Kenitra as of November, 2004



All the photographs on this page and it's links were contributed by a 26 year old Moroccan woman, Ms. Anouar Ouali Alami who was born in Kenitra on 26 April 1978.

Ms. Alami began her elementary education at TAKADOUM SCHOOL (very well known in Kenitra) and then moved on to secondary schooling at ABDELMALEK ESSAADI (Kenitra Center) in which she took her baccalaureate in Mathematics. In order to be admitted in a high school of engineering in Morocco, it was necessary for her to have studied and passed the course of studies in superior Mathematics and special Mathematics in Tangier.

After completing these course of studies, Ms. Alami was admitted to a High School of engineering; Ecole Mohammadia of Engineers (para militaire school in RABAT) and completed and passed 3 years study in the Department of Electrical Engineering (Automatic and Industrial Data Processing)!

After graduating in Automatic and Industrial Data Processing Engineering, and in parallel officier de reserve (sous-lieutenant) in the military, she was recruited by RAM (Royal Air Maroc) as a "chef de service de Planification & Programmation du Personnel" at the airport Mohammed V in Casablanca.

Ms. Alami now lives in Casablanca having been there for the past 2 years. Her parents continue to live in Kenitra (Ouled Oujih) and her father is a Supervisor in a secondary school in Kenitra. She has a sister studying medicine at the University of Medicine in RABAT (6th years after baccalaureate) a brother studying Forest Engineering in Salé and a youngest sister in secondary school in Kenitra (baccalaureate).

Ms. Alami also has two websites that visitors may find interesting, they are: and

Needless to say, this website is extremely grateful to Ms. Alami for the photographs she submitted of Kenitra as it is in November, 2004. Old hands will find some of the locations have "slightly changed" since their tours of duty.


Avenue Mohammed V

Avenue Mohammed V (another view)

"Club Sport Nautique", i.e., Sports Club along the banks of the Wadi Sebou just below the Prison.

Along the Wadi Sebou on the way to the old Naval Base

Along the Wadi Sebou "Corniche", i.e., Cornice - a decorative walkway along the river. In the fifties, all that existed here was the railroad tracks, the roadway and the bank of the river. To the right is new and major construction.

, i

Another view of the Wadi Sebou "Corniche".

Another view of the Wadi Sebou "Corniche".

Another view of the Wadi Sebou "Corniche" looking back towards Kenitra.

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