1949 - 1951

The following photographs were contributed by John Brady, CTCM, USN Retired who was a crewmember of VP-26 CU32, predecessor to ECM-2 and VQ2 between 1949 - 1951. The following selected photographs are of his squadron, VP-26 CU32.

In 1949 the VP-26 CU32 aircraft experienced a broken elevator trim tab cable resulting in the aircraft being uncontrollable, the aircrew returned to NAS Port Lyautey Morocco. The pilot headed the plane out over the Atlantic and ordered the crew to bail out. All did and all survived with no injuries. The aircraft however had a mind of its own and started circling at the North end of the field, then nosed over and crashed. The two Navy Air-Crewmen in the above crash photo are the radiomen that bailed out. The Chief was called Frenchie and among other things drove a Renault. Following is another view of the debris field.

1949 VP-26 CU32 debris field.

The above aircraft, but not the crew shown, was shot down in the Baltic Sea by Soviet aircraft. The aircraft and its ten-man crew were lost in the western Baltic sea, apparently after being attacked by soviet aircraft approx 80NM southeast of got land island, close to Liepaja Latvia. (No survivors found). On 01/1955 two Americans that were repatriated from a Russian prison camp where they had been held since WWII, reported hearing of American prisoners who had been shot down over the Baltic Sea.

CU-32 OIC, LCDR Webb (right)

On Patrol

On Another Patrol

Pulling away

CU-32 Flight Line at NAF Port Lyautey. Only the aircraft to the extreme right had markings.

Port Lyautey based but at Rome when this photo was taken

Guarding the aircraft on the Port Lyautey tarmac.

Radioman adjacent to tail section of a PB4Y-2

Squadron party at the EM Club. John Brady, CTCM USN Ret., at the extreme right.

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