Craw Field, Port Lyautey, French Morocco

The following photographs were contributed by Louis Bowen, Ellijay, GA. Lou forwarded to this website a number of photographs of Port Lyautey and Rabat/Sale, as well as some post cards of Kenitra. The post cards themselves are extremely interesting in that they show Kenitra from a different perspective than American servicemen from the 1950's might remember.

Lou Brown joined the Navy on September 30, 1942. After boot camp he was assigned to the NAS Atlanta, GA. From Atlanta went to NAS Lakehurst, NJ to the parachute material school, graduated October 23, 1943; after graduation was assigned to NAS Port Lyautey, North Africa. He was there from late 43 to mid 45, Was then assigned to Photographic Squadron II and joined them in Norfolk, VA. Prior to going to VA, he was married while on leave. He was discharged from the Navy Jan. 17, 1946. He served 3 years, 3 months, and 18 days!!!! (but who is counting).

After the Navy he went back to work for Sears & Roebuck and was a buyer for the Sears Catalog Division until 1974. He then went to work at the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta. He was the Associated Campaign Director. Retired Jan. 1, 1988 and than became a consultant to the United Way for the next two years. After "retirement" he worked part time for Architectural Fountains and Pools as their office manager. Retired again in 2003! He lived in Atlanta, GA until 1996 and now live in Ellijay, GA.

The photographs are, for the most part, of Moroccan citizens and show much of the poverty they lived with, under the french administration. With the revolution in the 1950's and the establishment of Mohammed V as King, the every day living conditions of the average Moroccan began to improve greatly.

Lou Bowen did note he thoroughly enjoyed seeing the photographs of Morocco and the Naval Base in the years following his tour of duty as it has only been "60" years since he had last seen the place!

Scenes from Port Lyautey & Rabat

Street Scene

Street Scene


Street Scene, Lou Bowen, PR2/c in background

Street Scene


Moroccan soldier on guard duty.


Moroccan soldier on guard duty.


Above photo of Lou Bowen taken with the Rabat Fire department in 1943. This photo is a special picture for Lou Bowen as his dad was a fire-fighter with the Atlanta, GA Fire Department.

Above, a Port Lyautey tradesman teaching his trade to his son. To the right, photograph of a Moroccan woman (a Fatima).

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