US Naval Air StationPort Lyautey, Morocco

Bernie Frank joined the Navy on November 30, 1954 and after completing boot camp in Bainbridge, MD, was assigned to Storekeeper (SK) School in Newport, RI. Upon completion of school, he was assigned to the Port Lyautey, Morocco NAVCOMMSTASUPPLY and served under Lt. John T. Martin and CWO-4 Roger Doyle. Other personnel were SKC Hodory, SKC Will, CSC Kerchival, SK1 Ionadi, SK1 Salazar, SK3 Beers, SK3 Dornsife, IM1 Garnett, IM3 June and IMSN Hoerr. Bernie also made SK2 while assigned to supply during his three year tour of duty. He returned home on leave while at Port Lyautey to marry his High School sweetheart Anne on January 1, 1956 and in September of 1958, their daughter Andrea Lee was born at the base hospital.

While assigned to the Naval Station at Keflavik, Iceland in 1961, he made SKC (Chief Petty Officer), In 1966 he was selected for the Warrant Officer program and was commissioned a Warrant Officer, WO-1. While assigned to the Navy Exchange Officer School in Brooklyn NY in 1968, he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer, CWO-2. In 1968, he was assigned to Naval Air Station, Albany GA and promoted to Lt Junior Grade. In 1970 while serving as the Navy Exchange Officer at Naval Station, Rodman, Panama Canal Zone, he was advanced to the rank of Lt., a rank he subsequently retired with on December 1, 1974. Bernie also served aboard the USS Joseph K. Taussig (DE1030), USS Warrington (DD843) and the USS Tidewater (AD31).

The following photographs are all from the Bernie & Anne Frank Port Lyautey collection. Web-Editor Note! Both Bernie and this web-editor served at Port Lyautey in the 1957 - 1958 time frame, never met, but had a mutual acquaintance, EO2 Jim Killebrew and his wife Marylin, the only family I have been unable to reconect with through this website :-(.

On May 8, 2016, Bernie's beloved wife Anne, advised me that Bernie had been called home by the Lord and has reported for the Eternal Cruise, "may his memory be eternal"! For those who remember or served with Bernie, Anne can be reached at

Barracks area photographs

Robert Walker in front of barracks.

L - R, Robert Walker, Jerkes, Jarrell

L - R, Jerkes, Gross, Jarrell outside of barracks

Bernie Frank in front of barracks.

Ray Dornsife, SK3, in front of NAVCOMMSTASUPPLY

Bernie Frank apartment area photographs


Ronnie McBurney, age 4, sweeping the patio behind 65 Cathedral de Reims. He later retired from the Navy as a CPO.

The Frank 1950 Chrysler Highlander parked in front of the apartment they lived in on Cathedral de Reims


L - R, Al Affolter, AO1, Alice Affolter, Anne Frank, Gross, SK3

L - R, Al Affolter, AO1, Alice Affolter, Anne Frank, Bernie Frank, SK2

Looking West from the Frank apartment at 65 Cathedral De Reims

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Sunset from the roof of the Frank apartment

L - R, Frank Lee, AB1, Frank Jr., Bernie Frank, SK2, Mehdia Beach 1958

Christmas 1957 in the Frank apartment

L- R, SKC Wheelock Wills Villa. L - R, SK3 HaroldBeers (Lehighton, PA), IM3 Glen June (Lincoln, NE), Bernadette Will, SK3 Bernie Frank, Gloversville, NY.


Happy Valley photographs

Happy Valley is a Botanical Garden, better known as Ait Bougmez, a remote valley in the Atlas mountains. It is purportedly nicknamed Happy Valley because of the disposition of its local populace, always happy. It was a wonderful place to visit especially for Navy and Air Force families. The following photographs are a random compilation and alert viewers will note that they are of two different visits to Happy Valley by Bernie and Anne and other Naval families. The intent is to show the beauty of the vegetation and design in Happy Valley and why it was a sought out destination in Morocco.

Anne Frank

Bernie and Anne


Ronny and Pamela McBurney

Peggy Lee on the steps

Bernie and Anne Frank



L - R, Bob Smith, CS1, Patti Smith (7 months pregnant), Paul Smith

Anne Frank

German tourists visiting Happy Valley


In background, Anne Frank holding Ronny McBurney

Huge Cactus


Maison De Pepe in Happy Valley

Peggy Lee, Frank Lee and Frankie Jr.

Stone Floral Mushroom


Ronny McBurney hiding in the Stone Boat

Bernie Frank


Town of Moulay Idris

Bernie's wild Moroccan Rose


And no trip would have been complete to Happy Valley without fixing a flat tire on the way back to Cathedral de Reims

Navy vesus the Marines football game at the Port Lyautey Soccer Field

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