United States Marine Corps Barracks, NAS Port Lyautey, Morocco

The photographs on this page were contributed by former Sgt. Jim Izzo, USMC, who arrived in Kenitra in early February, 1958 and left in May of 1959 for discharge. He worked out of Headquarters Company Mainside for the Supply unit and spent a great deal of time driving supplies to Sidi Yahia and Bouknadel becoming quite familiar with all three bases. He also stood quite a bit of guard duty, mostly in the Marine Armory during the evenings


The two upper photographs and the photograph

to the left were taken at the Naval Air Station

Marine Barracks Parade Ground in 1959.


The following photographs were taken in 1995 in Sidi Yahia, the former Naval Air Station and Kenitra by Jim Izzo who returned for a visit with two friends, former Sgts. Ferrara & Johnson.

Sergeant Ferrara at the Sidi Yahia Main Gate. Sgts. Izzo and Ferrara with Moroccan Sgt., Sidi Yahia.

The Brig is gone but the water tower still stands on base. Gone are the Marine base Supply Warehouse & Armory.

The former Slop Shoot (Oasis) on base. Now used by the Moroccan Army. Sgt. Johnson points out the Moroccans simply wrote over the English. Sgt. Izzo points out a former Marine C-119 still on base. Could have flown on this one back in the 1958 - 1959 time frame.

Sgts. Johnson, Izzo and Ferrara in front of base EM club. Old Continental club, in Kenitra, across from market area.

The Crystal bar in Kenitra. Favorite watering hole for many. Kenitra street scene across from the Rotonde bar.