Kenitra, the Naval Air Station and Miscellaneous photographs

as of 1997

All of the photographs following (except one) were extracted from a 50 minute video tape taken by Jim O'Leary who visited Morocco in 1997. Jim is a former Marine who served at Port Lyautey between 1953 - 1955. I am indebted to Jim for his thoughtfulness in sharing these memories with all of us.

And a special thank you to Chuck Mullaney, who spent many hours on a video tape editor extracting the stills from the video tape and converting them to jpeg format.

As these photographs are from a video tape, they do not have the clarity or sharpness of a 35mm/jpeg converted photograph.

Pre-Moroccan independence plate

New street signs because....................

Traffic and the city of Kenitra have grown. Note the multi-story buildings along the main street.

Another view of the city (not from the O'Leary video)

But some things remain the same, the Police Station is still housed in the same building......

And the Hotel Mamora is still operating as a hotel.

And inside the Hotel Mamora Bar, the 1940's motion picture posters still hang on the wall.

The Rotonde is still there.

And the EM Club that was located in Kenitra before the Seabees built a new one on base is still there, and open as a bar.

A view of the city, on the opposite side of the Wadi Sebou on the road from the Naval Air Station.

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