US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco

Google Earth Photographs of the former Naval Air Station Port Lyautey, Kenitra, Morocco

Following are selected aerial photographs of the base and surrounding area taken by Google Earth (GE) in late 2007 and early 2008. Many of the structures known to Navy personnel in the 50's, 60's and 70's are still present and being used by the Moroccan Air Force. Access the GE photographs by searching for Kenitra, Morocco on the GE site and/or utilizing the coordinates Latitude 34°17'30.12"N, Longitude 6°36'10.88"W.

The base and to the south, Kenitra, Morocco.

Can you spot the Rotonde Hotel on the main roadway to and from the base? Diagonally across from it was the Bar Americain.

The Air Terminal, the former FASRON 104 Hanger and the VR-24 and ECM-2 (VQ-2) Hanger. Aircraft on the ground are Moroccan Air Force and an occasional Russian Air Force aircraft.

In the center, the Administration Building, below that, the Marine Barracks and to the left, the "Crypto" Building.

The Chapel with its distinctive orange slate roof, below that, the Outdoor Movie and below that, the Navy Exchange.

To the left, the Naval Hospital and to the right, the Barracks area.

In the center, the Public Works area and to the left, the Tank Farm. Following the road to the left would lead to the dock area.

The Dock area. None of the buildings below the docks existed in the late1950's.

Mehdia Beach.

Enlisted family housing section

The Golf Course and to its left, the "O" Club and BOQ.

The swimming pool and the Enlisted Men's Club

The Supply Warehouses.