1949 - 1951

The following photographs were contributed by John Brady, CTCM, USN Retired who was a crewmember of VP-26 CU32, predecessor to ECM-2 and VQ2 between 1949 - 1951. John began his Naval career by attending boot camp at Great Lakes (6/45-8/45). From there he went to ET class A school, with further electronics training at Hugh Manly, Del Monte, Treasure Island, back to ET School (instructor) and Del Monte and Treasure Island again.

His duty stations included West Potomic Park, Arlington Hall, Cheltenham ELINT school, VP26/CU32 , Miramar NAS VC-11, Sangley Point VW1A/CU38, Naval Computing Lab St Paul MN, KamiSeya-First Tour, 4 year tour of duty at the U of W as a NESEP student, NTC San Diego, Back to KamiSeya and then transferred to the Fleet Reserve at Treasure Island in June of 1965.

The photographs on this page are in and around the base and one familiar location in town.


VP-26 air crew living quarters

The better grade of living quarters

Visiting aircraft on the tarmac.

Another view of aircraft and the airfield. JD's were used to tow targets for the med fleet.

Quonset huts (living quarters) on the left, camel barns on the right. In the distance is the water tower which was still in existance as of 1998.

Aerial view of the base, 1950, with the town in the distance

Aerial view of Port Lyautey, 1950, (name changed to Kenitra after the revolution) with the Naval Air Facility upper left.

A familiar sight to all who served at Port Lyautey

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