US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco


Carl Sederquist joined the Navy out of high school in 1954 (Bangor, Maine) and did his Boot Camp at Bainbridge, Md. Following Boot he was sent to NAS Norman, Oklahoma for Airman School and then went to Millington (Memphis) for AT school finishing that during early summer of 1955.

He shipped out to NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco being assigned to VR-24 as an AT. While in VR-24 he became an AT3. He had flight time on the Squadron's R5D runs to the eastern Med and throughout Europe. His primary duties while in VR-24 for 18 months included maintaining ARC1, ARC5 ART13 and ART27 communications equipment and APX6 transponder.

In March of 1957 he joined FASRON-108 NAS Brunswick, ME and remained with the Squadron until the the end of June 1958. He would have re-enlisted if he could have had another tour in Morocco. He still remembers his Navy days and VR-24 and FASRON-108 fondly. One shipmate he would like to find is Jim Lutz a VR-24 electronics shop buddy. Carl said that he still owes Jim $25 from a trip they took to Tangier in '56.

After enlistment he took advantage of the Korean GI Bill, went back to school and eventually had and still has a career in the satellite communications industry (now 48 years). He is retired from corporate life and presently has his own consulting business in commercial international satellite communications.

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Carl provided photographs of his tour including on-base, off-base and VR-24 Christmas Party. Following are the base photographs.


Apron-Ramp area of the Tarmac

Carl Sederquist repairing an ARC-1 in Hanger 125

Barracks Area

Barracks 48, backside

Barracks 48, southside

EM Club

Em Club - Red Cross Show

Main Road heading towards the airstrip

Navy Exchange

Looking towards Kenitra from the Main Gate area

Section of the Tarmac in the background with Public Works in the foreground

Base swimming pool

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