Commander Edward H. Bayers served as NAS Port Lyautey Base Operations Commander from 1955 to 1958. He then retired as a full Captain. CDR Bayers had a distinguished Naval Career and won the Navy Cross for saving his ship, the USS Yorktown (CV-5) during the Battle of Midway, June 4-8, 1942. He became the first NAP [former enlisted man] and former VF-2 Fighting Chief to command a fighter squadron during World War II, when he took command of VF-3 the "Crazy Cat" squadron aboard the new Yorktown (CV-10) in January 1945. When the war was over, he continued as C.O. of VF-3 at NAS Oceana, his squadron being one of the first to fly the new F8F-1 "Bearcat." The full account of that action can be read by clicking here.


CDR Bayers on the right during a change of command ceremony on June 4, 1953

Base Operations Inspection

Base Operations Golf Team Tournament, CDR Bayers, back row, extreme right......did they wear their Navy hats in the tournament?

The inscription which is hard to read indicates that the above photograph, taken on December 9, 1957, was of the "Super Caid" of Port Lyautey with CDR Bayers. The rank of Caid was a military rank in the Royal Moroccan Army. Typically, a Tabor, which varied from 200 to 1,000 men, was commanded by a caid-agha assisted by a khalifa [successor], and is divided into companies of 100 men each under a caid-mia. This would tend to indicate that a Super Caid, commanded military units in the thousands.

While the name of the gentlemen is unknown, he does though, have a strong resemblance to King Hussein of Jordan. Anyone who can shed light on his identity would be appreciated.