1953 - 1955

The following Sidi Yahia, Rabat and NCS Port Lyautey photographs were contributed by Charles Jackson Jr. who was a CTR3 while stationed in Port Lyautey/Sidi Yahia between 1953 - 55. He advanced to CTR2 while stationed in the States and left active duty in 1956. He joined the USNR some years later, made Lt. and subsequently riffed out before he completed the required 20 years. He then transferred to Army Reserve and retired in 1986 as a Captain, USAR. Counting his National Guard duty, he had 31 years of military service.

1st lighted Baseball diamond in North Africa, 1955. Located at NAF Port Lyautey

Chow Hall. Sidi Yahia. 1954

EM Barracks at Sidi Yahia. Charles Jackson's home away from home was first one on the left

Sidi Yahia Administration Building, 1955

French (Algerian) Barracks, Sidi Yahia, 1954

Sidi Yahia EM Club, 1955. L-R, Charles Jackson, Don Gies, C.U. Brown, Larry Couchman, Anderson

Marine Barracks, NAF Port Lyautey, 1953. After the Marines moved to more "luxurious" quarters in 1956, the Seabees were assigned to these quarters

Sultan's Palace, Rabat, 1953


Top - The Chapel at NAF Port Lyautey under construction by the Seabees of MCB #6 in 1953. Compare with the photograph in the newsletter.

Left - Street Scene in Rabat, 1954

Amateur Radio (Ham Shack) at NCS. The Seabees built a rhombic antenna that was 176' on each leg and is partially visible in the background.

NCS Basketball Team. Team members (top L-R), Anderson, Hart, Paduano, Zekas, Palmer. (bottom L-R), Jackson, Courtney, Max, CWO Curtin