1947 - 1948

The following film links on Youtube are from movie film taken by Jerry Zimmerman between the years 1947 - 1948 while he was stationed at the Naval Air Facility in Port Lyautey Morocco as a Navy Photographer's Mate. Jerry was born and raised in West Allis, Wisconsin where, today, he remains a resident. He has been a frequent contributor of stories and photographs to this website for which I am most grateful. Jerry has other "pages" on this website most notably , Photographs and narrative (1947 - 1948) from the Jerry Zimmerman Collection and Photographs (1942 - 1948) from the Jerry Zimmerman Collection Part Two ...................Port Lyautey Web-Editor.

Recently, Michael J. Gerrity, a grandson of Jerry Zimmerman, began the arduous task of converting those films and uploading them to Youtube. Michael is a Chicago based filmmaker and artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Michael has produced, wrote, directed, and shot a number of his own short films that have screened at festivals all around the country. Recently two of his films, "Stream" and "Before I Met You" screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center in downtown Chicago. Although Michael is a film maker, he feels very strongly that old films and out dated forms of photographic technology should be preserved. It has been an honor and a privilege for him to have the responsibility of preserving his grandfather's (Jerry Zimmerman) Port Lyautey films. Currently Michael is working on his first feature length film with the working title "Hovering," which depicts the troubles of navigating personal and professional relationships during times of transition in young adults' lives. Michael is also working on a play that deals with loss and remembrance. Through the staging of a wake and funeral for the death of film, Michael will exhibit the life and death of his father, a Vietnam war veteran. The play will utilize live film projection, video, and live performance to tell the story, and honor all things lost. Michael hopes to include some of Jerry's Port Lyautey films into the play. Some of Michael's work can be seen at his website

Additional Youtube links will be added as they are completed and uploaded to YouTube.

Jerry Zimmerman Navy Film 001 This film is the "Parking" of a 4-U plane at the main hangar, a visit to the Port Lyautey Arab Medina in 1947 and a visit to a brick making plant. Regarding the film content, Jerry has noted that he took the 16mm movie of the plane taxing to its home parking place from the roof of the Main Hangar. You can see a quick look of the crashed Mosquito Bomber waiting repair. At the base of the hill and behind the landing strip you can see the gathering of hundreds of abandoned WWII war vehicles wasting away. The buildings to the back of where the plane is parked were originally the Home Base of the US Air Force. One of the larger buildings was the mess hall for both the Army and USN until the Air Force moved out. Jerry believes they left the Port Lyautey base during mid 1947. The Sebou River can be seen and Port Lyautey/Kenitra can be seen faintly in the left background. The high white wall in one segment, is the French Prison wall between Kenitra and the Base. Jerry stated "I think" my Jeep ride was to the "radio Range" to take photos of broken down equipment to send to D.C. for parts. "I was very shocked at the extremely poor living conditions of the Medina. I am quite sure the movie was taken during Ramadan. The hanging sheep being skinned had just been slaughtered as a sacrifice and bled for the upcoming, closing, Feast. Because my Dad was a bricklayer by trade I took pictures of the Port Lyautey brick factory to show him when I got back home".