1957 - 1959

The following photographs were contributed by Colonel Christian Nielly, Army of the Republic of France.

In September of 1957, his father reported for duty at the French Base on Port Lyautey as the Commander of the French Naval Air Station. Colonel Nielly's recollections are sketchy of that time being only five years old but he does remember an American friend, Christopher Golden, and the swimming pool on the US Base. He and his family lived in town at Rue Colonel Driant.

His father and Captain John L. Counihan the Commander of US Naval Activities of the US Base were warm friends. The photographs he submitted were in his father's collection and show the various base commanders, American and French in that time period.


Colonel Nielly's father and Colonel Mandeville, CO of the Marine Detachment, Parade review September, 1958.

Marine Corps Detachment change of command ceremony, July 22, 1958, from left to right, Captain J. L. Counihan, Colonel, D.W. Silver, Colonel S.D. Mandeville and Captain V.A. Jennings, Commanding Officer, US Naval Air Station.

Marine Corps Detachment Change of Command ceremonies.

Colonel D.W. Silver & Captain J.L. Counihan

Left to right, unknown gentlemen, French Navy Commander in Casablanca, Captain John L. Counihan (COMNAVACTS) and Colonel Nielly's father at a reception in Captain Counihan's home.

Official US Navy photograph of the Counihan reception.

Counihan reception.

Counihan reception with airstrip in the background.

Captain Counihan, French Admiral Nomy (who Col. Nielly credits with reconstructing the French Navy after WW2 with American help) and Rear Admiral McDonald.

French Naval Inspection, Colonel Nielly in the foreground.

I"Operation Remember" Luncheon

This photograph has been included on this page as Captain John Counihan, COMNAVACTS at Port Lyautey is one of the participants in it, see below listing of personnel to locate him (silver font).

The dinner was in honoring Navy and Marine Corps Leaders of World War II. Photographed in the Hunt Room, Club "21", New York City, New York, 2 May 1957.

Those present are:

1. Standing, at left, front to back:

Rear Admiral Edward C. Holden;

Vice Admiral Allan E. Smith; and

Vice Admiral Daniel E. Barbey.

2. Seated, on left side of the left table, front to back:

Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood;

Vice Admiral Theodore D. Ruddock;

Admiral Thomas L. Sprague;

Vice Admiral John F. Shafroth;

Major General Robert H. Booth (behind Shafroth);

Rear Admiral Henry C. Perkins;

Captain Barry Brannen;

Admiral James Fife;

General L.P. Hunt;

Admiral Harold B. Sallada (behind Gen. Hunt);

Admiral John J. Cassady;

Vice Admiral Calvin T. Durgin (behind Cassady);

Admiral Thomas C. Hart;

Admiral John H. Hoover;

Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Beyer; and

General Allen H. Turnage.

3. Seated and standing at the table in the back, left to right, from just left of U.S. Flag to just right of other flag:

Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey;

Commander James Farrell;

Secretary of the Navy Thomas S. Gates;

Captain John L. Counihan; (Assumed duties as COMNAVACTS, NAS Port Lyautey, 1957).

Commander George Beck;

Lieutenant Colonel I. Robert Kriendler (in front of Beck);

Commander Kane W. Lynn;

Rear Admiral John J. Bergen;

Al Kelly;

Rear Admiral Milton E. Miles; and

Richard J. Patterson, Jr.

4. Seated, on right side of the left table, front to back:

Admiral Harry W. Hill;

General Harry Schmidt;

Vice Admiral Glenn B. Davis;

Admiral Laurence T. Dubose;

Vice Admiral William L. Ainsworth;

Admiral Frederick C. Sherman;

Sergeant Franklin E. Siegler;

Admiral William M. Fechteler;

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Donald Givens;

Vice Admiral George R. Henderson; and

Admiral John L. Hall.

5. Seated, just to right of VAdm. Henderson, front to back:

Vice Admiral Bertram J. Rodgers;

Admiral C.T. Simard; and

Admiral Frank G. Fahrion.

6. Seated, on left side of the right table, front to back:

Commander Robert Proddow, Jr.;

Vice Admiral Robert W. Hayler;

Admiral William L. Calhoun;

R.A. Schoenecker;

Irving Seaman;

Vice Admiral James L. Kauffman;

Vice Admiral Charles B. Momsen;

Admiral Robert B. Carney;

Vice Admiral Frederick W. McMahon; and

Donald Mackie.

7. Seated, on right side of the right table, front to back:

General Christian F. Schilt;

Vice Admiral Alfred E. Montgomery;

Admiral John J. Ballentine;

General Gerald C. Thomas;

Admiral Matthias B. Gardner;

Vice Admiral Aaron S. Merrill;

Admiral Arthur D. Struble;

Admiral Frank J. Fletcher;

Admiral Aubrey W. Fitch;

General Clifton B. Cates;

Paul Taylor;

Admiral Oscar C. Badger;

Admiral Henry K. Hewitt;

Lyman G. Bloomingdale; and

Irving Mitchell Felt.

8. Standing, on right side of the room, front to back:

General G. B. Erskine;

General Franklyn A. Hart;

Vice Admiral Ralph S. Riggs;

Major General Roger F. Browne, USAF;

Lieutenant Colonel M.A. Kriendler;

Captain Royce N. Flippin;

Unidentified, possibly a waiter;

Admiral Joseph J. Clark; and

Edwin M. Ost, Jr.