his 22nd birthday a few days after checking into boot camp. From boot camp he to attended ET-A school in Great Lakes, Illinois, went on leave and then returned to a 4 week Navy C school for the FRT-39 high power radio transmitter at Great Lakes. He then flew on Pan American Airlines out of New York to Rabat, Morocco for active duty at USNRS(T) Bouknadel Morocco in March of 1969. He was an ETNSN with a job code 1528 specifically for the FRT-39 10 KW radio transmitter.

USNRS(T) had about 10 FRT-5's by Collins Radio, 30 FRT-39's and 20 FRT-40's both made by TMC (Technical Materiel Corporation). The three specialty transmitters were two FRT-72's, made by LTV (Ling Temco Vought) Very Low Frequency (up to 180 KC), 100,000 watts out, they were called Alpha and Bravo. The biggest radio transmitter was a TMC FRT-62 that put out 200,000 watts. After serving 21 months at Bouknadel, he went home on leave for a month as an ETN-2 and later reported aboard the USS Coronado, LPD-11 at Norfolk, Virginia in the Spring of 1971 to serve out the rest of his tour of duty. He was released from active duty, on an early out of 3 months, to attend Ward Technical Institute in West Hartford, Connecticut in January of 1972 where he earned an Associates Degree in Electronic Technology. For the next 30 years he was employed as an Electronic Technician, Technical Representative, Electronic Technical Writer and finally as a Computer/Telephony Specialist (Technician). He was married in 1999 to a lady whom he had intended to marry in 1972, (but she married someone else at that time) and retired in 2002.

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