US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco

The following photographs were contributed by Dean Miner, former PHA3, USN who was stationed at Port Lyautey from early 1957 until late 1958, where he was assigned to the Photo Lab. In that capacity, he took the aerial and aircraft photographs which follow.

Dean entered Naval Service in August 1956 and attended Boot Camp at NTC, Great Lakes, IL. He was then sent to Norman, OK for Aviation Fundamentals Prep School and upon completion of that school, went to Pensacola, FL for Aerial Photography School. He was then assigned to Port Lyautey.

After an 18 month tour of duty at Port Lyautey, he was assigned to the USS Pocono and came back to the states for transfer. Of course, the Pocono had left for the Mediterranean so Dean was sent to, you guessed it, Port Lyautey for further transfer. After chasing the ship around the Mediterranean, he finally caught up with it in Naples and reported for duty. Six months later, the Pocono returned to Norfolk and went into drydock. Following drydock, she went on a shakedown cruise in the Caribbean Sea and returned to Norfolk. Dean was soon discharged after that and returned to civilian life.

He worked for an engineering company in South Bend, IN doing mapping. He then went into the Land Title Business for himself and retired this past August. In his Naval career, he visited 32 countries and crossed the Atlantic 6 times. He now lives in Warsaw, IN.


P4M with flight crew. Note "Snoopy" and "What me worry" on the bombay.

The La Rotonde appears to be one of the popular submission of photographs from our wonderful photo contributors to the Port Lyautey website. As such, it may unofficially mean that the La Rotonde was the favorite watering hole of many American servicemen.

Aerial view of the base from the northern side.

Aerial view of Medhia Beach.

Aerial view of the Port Lyautey Control Tower and building.

The Medina in Kenitra.

P2V on flight line with ship on the Sebou River background. The squadron that this aircraft belonged to was Patrol Squadron 5 (VP-5) out of NAS Jacksonville, Florida. They were more than likely doing a six month deployment according to Jack Malone, VP-23 1953/1955 who saw this photo on 1/26/05 and e-mailed the information.

Dean mentioned he will always remember the breathtaking views while being in the nose section when the aircraft was busting clouds.

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