Port Lyautey, 1942 - 1944

In 1943 Bob Moran was a young sailor attached to VPB-92. We thank him for the following photographs which shows life in a wartime situation for the Navy.

No barracks, just tent cities

And with no barracks, the "heads" were in the open

Another view of Tent City

The following three photographs were submitted by Nick Carter whose father, Harold Clarence Carter ACMM, was stationed in the Rabat area in 1944. Notations under the photographs were written on the back of the photographs by Chief Carter.

Chief Carter & Harry W. Webb ACMM with two young Moroccans

Sultan's Guard & Chief Carter

All the Chiefs of the Engine Group at the Beer Party along with Mr. Long, Robat, North Africa, taken 18 July 1944.
Arrow points to Chief Carter

Naval Air Station, Port Lyautey, Kenitra, Morocco, after WW2


On the left, LCDR John Bernard and Mrs. John L. Counihan after an inspection on the Tarmac. On the right, LCDR Bernard standing in front of his quarters. As a young Seabee, I remember both of these individuals, through interaction, from my tour of duty at Port Lyautey (57 - 59). LCDR Bernard was a gentleman in the finest sense of the word and Mrs. Counihan was a gracious and warm lady. Her husband, Captain Counihan, served as COMNAVACTS of the Naval Base. I was saddened to recently learn from Dr. John Bernard, (pup@jupiterspacestation.org) that his father has reported for duty in the Lord's Eternal Cruise! "May his memory be eternal!"

Captain and Mrs. V. A. Jennings. Captain Jennings was the Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Station in the 57 - 59 time frame. If memory serves me, he was later assigned to carrier duty.

The above two photographs were contributed by John D. Bernard who is the webeditor of the Port Lyautey Forever website. This website is a personal recollection of the late 1950's when John's dad, LCDR John Bernard was assigned as Industrial Relations Officer.

Naval Fleet Intelligence Center








Vending machine token photographs courtesy of John Mutch, President of the Token and Medal Society

Naval Communication Facility

In December of 1952, the Naval Communication Facility (NCF) at Port Lyautey produced a pamphlet offering "Seasons Greetings" from the Officers and Men of the NCF to the Naval Air Facility. This was in the years prior to the commissioning and establishment of communication facilities at Bouknadel and Sidi Yahia. Following is a copy of that pamphlet with a complete duty roster of all NCF personnel. The pamphlet was made available through the courtesy of Vincent Butkevis who served as a radioman at the NCF. between 1951 and 1953. Click here to see the eight page pamphlet.

This home was located on the road to Bouknadel.

In Rabat. Notice the Orange Crush and Coca Cola signs on the store to the right.

Dave Hackbarth, in the barracks ready room. This barracks was near golf course.

Barracks ready room. Navy personnel wearing greens are Seabees.

Four above photographs courtesy of David Hackbarth, IL who served at NAS Port Lyautey in 1975.

Miscellaneous Dog Handler Training Photographs at Bouknadel from E. E. Van Pelt.

The photograph shows the arrival of the first C-130 (#793) assigned to VR-24.

Submitted by Thomas Edward Lyle. It is from and 8mm film taken by his father James Edward Lyle. ADRC, while serving with VR-24 at Port Lyautey in the early 1960's. Quality has been lost in the transfer from single frame and JPEG format.

The above photograph of the 1955 - 56 Fleet Weather Central Basketball Team was forwarded by Ray Boylan who now lives in Palm Coast, Florida. He was stationed at the Fleet Weather Central from July, 1954 to Aug. 1956 arriving as an AGAN out of "A" School and leaving as an AG2. He retired from the Navy in 1975 as an LDO LT. He can be reached at GATERAY@aol.com

FRONT ROW: Abe Melzer, AG3.

MIDDLE ROW: LCDR Jack Odbert, Benny Briggs AGAN, Johnny Grant AG3, George Burke AG3, John Semelsberger AG3, Bob Alto AGAN, LTJG Jim Offlein.

REAR ROW: Don Lemon TE3, Hal Boston AG3, Danny Grippe AGAN, Frank Gramento AG3, "W" McClellan AG2, Chuck Entrup, Sid Rubin AG3 and Bill Duffy AG3.



The above photograph was submitted by Lyle Lieffring who served at Port Lyautey between 1956 and 1958 as a Radarman 2/C The photograph depicts all the players on the 1956 championship team that beat the Marines, Seabees and the outlying stations at Sidi Bouknadel. and Sidi Yahia. Lyle is in the photograph just above the NAS logo on defense and a front stance, second from right. The player in the inset is the photographer who took the photographs. Also shown to the extreme left was the coach, the base XO.

Lyle was assigned to Radar Hill and also was placed in charge of the radio station for a while. He used to do the the sign on and spun records. He enjoyed this job right across from the gym. Unfortunately his Chief, an MMC, didn't like jocks so he was re-assigned to teletype. Why his unit had to have a machinist mate in charge of radar and electronics was something he could never figure out. He was TDY several times with the base softball team and basketball team which did not go well with the Chief. After he left Port Lyautey, he was assigned to the USS Power DD 839 out of Newport and was discharged from the Navy in May 58.

In the fall of 1958 he went to LaCrosse State Collage In Wisconsin. He went there for 3 years until he ran out of money and then went to work in construction as an ironworker. He retired 18 years ago with 35 years under my belt and also dabbled in local politics for a while.
politics a little.

Lyle is still active athletically having Just finished a successful year at fast pitch. The team he manages and plays for won the league championship. He has been pitching fastpitch for over 50 years. He still goes to the gym to play basket ball and is in very good shape for 74 year old. He also notes that he burns wood a his home and and will be out cutting and splitting as soon as the mosquitoes stop drilling him.

The above photograph is of the 1968 - 1969 base basketball champions, all of whom were Seabees attached to the Base Public Works section. it was submitted by Bud Clymer who was an Engineering Aid Surveyor 3rd class in Kenitra. Prior to being stationed at Port Lyautey, Bud was at Naval Support Activity DaNang and before that, "A" School at Port Hueneme,Calif.
Unfortunately, names of the individuals above are not available.

The above photograph is of the 1969 - 1970 Crash Crew submitted by Chuck Ball.