US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco

The photographs on this page were submitted by Paul Fleming. Paul was born and raised in Elmira, New York. Following graduation from high school in Horseheads New York he attended college for two years. In 1957 he enlisted. He had had a two week reserve boot at Bainbridge Maryland prior to enlistment at which time he went through boot training at Great Lakes. He was transferred to Bainbridge for Personnelman School. Duty stations included the USS Botetourt (APA-136), Brooklyn Receiving Station, NAS Port Lyautey and the USS Tutuila (ARG-4). He was discharged as an E-5 Personnelman in 1960 from the USS Tutuila.

Fleming then returned to college to complete bachelor and master of science degrees in Speech Pathology and Audiology. In 1995 he retired from the Veterans' Administration where he had specialized in treating traumatic brain injury, voice, stroke and communication disorders in substance abuse.

Articles he has written have been published in Knights Templar Magazine and Sea Classics. One Sea Classics article, Return To Bainbridge: In Search of a Boot's Roots (June 2001, vol. 34, #6, p. 14) lead to the formation of the USNTC Bainbridge Association and the Bainbridge NTC Historical Association. In addition to professional related research he has traveled to Great Britain to study the Greenman as he occurs in medieval stone carving.

At present he continues to do research, ride with a motorcycle club, teach fencing at the YMCA and local private schools and sail a 28' O'Day and a 17' Windrider.

The following photographs are broken into three sections; Station, Kenitra and Rabat photographs. They were taken in 1959.


The Administration Building

To the left of the Administration Building was LCDR Frank Blair's quarters. Blair had an uncanny knack with languages. He could literally be typing in French while carrying on a conversation in Arabic.

The BOQ near the Administration Building

Nanzo on the left and Paul Fleming on the right in front of the Chapel.

Interior of the EM Club

Base Hospital

Enlisted Housing on the Base

Marine Barracks area

The Tower, probably the most remembered landmark on the base

The Tank Farm with a view of base Public Works and the Tarmac

A view of the French Base. In the distance is the prison that was outside the main gate

A VP-5 Aircraft

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